SO PAINFUL! After Mother’s Death, Dino Melaye Finds Himself In Another Terrible Situation Which Could Land Him In Jail

It is more trouble for Senator Dino Melaye as a witness, Inspector Abama Mallum have on Thursday told a Federal Capital Territory High Court that he had heard the Kogi state Senator shouting that he would commit suicide and then put the police in trouble.

Mallum, who serves as a driver with the IGP Special Tactical Squad, had said that he overheard Senator Melaye making the threat as he attempted to escape from police custody.

He made the allegation while testifying in the ongoing trial of Melaye on charges of attempted suicide; attempt to escape from custody and damage to police property, filed against him by police.

The witness further informed the court that while on duty on April 24, 2018, Asp. Amos Boka, told him to convey Melaye and some police officers to Lokoja the Kogi State capital.

“As we moved around 2:00 p.m by Area I roundabout, a white Toyota Hilux blocked me, I applied the brakes. The vehicle knocked off my side mirror.

“I heard the Senator shouting at the officers. I then heard the sound of a glass breaking.’’

“All of a sudden, Senator Melaye jumped out of the vehicle, shouting that he would not go to Lokoja.

The witness then alleged that Melaye held a sharp instrument in his hands and he was shouting, “I will kill myself and put the police in trouble’’.

“At this point, the police officers pleaded with the defendant to get back in the car but he refused.

“A crowd had also started gathering in Area I. I was ordered to put the car in reverse and go back to the office,” he said.

Mallum made the allegation that a white van had blocked the car he was driving.

Counsel to the defendant, Dr Alex Izinyon, SAN, then made a request of the court to go to the car park where the vehicles which were tendered as exhibits were kept so that the witnesses could identify the car.

Justice Silvanus Oriji then moved to adjourn the case to May 27 for cross-examination.


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