SO SAD! University Girl Runs Mad After Alighting From Suspected Politician’s Lexus Jeep

Surely, the evil that men do lives after them. This poor girl ran crazy after a man dropped her off by the roadside from his Lexus. A viral video on Instagram, shows a mad girl displaying wildly on the streets of Nigerian. According to sources, this girl happens to be a student who immediately went mad after she alighted from a luxury vehicle. Unfortunately, bystanders could not identify specifics of the vehicle to help trace where she came from. Witnesses say that the owner of the Lexus car might have been a politician willing to do all it takes to win the upcoming elections.


Social media users had different theories as to what could have happened to the mad girl. Others had words of advice for people. Here are some of the reactions gathered;

“All this ladies won’t listen, Guys of this days are very desperate for money. May God heal you”

“Over Looking for Money Make De 1 way kno they Reasonable Among them fall in the hand of all this Yahoo +hand Them Plenty like that way them Don use finish Parent should just Make Sure they pray had on their Children”

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“This is not good for us as people.. Life is too short people should stop ending other people own for their selfish interest”

“Pls as this election period is getting closer pls be careful atleast let your friends and families know where you are going, before leaving your house pray and before entering a car know the plate number and no go do pass yourself ooo pls stay at home if possible”

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Truly, not all that glitters is gold. I doubt she would have made certain choices if she knew how a ride in the fancy car would end. My dear ladies, let’s be very careful of those we associate ourselves.