Wow! Nigerian Couple Does the Unthinkable, Uses Tipper As Wedding Motor (Video)

Love they say knows no bound, this is true for Nigerian couple who despite not having the luxury to ride an exotic car on their wedding day decided to make do with what they had.


Couple shock Nigerians as they used tipper as wedding motor.  The viral video was first shared on twitter and has gotten alot of people talking and hailing the couple for taking such a brave step.

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The couple who were pictured climbing a tipper on their wedding day had become something of a growing sensation and somewhat of an inspiration to aspiring couples who might not as well have enough luxury.

Watch the short video below:



According to Tori, the viral video depicts the Nigerian couple whom were rocking a blue suit for the groom and the bride a white wedding gown  using ladder to climb a tipper.

The husband was seen helping his wife up a ladder as some women held up her gown. The couple seem happy with their action as they wore bright smiles on their faces. Their identities remain unknown as well as details about their wedding ceremony. The images and video from the event have gone viral with many commenting on their awkward action.
In a related news, A Nigerian couple in Akwa Ibom has stirred reactions after doing something really unique and hilarious all at once. The newlyweds decided to ride in a tipper truck to their wedding ceremony.
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Seeing the bride and groom make love happen right at the rear of a commercial truck got the attention of many. The post which has since gone viral showed a couple looking all glam and good in their attires.
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While the wife wore a white wedding gown which had a flair towards its tail end, the groom donned a blue suit and a black pair of trousers.  In their beautiful attire, they climbed a wooden ladder all the way into the tipper. The commercial truck which was decorated and covered in festive clothes looks like a cosy carriage. The Akwa Ibom newlyweds were not the only one who sat at the back of the tipper. The bridesmaids and groomsmen also rode in the truck.
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Several responses have followed these rare photos which have gone viral. While some people thought the idea was really nice, others blamed it on poverty. Nothing more.
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