UNBELIEVABLE! Watch How Residents Brutally Dealt With 2 Alleged Gay Men Caught In The Act (Photos/Video)

The rights of sexual minorities are still a sensitive issue in Africa. Homosexuality is often considered to be an illness or something “un-African”. It is not uncommon that sexual minorities are harassed or even prosecuted in African countries. It was similar in Europe not too long ago. Nowadays, although not without tough contestation over a long period, sexual minorities are legally protected in most European states. More details on the story below





Two suspected homosexuals were seriously dealt with after they were allegedly caught during sex romp.

It was gathered that the duo were apprehended by residents who reportedly spotted them engaging in sexual intercourse and decided to teach them lesson over the act which they labelled a ‘taboo’.

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The young men were paraded outside while totally naked as they were slapped and beaten with a shovel, sticks amongst other things. It is believed that the incident happened recently in South Africa.


Still, on homophobia in African countries, the Nordic countries actively promote the rights of sexual minorities within their human rights approach to development cooperation with the global South. However, they often encounter trouble when partners in Africa do not view gay rights as a priority issue, but rather as something imposed from abroad.
According to a researcher,
“Clearly, homosexuality existed in early African history. But being gay then was not categorised or openly criticised in many communities. Homophobia increased in Africa when missionaries and colonial administrations categorized homosexuality as a perversity”, Marc Dunnink remarks.

He views it ironic that homosexuality as un-African is sighted by African leaders to justify homophobic sentiment yet the emergence of homophobia in Africa was strongly linked to colonial influence and is embedded in colonial laws which are still invoked.

Watch Video Below of the alleged homosexuals below

#SHOCKING; NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.Dear Zambian Watch,I'm thosa from South Africa. I just want you to show how my country punish gay people if they are caught.South africa is full of crime and HIV but when it comes to gay people, things turn urgly.

Posted by Zambian Watch on Friday, 15 March 2019


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