Nigerians Cry Out In A Frenzy, Show They Have Really Had Enough As Buhari Is Called ‘friend of the poor’

Nigerians have responded to a Buhari aide, Festus Keyamo (SAN), after his tweet depicting the President as ‘companion of poor people.’

Keyamo, in wry tweet at the principle resistance Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday, had depicted Buhari as: “The bad dream of PDP since 2003! The demystifier of old power-coalitions! The slayer of the corrupt! The companion of poor people! The one the thieves love to hate! My guy!”

The tweet quickly turned into a hit with his Twitter adherents, as it has since pulled in 1,100 remarks, 1,500 retweets and more than 4,800 responses in 15 hours.

Taking the tweetstorm higher, in any case, author and self-portrayed Buhari Tormentor, Mr. Reno Omokri, has taken up Keyamo, who filled in as Director, Strategic Communications of President Buhari 2019 Presidential Campaign.

On Thursday, Omokri, a pundit of the Buhari organization, tweeted back at Keyamo, “Festus @FKeyamo is right when he calls President @MBuhari ‘companion of poor people’. President Buhari adores the poor so much, he DOUBLED their number in only 4 years. In addition to the fact that he loves poor people, he adores EXTREME POVERTY and made Nigeria its home office #BuhariFriendofPoverty”

While numerous web-based social networking supporters of Keyamo concurred with his perspective, numerous likewise observed things in an unexpected way, and this they communicated with images and other clever responses on his confirmed Twitter handle, @fkeyamo.

Replying to 

During GEJ: Petrol = N87/Ltr Fuel Subsidy = N600 Billion Nigerians: GEJ is a thief, GEJ Must Go! Now it’s PMB: Petrol = N145/Ltr Fuel Subsidy = N2.95 Trillion Nigerians: PMB has integrity he is fighting corruption! ?


How much was fuel before GEJ and were there fuel subsidy before GEJ? Nigeria wasn’t good under GEJ biko

Mr. đimåni????@IsaacDimani

Nightmare of PDP since 2003?? Abeg when did baba start gaining relevance? Lmaoo

Chibuzo ‘KingAbsolute’ Anthony@KingAbsoIute

The nightmare of NIGERIA since 2015!
The demystifier of DEVELOPMENT!
The slayer of the ECONOMY!
The friend of the GULLIBLE!
The lover of BLOODSHED!
The DEAF & DUMB to critical situations!
The one the SENSIBLES hate to love!

The King??@Kingsleymaximo

You forgot to add, the ‘purveyor of poverty’ . The only man whose integrity only manifests when hunting the opposition, but turns a blind eye to his kinsmen taking bribes in dollars. Oh yes he is a legendary conman and posterity will judge him accordingly.

Gloria Adagbon@gloria_adagbon

Sai Baba…the friend of the masses, the peoples’ President, Mr Integrity, Mr Incorruptible, Mai Gaskiya.

Thank you Keyamo SAN!!

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Pure Water & Lots Of Ice??@ArabOfficial_

The friend of the poor ?
No wonder he made the country its HQ

Anthonio Kekeocha.@AnthonioC_

I love the way you defend this man. You don’t see anything wrong with all he’s doing. With the killings in Zamfara and some parts of the north. You are enjoying what’s happening in the country right?

Love a Geologist, is natural, (#We #Rock).@ibinwanne

He is really a friend of d poor my brother, he has vowed that d poor(his friends) will continue 2 wallow in abject poverty &that more friends will be added to his friend’s list. Zamfara is bleeding, Plateau is bleeding, Borno, Yobe r bleeding, Abuja-Kaduna exp.way is 4 kidnappers

That Emeka Guy@ThatEmekaGuy

The nightmare of Nigeria since 1983 ?

Walin~Kagara II@magmal11

Your guy
My guy
Our guy??

Ologunowa Sunday@Princeade33

Pls give us more sterling qualities of Nigeria’s no. 1 citizen. Through him so many shall rise and fall. What a man of destiny! Carry go our dear President. Allah is always ur strength Sir.

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God please forgive him for he know not what he is doing according to your word in holy book. Keep us all alive to witness the might hand of God in our Nation and make us not a pauper b4 our oppressors for they enjoy the cry of innocent ones, but for me and my family will shine