Adentan Police Arrests Pedestrians for Failing to Use Footbridges

The Adentan police command has arrested hundreds of pedestrians who failed to use footbridges constructed on the Madina-Adentan Highway.

The arrests come on the back of residents’ demonstration for the completion of the footbridges last November after 24 people had been killed on the road with 164 others sustaining injuries.

Despite the completion of three out of the six footbridges on the Highway, some recalcitrant pedestrians have abandoned the bridges- a situation that is poses serious danger to themselves and other motorists.

Speaking to Joy FM, Police Regional Operation Director, ACP Kwesi Fori said, “We’re going to enforce the law, those who will like to endanger drivers and people using the road will be dealt with according to the law and it is going to be an exercise that we will be carrying out in the community, we will be meeting community members, we will be doing enforcement and engaging schools around so that they use the footbridges.”

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However, some of the arrested pedestrians also stated that they had been directed to cross at the Adentan barrier side of the road by the police and were later arrested.


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The footbridges were opened for use by pedestrians in May this year after a series of protest from residents in the area.

The highway recorded a number of knock-downs on the Adentan stretch of the busy road, resulted in the death of some pedestrians, leading to a spontaneous reaction by irate youth in the area who resorted to a number of demonstrations including the blockage of the highway and burning of tyres to draw attention of the government to their plight.

The government eventually re-awarded the contract on the footbridges to new contractors and it was completed in May this year.

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