Strange As Man Recounts How He Met His Wife At A Cemetery (Screen shot)

We find love in strange places, this is true for a man who took to social media platform to share an incredible story on how he met his wife in a cemetery. The man who identified as Sixthformpoet, recounted how he had mistakenly dropped flowers for  a man who had  killed his wife and her grandparents only to discover what he did and went over to the deceased woman grave to apologize then he came across a woman who’d later become his wife. In his own words,

Man narrates how he met his wife at a cemetery

”My dad died. Classic start to a funny story. He was buried in a small village in Sussex. I was really close to my dad so i visited his grave  alot. I still do. (Don’t worry, it gets funnier.) I always took flowers and my mum visited alot and she always took flowers and my grandparents were still alive then and they always took flowers. My dad’s grave frequently resembled a solid third place at the Chelsea flower show.”

Man narrates how he met his wife at a cemetery


”Nice but i felt bad for the guy buried next to my dad. He never had flowers . Died on Christmas Day aged 37, no one left him flowers and now there’s a pop up florist in the grave next door. So i started buying him flowers. I started buying flowers for a deceased man I’d never met.”

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”I did this for quite sometime but i never mentioned it to anyone. it was a little private joke with myself, i was making the world a better place one bunch of flowers at a time. I know it sounds weird but i came to think of him as a friend. I wondered if there was a hidden connections between us, something secretly drawing me to him. Maybe we went to the same school, played for the same football club or whatever. So i goggled his name, and ten seconds later i found him.”

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”His wife didn’t leave him flowers because he’d murdered her on Christmas day. After he murdered hid wife, he murdered her parent too. And after that he jumped in the front of the only train going through Balcombe tunnel that Christmas night. That was why no one ever left him flowers. No one excerpt me, of course. I left him flowers. I left him flowers every couple of weeks. Every couple of weeks for two and a half years.”

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”I felt terrible for his wife and her parents. Now, i wasn’t going to leave them flowers every couple of week for two and a half years but i did feel like i owed them some sort of apology.  I found out where they were buried,bought flowers and drove to the cemetery. As i was standing at their graves mumbling apologies, a woman appeared behind me. She wanted to know who i was and why i was leaving flowers for her aunt and grand parents. Awkward.”

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”I explained and she said ok that’s weird but quite sweet. I said thanks, yes it is a bit weird and oh god i asked her out for a drink. Incredibly, she said tes, two years later she said yes again when i asked her to marry me because that is how i met my wife.”


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