BREAKING: Chaos In LASU As Students Collapse, Hospitalized During Struggle To Write Exam (VIDEO)


Many LASU students have been rushed to the hospital after collapsing today, during a scramble to write their GNS exam at a CBT center. From the video posted by supposed students who witnessed the alarming and Chaotic situation, bloodstains were seen on the floor as many students lay unconscious after the scramble for space and venue to write their GNS exam at a CBT center.

LASU has been in the news in the past days for not too good reasons after the Cannibalistic murder of one Favour by her boyfriend and pastor with her body parts used to prepare concoction for money rituals.

According to NAN reports, the Osun Commissioner of Police, Babatunde Kokumo led detectives from the Homicide Section of the command during the exhumation operation to retrieve Favours body over the weekend.

When the remains was exhumed, the head, the two breasts, neck and part of the two legs were no longer there.The deceased was allegedly killed by a prophet, Segun Philip, 42, and her boyfriend, Adeeko Owolabi, 22, in Ikoyi-Ile, Osun, on Dec. 8, for money rituals. Owolabi’s mother, Ruth was also said to have played a role in the dastardly act. Owolabi, also a graduate of LASU, told newsmen during operation that he conspired with the prophet to murder her girlfriend for money rituals.Favour Daley Oladele – dismembered body exhumed

This recent story will not come good for the image of the school and something needs to be done to save the lives of all students involved before it gets out of hand.

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