Igbo Youths Reveal To Buhari Whose Advice To Seek When Making Political Decisions

The Igbo Youths have begged President Muhammadu Buhari to take a cue from the former leaders  Of Nigeria like General Yakubu Gowon and always seek their opinion when making difficult political decisions that is eating deep into the economy of the country. The group had made this statement on Friday through it’s president Mazi Ifeanyi Nwaudunna, after the group had visited Gowon.

Nwadunma had said that Gowon timely advice and input  to Buhari’s government will lead to an all inclusive government and lead to all geo political zones in the country being carried along.

They had also gone ahead to urge Gowon to always be available to render his invaluable input to the the smooth running of the government. Nwadunma had also spoken about the importance of an elder statesman advice for the smooth governance of Buhari’s government.

Also rendering their heartfelt congratulations on the successful inauguration into his second term in office, also imploring him to run an all inclusive government, choosing men and women with unquestionable integrity in his cabinet.

Mazi Ifeanyi Nwaudunna statements obtained by NAN read in part:

“We appeal to our dear president not to neglect any geo-political zone of the federation in the course of political appointments and distribution of projects of the “Next Level’’ government. “Buhari as president remains the father of all, and the whole country is now your constituency.

“ Mr President, for the interest of national unity and peaceful co-existence among Nigerians, in the spirit of patriotism and sportsmanship, we advise you to ensure that all geo-political zone of the federation are fully carried along in your second tenure,’’said.

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