Nigerian Lady Slaps Boyfriend For Refusing Her Proposal After Dating Her For 6 Years (Video)

An unidentified lady seemingly in her mid 20’s has reportedly slapped her boyfriend of six years after refusing to say yes publicly to her proposal on a trending video which sparked outrage on the internet after¬† it was first shared on social media space.

According to the blogger, gistmore who shared the video on you-tube, the lady who wore a smile on her face while she went down on her knees to pop the ”will you marry question to her handsome boyfriend got the shock of her life after he blatantly said a no despite been cheered on by friends. Watch the video below;

The scene incited onlookers to bring out their phones to capture the beautiful moment. But unfortunately, the boyfriend who’s been in a relationship with the lady for about six years according to the source refused to say yes to her proposal.

In the video; the boyfriend was pleading she stands up, refusing the pleads, the lady pushing his hands away,¬† was heard saying; ”Don’t tell me to stand up, after dating me for six years without marrying me.”

The disappointed lady started crying after her boyfriend said No in public. Angrily, she slapped him while everyone cheering them on. The video has been making rounds and had become a growing sensation.

Although, in this part of the world, it is unusual for women to propose to their spouse despite how long they might have been together.



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