Nigerian man catches white lover sleeping with fellow Nigerian, what he did next will BLOW your mind (video)

Women are profoundly sensual and sexual creatures, just as much as men. Yet somehow the idea that a woman in a committed relationship might have physical urges that she wants satisfied elsewhere, especially if her current man isn’t quite, shall we say, up for the job, always seems to catch people by surprise. A Nigerian man who caught his white lover sleeping with a fellow Nigerian in Germany, took to Facebook to share a video from the scene which left him shocked.


The Nigerian man who was heard shouting at his white lover in the video and further asking why she brought a fellow Nigerian into their home after he went to work, was told by the lady that the house belongs to her and she can bring in anyone she likes. While the Nigerian man further accused his white lover of telling the other man’s girlfriend to abort her baby so they can continue having sex, the other Nigerian man who was labeled a ‘dirty guy’ by the angry fellow national laid still.


Watch the video below:

NIGERIAN boys living in Germany are now snatching white women from their African brother's.

Posted by NG Leakage on Saturday, 24 November 2018


The German lady ended up telling her angry lover to get out of her house in the viral video. Here is the video from scene, in which the Nigerian man caught his white lover in bed with a fellow Nigerian;


It would be recalled that a similar incidence where a man has been charged with murder after shooting dead his naked wife and her lover when he caught the pair having sex. Forty-two-year-old Juan Carlos Garcia is believed to have admitted to killing his 39-year-old wife, Sandra Castellanos, and her 35-year-old boyfriend Noe Gomez, at their family home in Atlantico, Colombia.



The security guard suspected his wife was having an affair while he was working night shifts and planned a trap to “catch her with her hands in the dough,” according to police. The couple’s three children were sleeping in the house when Garcia allegedly pulled a handgun on the couple, shooting them at around 9pm on August 4.


Garcia reportedly stayed at a friends house and called his wife at around 9pm to check on the children. He burst into the family home moments later, catching the lovers in the act. He was later arrested in what police called a “horrific crime of passion” in the Villa Maria area of Soledad, Colombia. But even though police say the man handed himself in and confessed to his crimes, he did not show remorse.



He is believed to have told officers: “She was unfaithful and sullied my honour as a man. All I did was remove the woman who destroyed my life in this world. A police report said: “At 9.05pm Juan Carlos Garcia called his wife to ask about his three children, she answered the call and told him that they had gone to bed early because they had to leave for school. The suspect Juan Carlos Garcia found his wife making love with her lover. The husband was filled with anger and killed them both.


He handed himself in to police and said that he did not feel sorry for what he had done.
Police said Garcia had been remanded in custody and would face court hearings at a later date.