Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War Fighting Back, As Lawmakers In Powerful Northern State Pass Bill That Counters Him….See Details

In his acceptance speech, following his win of the 2019 Presidential Election, President Muhammadu Buhari stated that he would be renewing his fight against corruption during his second term, stating that every public official and politician will be called to answer for alleged corrupt practices.

The President in his drive to curb corruption has established several commissions, panels, agencies like the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), among others.

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But yesterday, it looks like his fight against corruption may not reach Bauchi state, now that the State House of Assembly has passed a bill for an act to repeal the State Public Property and Funds Recovery Tribunal of 2017.

According to THE NATION, the motion for the bill was moved by Deputy Majority Leader, Hon. Abdullahi Abdulkadir representing Bura Constituency.

The motion was seconded by Sale Nabayi representing Ganjuwa west and Magaji Inuwa of Jama’are constituency.

In the twinkle of an eye, the Speaker of the house, Kawuwa Damina, said the bill passed through the third reading without objections from any of the 13 members seated out of 31 members of the House.

Muhammed Abubakar

Damina appealed to Governor Mohammed Abubakar to sign the bill into law.

In reaction to the swift passage of the bill, an All Progressive Congress(APC) member of the house, Hon. Aminu Tukur representing Lere/Bula constituency, said the bill was passed with an ulterior motive best known to the Speaker.

According to him: “It’s unfortunate that 13 members out of 31 members were called secretly to converge in the house out of the usual time which is 10:00am but the sitting commenced 9 am today.

“I got to know being a regular person that falls among the first three that comes to the House”

He alleged that the 13 members were cronies of the outgoing governor who were dancing to his tune.

He said they had other plans by conveying earlier than the normal time when plenary holds.

The proposed bill, he said, was the recovery of public properties from the governor’s predecessor.

“The law was put in place to serve as deterrence to whosoever misappropriated the funds of the citizens but since the governor failed to secure his second term in office.

‘’He decided to connive with his cronies to assemble in the house by 9am today Wednesday instead of 10:00 am to repeal the bill.

“The second bill which has to do with the creation of additional districts, villages and hamlets was also smuggled in by his cronies in the House and had passed the first, second and third reading to become law without the consent of the remaining 18 Members of the House.

“The cronies do it such a way that the bill passes first ,second and third reading to enable them hasten it for the governor to assent it to become a law.”

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