Portuguese Man Living In Lagos Reveals Who The True Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

Pedro F. Hipólito, a Portuguese man living and doing business in Lagos has revealed the effects of Yahoo boys on the economy of Nigeria and also identified the true victims of the criminal activities.

He focused on the developmental projects Nigeria, Lagos particularly, has enjoyed in the past decade, Pedro said most Nigerians who feel there is no improvement in their lives are those people who have refused to improve their lives with the current trends of modernization.

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He writes;

Speaking on Yahoo Boys and how they are bringing disrepute to the country and her citizens and that the honest Nigerians are the main victims of the activities of the cyber criminality.

Cybercrime otherwise known as yahoo has taken the rise in Nigeria now, as many young millennials are now into it, making excuses of lack of employment, and the bad economy as the basis for them involving themselves in the act.

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Curbing this menace, the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been on their toes to apprehend and bring to justice anyone who is found guilty of such crimes in the society, as the yahoo boys according to Pedro is tarnishing the image of fellow Nigerians outside the country.

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