Judgement day this summer for some Real Madrid stars, as Zidane reveals plans to sign top Premier League players

Reports from the Real Madrid camp is that this summer a lot of players will be leaving the club, to make space for the players they have on their wish list. Real Madrid hasn’t lived up to expectations this season and had to bring Zidane back as a manager to salvage whatever is left of their season.

A senior official at the club stated that Zidane is clearly not happy with a lot of players this season and that he’ll be letting quite a number of them go this summer to create space for the players he wants to sign. Real Madrid is out of the champions league, beaten by Ajax in the knockout stages and have not been able to challenge Barcelona for the Spanish league title this season.

Some of the top players rumoured to be leaving the Santiago Bernabeu this summer to make space for the managers intended new signings are, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Raphael Varane, Toni Kroos and even goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois who just joined this season is rumoured to be leaving as well.

Some of the players the manager plans to sign are Saido Mane from Liverpool, Paul Pogba from Manchester United, Kylian Mbappe from PSG, Eden Hazard from Chelsea to mention and also Ngolo Kante who has been playing outside his favourite position for Chelsea this season.

Almost every football player somehow wants to end up playing for Real Madrid at some stage in their careers, Madrid’s history is amazing and playing for such a huge club is very interesting and challenging, but there’s a lot that needs to happen before a player makes the final move to Madrid. De Gea was a target for over 4 to 5 seasons but Madrid couldn’t seal the deal due to Manchester United’s stubbornness and financial strength as well.

The English Premiership clubs have better financial strength now than ever before due to television money coming in, so clubs are not under pressure to sell their most prized players, unless if the player absolutely wants to leave the club then the player finds a way. The selling club, however, will put the largest transfer fee on that player and it is left to the buying club to meet that fee.

Saido Mane is a crucial player for Liverpool and has become an integral part of the team and the way the coach Klopp likes to play his team. It’s not impossible for Real Madrid to put in over a hundred million dollars for him, but Liverpool is not under any pressure to sell.

Paul Pogba is currently the poster boy for Manchester United and Ed Woodward is a brave man, he calls the shots at United and fanatics believe there’s no way United will be letting Pogba leave just yet, they’re still looking to build a solid team around him.

As for Kylian Mbappe and Eden Hazard, pundits believe these two are the most likely to make a move to Real Madrid, along with Ngolo Kante.

Mbappe has always spoken of his admiration for Zidane and playing under him for Madrid, Hazard sometimes looks unhappy at Chelsea this season and might be relishing a fresh challenge at a club he has admired from a distance. Kante has been played out of position all season and unless a new manager comes in convinces him otherwise, he will surely be considering a move.

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