Why we held service on Sunday – Dunamis Church Explains

It is necessary for us to offer clarification on the rationale behind the conduct of the Sunday service of Sunday, 22nd March, 2020 in the light of the current event in our land – COVID-19.

After due consultations at the highest level in the FCT, the leadership of CAN concluded that since it was impossible to stop people from coming to church on Sunday, 22nd March, 2020 due to inadequate awareness, ignorance and a host of other reasons; and the more difficult task of sending them back home after they had come to church, it was agreed that that Sunday be used for high level sensitization, awareness drive and admonition regarding compliance with government directives.

For this reason, the service was held, not as a regular one, but as a sensitization and awareness service to inform the people about the directives of the government and also enlighten them on health and safety measures as prescribed by experts globally.

The Senior Pastor even had to change the message earlier prepared for that Sunday to the one that suitably addressed the situation, and all the branches of the church were instructed to comply with the order in their various countries and states.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is important to note that at a time like this, apart from the spread of the virus, the spread of fear could also have equally deadly and devastating effect on the people. The need for hope cannot be over-emphasized.

As a faith-based organization, we find it necessary to instill hope, faith and equanimity in the people by offering scriptural words of encouragement and praying for them. Leaving them in the lurch without properly addressing and guiding them would do more harm than good.

Our responsibility, both to the congregation and our nation behooves us to adequately prepare the people in every way for the days ahead. And that was what we did. We are on the same page with the government to do all that is necessary to prevent this pandemic from ravaging our land, and every effort of the government so far in this regard is commended.

Dunamis Church has always been a responsible and law-abiding corporate citizen. Beyond compliance with government initiatives and directives, we have partnered with government at various times to alleviate the sufferings of the people. The church cannot be against the very people whose lives she passionately seeks to nurture, defend and protect.
Dunamis International Gospel Centre shall therefore continue to employ all necessary measures to ensure full compliance with government directives even as she prays for speedy divine intervention to heal those already infected with the virus and totally arrest further spread of it both within our nation and around the world.

Sylvester Edoh
Secretary to the Senior Pastor
Dunamis International Gospel Centre


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