Governor Wike finally speaks about Rivers governorship election, gives details of his PDP will win

Rives State Governor, Nyesom Wike has said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP will emerge victorious in the governorship election in the state.

The governor gave the remark when he received newly elected members of the National Assembly from the state.

He said that the will of the people of the state will prevail at the end, despite the conspiracy against the State.

Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC had suspended electoral activities in the state due to widespread of violence.


“I know that PDP won the elections squarely. We believe in peace, therefore Rivers people should remain calm. We believe in due process. I believe that INEC is doing their best to follow the due process.

“In the end, it will be a sweet victory. The will of Rivers people will prevail, “he said.

The Governor described the political standoff in the state as a drama which will end.

He said; “the people of Rivers people voted overwhelmingly for the PDP in all elections, while the anti-democratic forces attempted to snatch results at the Collation Centres.

“Let me thank the people of Rivers State for the love they have shown for our great party. It is not in doubt that Rivers people have shown our party love. What is happening is sad. It is a drama.

“We have 13 House of Representatives seats and the PDP clinched all of them. We have three Senate seats, one has been declared and PDP won. When the remaining two seats are declared, PDP will win all.

“You begin to wonder why any right thinking person would say that PDP lost the governorship election. Not that they say PDP lost to a party with a known logo, or even if you have seen the Candidate one day in your life or seen his posters to make people vote for the candidate. For us, it is a drama. PDP won the election squarely, “he said.

He said that across the 4,442 Polling Units of Rivers State, the people voted for the PDP in all the elections.

However, the result for the governorship poll in the state is yet to be announced.

The process was suspended by INEC at the result collation level, but the Governor and his party members are optimistic of victory, especially when other candidates of the party in the state who contested in other seats, mainly the state and national assembly seats were announced winners.

He said: “Across 4442 Polling Units the results are there. The PDP won in all these areas.

“Not when you hijack results at the Collation Centre.  When you hijack Form EC 8C, you forget that there is Form EC 8A. Any other party can win in any other state, but not in Rivers State.

“I dedicate this victory to God and the good people of Rivers State who stood firm and said that nobody  can manipulate their mandate,” he said.

He urged the elected National Assembly to always place the interest of Rivers State above other considerations as they represent the state.

The Governor said all those who plotted the killings of Rivers people because of their desperation to clinch power will face the consequences of their actions.

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