BREAKING: Fearless New Ag. IGP, Mohammed Adamu, Sends Very Strong Signal To Former IGP, Ibrahim Idris

Emerging reports show that the recently appointed acting Inspector-General of Police, Ag. IGP, Mohammed Adamu, has reversed the postings and redeployments which his predecessor, Ibrahim Idris, did during the days leading to his retirement.
Notable among the last-minute redeployments by the former IGP was that of Imohimi Edgal, the Commissioner of Police for Lagos State who got redeployed to the Force headquarters in Abuja, as the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Explosive Ordinance Unit. He along with other senior officers who got posted to new commands and formations have been instructed to stay action until they receive further notice.
This development, sources said, meant that the redeployment order by Idris would not be obeyed, unless sanctioned by the Acting IGP. Shortly after meeting with the DIGs in his Office, the Acting IGP was seen going from floor to floor to familiarise himself with his men.
Recall that on Tuesday, Mr Adamu, who hails from Lafia in Nasarawa and until his appointment was the Commissioner of Police in Enugu State and a one-time director of peacekeeping operations of the Force, revealed the Police under his watch was going to be professional and will remain apolitical while providing the necessary security for the Nigerian general elections which start on February 16, 2019. He also said rules of engagement for the force had been laid down and he was going to ensure the officers apply it strictly while performing their duties. He stressed that the Police would not pander to the desires of any groups or interests.
In his acceptance speech, the Nassarawa State-born new acting IGP assured that the police would provide a level-playing field to all political parties in the coming elections. He thanked President Buhari for finding him worthy for the position and promised to be professional in the discharge of his duties.
In his words: “I want to thank Mr. President for considering me worthy to be the next Inspector General of Police. We know that there are security challenges that we need to tackle in the country: issues of kidnapping, abduction and other security challenges. From the strategies put in place by the former IGP, we will re-strategise and make sure that we tackle these challenges squarely. You have heard from the former IGP, an adequate arrangement has been made to make sure that free, fair and credible elections take place in Nigeria. We are going to build on the strategies put in place to make sure that we have hitch-free elections in the country.”
Asked if he was allaying the fears of the opposition that he would not be partisan, he replied: “Well, we are professionals. We are going to stick by the rules; we are going to do the right thing.
“We will not go outside the ethics of our job to do things that are untoward; everybody will be given a level-playing ground to play his or her politics.”
Hopefully he won’t be involved in blunders like his predecessor. At the 2018 Armed Forces Remembrance Ceremony, Ibrahim Idris made a very avoidable blunder. A blunder that would less likely be overlooked if it was committed by a cadet and it made the general populace question both his policing knowledge and competence. Not only did he make a wrong turn, but he also offered his salute before it was due.
The service chiefs who were there noticed the infraction as well as the entire nation who watched the broadcast live. This was after he infamously became social media celebrity when he struggled to read a written speech. IGP Idris was in Kano State to inaugurate the Police Technical Intelligence Unit in the state and although he was not known to be a stammerer, he got to a portion of the speech and began sweating and struggling. He said, “I mean, transmission, I mean effort, that the transmission cooperation to transmission, I mean transmission to have effect, em em, apprehend, I mean, apprehensive towards the recommendation, recommended formation effective and effect, I mean, apprehensive at the transmission, transmission and transmission for the effective police command.”
The sordid show in Kano set the tongues of many conspiracy theorists wagging. Some said he was elevated to the post as a reward because during his time as the Commissioner of Police in Kano, he handled security during the 2015 presidential election which was won massively in the state by President Muhammadu Buhari over the then President Goodluck Jonathan despite infamous incidence of child voters.
Not long after the election he was promoted to the post of Assistant Inspector General of Police and eleven months after he was named the Acting Inspector General of Police which meant that over 40 officers who were AIGs and DIGs had to be retired to make way for him and just like that the nation lost the benefit of their experience, training and know-how, especially the natural, professional progression in the police.
The infamous precedence that has been set has now also been upheld with the appointment of Idris’s successor, Abubakar Mohammed Adamu. Many AIGs and DIGs would have to use the unceremonious exit door from the police.
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