The Pulling Down Of Okorocha’s Akachi Tower: The True Meaning Behind The Act

The recent pulling down of the Akachi tower in Imo state built by ex governor Rochas Okorocha has made a final statement and signature on Rochas performance while in office. Rochas had accused Emeka Ihedioha incumbent governor of Imo state of pulling down the building, perhaps in a bid to use the unfortunate event to label Ihedioha  a vengeful person, Ihedioha had however through Steve Osuji, special adviser to the governor on media, said angry residents of the state, who saw no significance in the monument had attempted to pull it down, and added that he knows nothing about the situation.

It is of course absolutely absurd that Ihedioha will undertake such a feat as his first act after being inaugurated. If the accusation had been true I daresay that I would fear for the fate of Imo for the next four years. The demolition of the Akachi monument, had occurred on Thursday 30th of May 2019. The military numbering about 25 had however chased the workers away.

If this had truly been the handwork of Ihedioha then the military operatives would not have shown up to stop the workers. Okorocha had, during its inauguration, described the Akachi Tower, measuring over 40 feet, as symbolizing the hand of God over Imo State.

Ihedioha in a show of good faith had warned Imo people to desist from unruly behavior and remain law abiding as anyone caught breaking the law would be prosecuted, to show this was not just talk, he put the security agencies on high alert.

There has been general unrest over the amount of funds Okorocha poured into the building, as most people had seen it as wastage of funds. There have been many talks that the hate for the statue could emanate from the contractors who had allegedly worked on the contract and had not gotten paid. The loath for this statue had to be so great and perhaps a representation of a  failed promise that Okorocha had made and they had been so disappointed that they had to go to such grave length to pull it down. Let us take a critical look at Okorocha’s governance of Imo state and see where this deep hatred could have taken it’s root from.

We will begin  with Uche Nwosu  his son in law  who was approved by the state house of assembly to succeed him in office in 2019.  Nwosu had at that time been the Chief of staff to Okorocha, I am about to establish a pattern here and bring out some very core details about Okorocha’s administration. His approval by the state house of assembly as Okorocha’s successor had come after the uproar of Okorocha creating an absolutely ludicrous ministry called the Ministry For Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment, consequently making his sister Mrs. Ogechi Ololo the commissioner  for the newly created ministry. Before her appointment to this laughable post she had been Chief of Staff of Domestic affairs in Okorocha’s cabinet, also being in charge of Christmas Decoration Project which had began immediately after Okorocha took over the mantle of leadership in Imo.

This decorations gulp about 600  to 800 million yearly. Even if workers and pensioners salaries and other entitlement  had remained unpaid Okorocha had always come through when it comes to Christmas decorations. Perhaps the amount of national cake gotten from these departments were not enough and more had to be fed to his sister, what better way to make this happen by making the cake bigger, creating new ministries was definitely the way out. Okorocha’s sister must get fed, yes, even at the expense of the people at the grass root. He also had a son in law  Uzoma Awuka as the Minister of State for Education. Okorocha’s wife and deputy Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the state, Nkechi also supervised five other ministries and departments.

All of Okorocha’s appointment in key ministries such as  Ministries of Works, Health, Women Affairs and the Office of the Secretary to the Imo State Government as well as the state Amnesty Committee were greeted with loud protests but Okorocha had ignored them all. It is quite unbecoming that a a ministry whose operations were not provided for  in the state’s yearly budget could be fly without running into trouble. Okorocha had ran his key ministries with his family members holding the knives that cut the national cake. It had eventually gone from running a govt to securing the bag for his family members.

How foolish does this man think Nigerians are? Saying things like the reason why he created the ministry of happiness was because he felt Imo people were unhappy. You can make people comfortable , make their lives better, but absolutely under no circumstances can you make them happy. Happiness is a state of the mind. Something that has to do with Psychology, Does this so called Commissioner that was made in charge of the ministry have a degree in Psychology? How about you focus on paying people their salaries and not spend so much money on Christmas decorations, while families actually go hungry. This was the absolute height of mediocrity and should not have been tolerated. He had at that time said and I quote

“At the end of the day, the achievements of the new Ministry of Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment, will be so amazing that the critics of the initiative, will not only be shocked but will also regret to have drawn the curtain for the new Ministry even before it took off”

It’s 2019 and I cannot point out any major achievement of this ministry. What a sham, what a waste, what Impunity!

Why then after been put through such pain and treachery during his administration will the Imo people not go to such length to show their displeasure at his administration by pulling a tower  thatalso gulped must of the state’s funds? Let it not be said that some of his achievements such as the Universities he set up was not taken into account, but yet again was it enough? is that act not a toss of one spoonful out of a bag of grain?






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