See How This Nigerian Man Returned N767k Mistakenly Paid Into His Account

One big question on the lips of many Nigerians is the big question of honesty within the society.

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How many people will return lump cash mistakenly forgotten in their car or their suitcase?

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While many people will be quick to tell you that it is not possible and such persons cannot be found, interestingly there are still honest Nigerians amongst us.

Such is the case of this young Nigerian who has taken to social media to narrate and reveal how he he mistakenly got credited with the huge sum of N767k.

Indeed honest people still exist in the country despite the growing harshness of the standard of living and this is clearly reflected in the story of this young man. According to the man identified as Ayo Emmanuel on Instagram, he mistakenly got credited with the sum of N767k from an unknown person.


While many people would have kept the money for themselves, Emmanuel revealed on his Instastory that he sent the money back ‘as a good Nigerian’.

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Screenshot of his post on Instagram/@wezzymayne Source: Instagram


The young man who is also an entertainer, went further to share a screenshot of the transaction to prove to people that he indeed return the money.

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He shared a screenshot of the transaction on his Instastory/@wezzymayne Source: Instagram

In similar news, a Nigerian woman identified as Fadekemi on Instagram, has taken to the platform to narrate how she got her phone back after forgetting it in a taxi. According to her post, the driver brought the phone to her house, despite it being very expensive.

So now lets ask, could you do this if you were in his shoe?




Nigerian Lady Narrates Her Excounter With A Sexual Pervert In Keke Napep

A Nigerian woman has narrated her encounter with a pervert inside keke napep

The woman revealed that she had witnessed the pervert rubbing his hands on the thighs of a schoolgirl.

Ali Fadeela noted that she had dragged him out and called people’s attention to his behaviour.

The young Nigerian lady took to social media to expose the face of a pervert she came across inside a tricycle, popularly known as a keke napep. The lady revealed that she saw the pervert hands on the thighs of a schoolgirl.

The lady identified as Ali Fadeela explained that she had realised that something was going on between the man and the schoolgirl.

She also revealed that she had noticed the disgust plastered on the girl’s face. Fadeela, who is also a lawyer, explained that she decided to investigate what was going on, so she kept an eye on them, and saw that the man had been rubbing his hands on the schoolgirl’s thighs.

Nigerian female lawyer shares encounter with pervert who molested a schoolgirl in a tricycle


According to the lawyer, she asked the girl if the man had been disturbing her, and shouted out after the schoolgirl said yes.

The female lawyer noted that she was ready to take the pervert to the police station for him to answer for his crimes but some residents around the area had begged her to let the man go on his way.

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