“Yes, the President was wrong on many occasion”- Buhari’s campaign director, Festus Keyamo admits

Prominent Lagos lawyer and the Director of Media for the Buhari Campaign Organisation, Festus Keyamo, on Friday admitted that not all “steps and decisions” taken by President Buhari government that are right.

Keyamo said despite some of the errors,Buhari’s personal integrity stands tall above all his political opponents.The Senior Advocate of Nigeria stated this in a series of tweets, via his Twitter handle. He also alleged that there was a gang up against the President, ahead of 2019 elections.

Keyamo wrote: “Let’s be clear that the present government may not have gotten every decision right or taken every step right since 2015, but we urge Nigerians to put the sincerity and personal integrity of Mr. President on an overall scale against those of his opponents in 2019 and see where the scale tilts.

“Some of us are prepared to be misunderstood, abused and maligned by a few for the position we have taken today about the future of our country because we see behind the scenes and we know the truth. It is better to be vindicated by posterity than to be applauded wrongly at the moment.

“There is a sickening gang-up of some pseudo-religious leaders, pseudo-journalists and pseudo-professionals, posing as opinion moulders, who benefited from the largesse of the old system who are hell-bent on returning to the old order of meager infrastructure, but heavy handouts. If the masses have the opportunity to hear in private why some power elite oppose PMB, they would be shocked to their marrows that it has nothing to do with good governance. It’s all about ‘how has this govt benefited me?!’ Some of us they speak with in private just can’t buy .”