BUHARI HOW FAR? Tension, Fear Spreads As Donald Trump Fingers Nigerians With Visa-Overstay, Set To Deport Them Automatically

Tangible dread has held Nigerians and nationals from 20 different nations over the world that over-stayed their visas in the United States of America as President Donald Trump is set to check cases of a huge number of migrants who arrive in the United States lawfully and after that illegally stay in the nation after their visas expire.

Nothing will prevent Nigerians from going to America. To numerous Nigerians, America is the Promised Land. A land where clear waters spout and trees thrive with crisp dollar notes, where honey bees lose their sting and pigs fly.

A land where lame feet are restored and blind eyes are opened, where African accents shed their thick tones and become abrasive nasal outflows loaded up with “R”s and “wanna” and “gonna”.

In America, reptiles like lizards change into crocodiles. Are you the odd one out of the family? An infamous never do well popularly dubbed ‘No future ambition? Don’t bother. America will definitely change your story. What’s more, whenever you visit Nigeria, your whole town will assemble to get you at the airport.

We all know remaining past the expected departure date on your U.S. visa will convey some consequences. For instance, your visa will be immediately voided, and you won’t almost certainly apply for another visa at any consulate outside Nigeria. Now and again, you might be banned from coming back to the U.S. for various years, contingent upon to what extent you stayed and whether you fit into an exemption or really accumulated “unlawful presence,” which is a different definition under the law.

An aggregate of 19,676 Nigerians overstayed their visas in the U.S. in 2017, representing 10.61%. In 2016, just 12,043 Nigerians (6.34%) that ventured out to the U.S. exceeded their visas. President Donald Trump has issued a presidential reminder this week that pronounced visa outstay rates “unacceptably high” and considering them a “far reaching issue.”

Based on a Homeland Security report, he trained government offices to consider taking action against countries that have business and the tourism explorers utilizing the well known B1 and B2 visas who exceed their stay at a rate higher than 10 for each cent. Among the 20 nations recorded by the Department of Homeland Security to have overstay rates higher than 10 percent, Nigeria claims 15.18 percent.
Topping the list in descending order are Djibouti 44.67%; Chad 30.78%; Yemen 28.52%; Eritrea 26.46%; Burundi 21.52% and Palau 20.59%. To this end, Trump had given the State Department four months to counsel with Homeland Security authorities and the attorney general to prescribe sanctions, which he said could incorporate suspending or constraining visas for those nations.

Be that as it may, a few analysts state that focusing on these nations would have little effect on the number of undocumented settlers in the United States, adding that the measure embraced by US lopsidedly targets African countries numbering 13 of the 20 nations in Africa as it seemed, by all accounts, to be maintaining a strategic distance from political clashes with bigger more dominant nations, for example, China and India.

In his statement, Trump additionally instructed the secretaries of state and homeland security to discover approaches to diminish all overstays, including by student visa holders, visa waiver program members.

Over 50 million temporary guests entered the United States last fiscal year for business, tourism, education and different interests, and the DHS gauges that less than 2 percent remained longer than they were permitted. Nearly 667,000 individuals exceeded their visas a year ago, as indicated by the DHS, however by March that had slid to 415,000. In 2017, an excess of 700,000 individuals remained in the United States longer than they were permitted.

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Visa over-stayers represent a rising share of the recently arrived undocumented populace as high as 66% of entries in the previous decade to a great extent on the grounds that illicit border crossings sank to noteworthy lows, Warren said.

Endeavors to reach the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, did not emerge as at press time.





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