LADIES!! This Is Why Your Boyfriend Has Not Invited You For A Sleepover

You are scrolling on your favorite social media account and you see it yet again! Another one of your followers has posted another picture dedicated to their successful relationship.Whether it’s lavish gifts that they have received from their companion or those adorable couple photos, such posts can make it easy for you to feel less than satisfied in your own relationship. However, there is more to a relationship than the perfect things we see. Some  ladies complain about how their boyfriends never ask them for a sleepover after the first visit. They conclude that he is unfaithful and rant about him not being dedicated to the relationship.

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But the question is, have you sat down to think of what you might be doing wrong and why he has refused to invite you for a sleepover after one or two visits?Find some of the mistakes you are probably making and how to correct them here.

1. Sitting glued to the television:

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Some women are used to sitting glued to the television and holding on tightly to the remote as if their lives depend on it.This is annoying, as you should always consider your partner. He might not be interested in the channel or programme you are watching. Don’t forget that he is used to spending the weekend all by himself. If you continue with this attitude, he won’t invite you again.

2. Lazing around/leaving the house in a mess:

Put yourself in his shoes. Is it fair to visit someone and mess the place up without cleaning it before leaving? Your answer is definitely a NO! No man will want to invite such a woman over, not even for a night.

3. Eating as if you have not eaten for days:

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Eating like a glutton whenever you go to your boyfriend’s house is not the best, especially if you go there without buying some foodstuff or provisions and you eat all the food and provisions he has bought.If he didn’t complain initially, with time he will start giving you an attitude.

4. Going through his things: 

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No man likes his woman going through his things, even if he has nothing to hide. Give him his privacy no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise.

5. Going to your boyfriend’s house overpacked: 

This is packing as if you are going to spend a month at your boyfriend’s if you are invited to pass only a night or two.The fear of you taking over his house might turn him off. So, please, go with a small handbag.

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6. Deliberately leaving your things at his place: 

Leaving your things at his place might leave a bad impression. He might think you are doing this because you want to move in.Make sure you don’t forget any of your things at his place. Go with your things whenever you pass the night.If you eventually forget something, let him know, and try as much as possible not to repeat that mistake.

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