5 Reasons You’re A Workaholic

Unknown to many, they are work addicts who use their work life as a tool to measure their lives productivity.

Being termed a ‘workaholic’ could make some folks feel cool, thinking it means that they are making giant strides as far as work is concerned. Hate to break it to you but as you’ve heard that all work no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

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While enjoying the accolades that come with an appraisal of been a great working machine, it devoid one of knowing that he has slid into the zone of a factotum.

As an eye-opener, here are tips that would help know that you’re fast becoming a workaholic;

1. Clock- Worker;

One thing sure that never stops work is the clock because it is designed to navigate its tentacles round and round uninterrupted. Sadly, many people work as the clock, rounding up without rest, every work and job place before them.

They are always the first to resume the office and the last to leave the office and on many occasion, their homes and house have become a mini-office for them where they further work after leaving the office.

When switching off your mobile phone or PC, makes you feel guilty, then you’re sure working yourself into a workaholic unconsciously.

2. No Time For Family;

Fundamentally but not necessarily one bond by blood is family, which everyone must treat with grace and respect, by offering them some quality amount of time.

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Again, to prove that you’re already delving into a workaholic is that you have little or no time for your family, even if it’s just a small as a reunion party.

Watch it, nothing is worth sacrificing your family for.

3. Low Or No Sleep;

Anything that eats into your sleeping time, is not building you, it’s slowly killing your health, and if caution is not taken, you might soon lose both your work and health.

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Sleep does not just help you get rest, it refreshes you for the next days’ work, preventing you from the weariness that can affect your productivity at work.

When you have to, sleep, you are not only preserving your health, you’re also keeping your mind fresh every time you wake up.

4. Work Success Equals Self Worth;

It is important to note that striving to be successful and to increase your work performance is not in itself wrong, but it becomes undue when you knot your work success as what defines your self-worth.

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If you do, you’re already a workaholic.

A trusted advocate for both promising and established senior leaders, Marilyn Puder-York puts it this way; “Workaholics define their self and self-esteem by achievement only,”

5. Consciously Ignore Health Cautions;

For workaholics, any health cautions their body gives is just one funny way their body functions to dissuade them from working.

Health they say is wealth, but for workaholics, stress and health caution indication from their body is just another way their body is denying them an opportunity to have fulfilling work periods.

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Whether you’re working a 9-5 job, or you’re an entrepreneur, learn the simple acts of excusing work from been fulfilled, and always remember, the more healthy you’re, the better for you’ll be at your what you do.

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