Chinese Restaurant In Lusaka Turns Away Zambian Man Because He Is Black – VIDEO

Chinese restaurant and shop operating in Lusaka’s longacres turns away a Zambian on account that he is black and a foreigner. Yes you heard that right, a foreigner in his own country.

Explaining his ordeal with media, he expressed his grief of the kind of racism he is being treated with even in his own home country. A foreigner calling him a foreigner.

He was in the company of his wife, they got to the restaurant, and the receptionist said “foreigners are not allowed here” he looked at his wife in shock , surprised how the receptionist knew his wife was not from Zambia.

Only for his wife to explain further that the receptionist was referring to him. He said he couldn’t believe his ears, He was a foreigner in Zambia? only to realize it was not a joke.

Zambians wake up your country is being taken away. The Chinese have regrouped and you are still sleeping.