The Man Pressured With Love Making Shares Touching Story

I last made love making a few weeks ago. We met on Happn and the connection was definitely there. We went on a first date, went back to mine and had sex – and it was great. We went on a few more dates over a period of a month or so, and the last time we went on a date we ended up at mine.

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We’d slept with each other seven or eight times by this stage but, you know, it was still early days. We’d had some ramen and I wasn’t feeling very well; I wasn’t in the mood to have sex. After a few minutes of kissing on my bed, she sat up and said, ‘You don’t want to have sex, do you?’ I said I wasn’t feeling well enough. We got into an argument – she started saying I was acting like a woman.

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It was such an awkward feeling. We were just lying there – and then we ended up having sex. Part of me was thinking that it was the only way out of the situation, but also I was turned on at that point, which is a bit weird.

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The next morning we got up and went to work and broke up over text later that day. So that was that. I’m certainly not saying that men have it as tough as women – I’m absolutely not saying that – but when I go on Tinder dates, I do sometimes feel pressured into having sex.

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I’m back on Tinder now but I’m not sure that I have a goal. I’m open to anything really: one-night stands, a short-lived affair, a long- term relationship. Growing up, I assumed I would get married and have kids, but I’ve realised I don’t need that. If it happens, great – but if not, I’ll still have a nice life, I’m sure.

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