Nigerian market woman mysteriously looses all her money after collecting money from a strange man ,see more

A lady recently took to social media to narrate how her neighbour lost all the money she made in her shop that day in a mysterious way after an unknown man patronised her.

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She said ” So this morning, my shop neighbour realised that all the money she made through out the week suddenly disappeared after a man came to patronize her and she added the money to the previous money on ground about 47k. Its a laundry company, he paid 900 for the service rendered and was to collect 100 naira change but he refused to collect his balance. After about 20 minutes all the money in the cartoon disappeared leaving the 1k the man brought”.

This has got so many Nigerians talking because the whole issue is quite confusing and mysterious. Some people suspect the money was stole while some said it is diabolical.

Some yoruba’s believe what happened to the woman is real and it is a means of money ritual where people fast money through diabolical means. This is called “ANOBO” amongst yoruba. It is a means whereby chants and incantations are said on a money note and then it is given to a business woman who at the long run looses all her profit and capital through an unexplainable way.

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Some people on social media have shared their own experience but they have been unable to explain how the whole money disappears.

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Another lady said ” believe this cos it happened to my sister. The person bought goods Worth 50k and gave her 1knotes, 1k notes turned to 5naira notes after the woman left.”

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The pursuit of wealth is a natural instinct that everyone, at some stage or the other, begins to come to terms with. Most times, wealth comes from hard work or just sheer luck. But for one who is impatient and too anxious about their chances, the easy way to wealth often involves traditional practices. It is not all ritual making that requires that human blood be provided. The biggest evidence you will get that money rituals exist is from Nollywood, but in reality, many would swear that they have seen or know of someone who makes money through blood rituals.

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There are many ways by which money rituals are said to work; in some cases, it takes joining a cult and taking a blood oath.


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