2019: Bafarawa says PDP primaries will be free, fair

Ahead of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primaries, the Bafarawa Campaign Office (BCO) has expressed optimism that the party was committed to free, fair and transparent elections.

BCO’s director general, Senator Paul Wampana disclosed this Wednesday when he submitted his principal, former Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa, nomination and expression of interest forms at the PDP secretariat Abuja.

Senator Wampana said the party has also learnt its lesson after the convention and now belief in the voice of the people via transparent elections.

According to him, ‘’We are here today to submit Bafarawa’s nomination and expression of interest forms. We are one of the first to pick the form; we are also one of the first to return it. We are also seeking for the support of Nigerians on this.

‘’I do sincerely feel that the PDP primaries will be free and fair. We have learnt out lessons. Mistakes are only bad when they do not teach you a lesson. I strongly believe that our party has learnt its lesson after the recent convention.

‘’The voice of the people is the voice of God. We are not thinking of how many aspirant are contesting for the ticket, our major concerns is the voice of the people and once there is a level playing ground for all of them the people will speak. We are also concern about free and fair elections in 2019.’’

On the increasing number of aspirants jostling for the PDP presidential ticket, he said even though they are over 10 aspirants jostling for the ticket, his principal has told the world that the more aspirants the merrier.

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