Primero staffs working but jobless, graduates get N46,000 after working for 46 days

Several complain by commuters as it relates to the purported inefficiency of the primero service limited predicated the reason why daily advent reporter interviewed an employee who preferred being anonymous on the issue to our journalist. The conversation that lasted about thirty minutes went as follow.

Do you enjoy your work as a staff of Primero?

I am not happy working with Primero and I wonder why a big company that generates more than 40 million in a day in all their corridors would have workers to work for 46 days before they receive their salaries.


As the staffs ever agitated peacefully over this complains perhaps through a protest?

They sack those trying to protest. Few of my friends were sacked as a result of this injustice so the fortunate ones amongst us will rather wait till when we are paid so we don’t equally lose our job. There is no job anywhere, so we don’t engage in any form of protest again because they have already used some people as a scapegoat. The period of October last year, few of my colleagues were sacked because they protested to get their salaries on time.

How much do u earn as a graduate?

After tax, I receive 46,000 Naira from a 50,000 naira salary. 4,000 naira was usually deducted as tax.

We observed you have a shortage of drivers in Primero, could it be attributed to the late payment of salaries ??

Yes, it could be. Every staff of primero complains about the late payment of salaries. Before the end of the month, there are so many debts waiting for the money, the extension of payment into a new months make more debts to accrue.

Do you think at some point Primero would go back to the drawing board and correct your agitation?


I don’t see Primero paying on time because they are closer to Lagos state government, they are family, they believed they can do us anywhere, they can pay us anytime, they believe we have no say, there is no job so they leverage on this. They see us as less privileged, that we should be thankful we have a job that some graduates are not earning but we are, so we should be glad instead of complaining. “It is just like we are working and jobless”

Do you get your 13th-month salary or any incentive at the end of the year in December?

No, we don’t. The only thing we got is a package that in its entirety only cost 2,000 Naira. The contents which include two spaghetti, two wheat, two semolina, 6 pieces of Indomie. 100% of primero’s staff have complained about one thing or the other. If commuters complained we are inefficient, I think all of these factors are responsible.

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