Like Liberia, Nigeria ripe for woman president ?

A member of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Dr Helen Solomon, has joined the growing list of presidential aspirants ahead of next year’s general elections. She said the time has come for the country to give women a chance to take a shot at the presidency.

Solomon, who spoke in Lagos while declaring her intention to vie for the highest office, said women have the all it takes to steer the ship of the state.

She cited post-war Liberia that was stabilised by Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a female politician who served as its 24th president between 2006 and 2018. Sirleaf was the first elected female Head of State in Africa.

The aspirant said if given the chance, she would fix the power sector, which appeared to have defied  logical solutions. She said a combination of both conventional and unconventional methods, including the use of alternatives wind and solar, would be explored.

Solomon said she was saddened at the gory images of Nigerian youths who perish in the Mediterranean sea in their quest for good life. She said it was not acceptable because the country is richly blessed by the Almighty God. What is required, she added, is the human element to judiciously manage the resources.

She promised to stem the tide of rural-urban migration, saying because the attractions in the city would be made available to the rural dwellers.

The health and education sectors, she promised, would also receive priority to address the high rate of infant mortality and put an end to the era unemployable graduates.

Solomon lamented the loss of foreign exchange to medical tourism. She said she would provide the requisite infrastructure to complement the vast array of skilled manpower available in the country to change the narrative.

On security, Solomon promised to ensure that the nation’s land borders are not porous. She promised to deploy technology to complement the manpower at the borders, to curtail the activities of terrorists that slaughter innocent Nigerians daily across the country.

10 years in the office. So proud of my job. Love all of my community ?

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She lamented that absence of social security system in the country, describing as unacceptable the practice whereby senior citizens practically turn beggars in their old age, due to irregular and poor payment of their pension.

She said a PRP-led government under her presidency will make adequate provision for social security for the aged, the poor and vulnerable members of the society.

2019 Election: Mother of five declares for presidential bid, says nepotism hindering Nigeria

A female presidential aspirant under the National Interest Party, Mrs. Eunice Atuejide, on Friday made her declaration in Abuja, noting that Nigeria was not developing because of the “problem of vested interests”.

Atuejide, a mother of five children from Enugu State, said the country needed “level-headed people who will not focus on any group or vested interests but who will pursue our National Interest with all the tools available to them.”

The presidential aspirant, who accepted that she was gripped with the “fear of the unknown”, promised a transparent and accountable administration if Nigerians elected her into power.

The 39-year-old said, “Have we stopped to look behind the curtains to see what is keeping us at a standstill in Nigeria? It is not just the lack of education, blueprints or leadership. We need level-headed people who will not focus solely on any group’s vested interest.

“In offering to lead the country, my administration will not focus solely on the interests of any person, tribe, religion or ethnic group. No side is superior to another side. Nigeria will have a transparent and accountable government. This will be a government where every public account can be scrutinised and our funds followed up by our people.

“I disagree with the notion that Nigeria is too complex; that our people are too difficult to govern, that our democracy will not work. I disagree.”

The NIP acting National Chairman, Azeez Oladapo, said the objectives of the party included “finding quality leaders within the age range of 21 to 45 years to entrust with the continued development and sustenance of Nigeria”.

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Eunice Uche Julian Atuejide (born August 16, 1978) is a Nigerian businesswoman, lawyer, and politician. She is best known for founding the National Interest Party (NIP).

Eunice Atuejide (born August 16 ,1978) is a Nigerian business woman, lawyer, and politician. Atuejide was born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria, although her family originates from Enugu State. She is best known for founding the youth led, technology driven political party known as the National Interest Party (NIP) in Nigeria. She attended Onike Girls Primary School in Lagos, spent one year in the affiliated secondary school before transferring to Reagan Memorial Girls Secondary School also in Lagos. She moved to University of Ibadan to study Agricultural Economics.

Atuejide participated in Taekwondo throughout her secondary and tertiary education and was among the team that represented the University of Ibadan at NUGA games from 1996 to 1999. She achieved the black belt 1st Dan in 2005 with BUDO Taekwondo Club in Siegen Germany.

Atuejide dropped out of Agricultural Economics at the University of Ibadan and took the Diploma in French Language at the Institut Internationale d’Etudes Française, in Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg, France. There, she met her first husband Frank Becker and moved to Germany. She did the Diploma in German Language at the Sprahenschule Siegerland. She took the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) and enrolled at the University of Siegen, where she studied Business Administration.


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Atuejide took the Diploma in Film Making and Acting at the New York Film Academy and Sally Johnson’s Studios respectively, both in New York City, USA. After seven years making and promoting Nigerian movies and while raising her family, she went back to school to study law. She completed the Graduate Diploma in Law, the Graduate LLB, the Legal Practice Course, and the LLM in Professional Legal Practice at BPP University, London, United Kingdom. She then moved back to Nigeria where she completed the professional training programme required for enrolment as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

As a lawyer, Atuejide practices in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. As a businesswoman, she is involved with IT Consultancy including website development and management for SMEs and charities. She also sources funding for businesses in Europe and infrastructure projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Atuejide’s interest in politics was piqued while she was at the Nigerian Law School in Abuja. She pulled together her colleagues at the law school who shared similar political ideals with her, and they together set out on the journey to form a political party. This resulted in the formation and registration of the National Interest Party (NIP) – the world’s first online based political party, in 2018.

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