Car Winners Emerge At The Dangote Cement Bag Of Goodies Promo

A Stitch in time doesn’t always save Nine in the Dangote Bag of Goodies promo.

It was a regular noon day when a Dangote cement retailer was overseeing the offloading of his retail truck full of Dangote cement bags. In the haste to see all the bags offloaded, one of the labourers handled a bag carelessly resulting in the bag bursting open. Upset, the retailer Benjamin Igherighe in an attempt to salvage his profits went on to stitch the bag and set it aside for personal use, upon stitching however, he found a scratch card inside it which he scratched to reveal the picture of a Saloon car. 

Not owning a car himself, the wondered if this was truly his opportunity to win his own car and as he mused, his workers called his attention to other things making him keep the scratch card in his pocket. The next day saw him casually mention the incidence to his distributor who in excitement called the Dangote head office where it was confirmed that he had indeed won a Brand New Saloon car in the Dangote Cement Bag of Goodies Consumer promo.

The Dangote Cement Bag of goodies promo is a consumer promotion initiative aimed at rewarding loyal consumers of the Dangote Cement brand and showing appreciation for their patronage over the years. According to the Group Managing Director of Dangote Cement Plc, Joseph Makoju, the company decided to run the  promo as a way of contributing to the economic wellbeing of the consumers of the cement brand given the prevailing economic situation in Nigeria. He also stated that the promo is a way of appreciating their patronage over the years. He added that were more cars to be won and much more cash prizes as well. Speaking further on the consumer reward promo, Dangote Cement Marketing Director, Mrs Funmi Sanni, said the new Dangote cement promo bags were shipped to all distributors and sellers nationwide giving retailers and consumers nationwide an equal chance of winning. She further added that every promo bag of cement contains a scratch card carrying pictures of winning items carefully inserted in each bag and that consumers are to scratch their cards gently so as not invalidate their winnings, she also disclosed that the promo cut across all Dangote Cement brands.

The Dangote Cement bag of goodies promo which runs from July to September 2019, will see 43 cars, 24 tricycles, 24 motorcycles, 550 refrigerators, 400 television sets, 300,000 Dangote foods goodies packs and N200m worth of recharge cards won by loyal consumers and retailers of the Dangote Cement brand just like Benjamin Igherighe whose stitch in time won him a tear rubber Saloon car emerging him into the league of car owners in the Dangote Cement Bag of Goodies Promo.

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