Ndume Reveals What He Would Do If Buhari Invites Him To Aso Rock

Senator Ali Ndume One of the major contender for the post of the Senate Presidency in the incoming ninth National Assembly has opened up on what he would do if he is invited to Aso rock.

He had assured Nigerians in no uncertain terms that he would not step down for Senate Leader Ahmad Lawan even if he got invited to Aso Rock.

The unexpected exit of Senator Danjuma Goje of the senate presidency has brought a lot of rumors that Ndume will also follow suit and do the bidding of the All Progressive Congress by stepping down. But it seems from recent news that will not be the case, as Lawan has shown that he will be staying till the end of the show and that he most certainly remains unfazed by whatever is going on.

The Senator has revealed the reason why he cannot withdraw from the race, and he has said that stepping down at this period will be extremely dangerous for his political career. However, he has also said that he certainly does  not see any reason why he needs to withdraw.

He also stated that Goje had not officially announce that he was contesting for the Senate presidency.

“It’s too late for me to withdraw; we’ve passed that level because there’s no reason for that. After all, give me one reason why I should withdraw.”

He had told Daily Trust what he would do if President Mohammadu Buhari  summons him. He had said and his statement had read in part:

“If Mr President asks me to meet him is a different matter. He’s my leader, I will honor the invitation but stepping down is another thing.

“If he calls me anytime, I will go and discuss with him, but the issue of Senate presidency is an entirely different thing.

He had said that he normally visits the president even without any invitation, but even at that, there would absolutely be no reason that is convincing enough to make him step down.

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