LOOKING FOR A HUSBAND? 6 places in Nigeria where men will chase you tirelessly

In recent time meeting a girl or a guy seems to have become almost totally virtual as there are places where both gender’s paths cross.

It is conventional for a guy to walk up to a lady and woo her as opposed to the reverse. That’s unfortunately how the society have made it seem, in Nigeria actually. While it is equally not wrong for the ladies to do the wooing, guys always love to be the men and exercise their skills in convincing a lady with well-constructed words.

Most times the ladies decline but there are dedicated guys who always show sheer persistence to see if they can turn their rejection into acceptance by changing their approach. Then you have the annoying die-hards with absolutely no shame who fit die on top your matter, Lol. If you say no, they will not give up!

If you block their number, they will call with their friends line.

Below are six places in Nigeria where you are most likely to get too much attention, so ladies can be careful. See list below:

1. The market

Every woman who goes to the market knows it is a war zone when it comes to avoiding men. In some markets, you are even advised to wear long clothing to cover you so you don’t draw extra attention to yourself.

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Whether you are passing by the stalls or just standing in a corner, you will have a male vendor who is interested in you and not your money, calling out to you. ‘Fine girl’, ‘Baby girl’, ‘Sweetheart’ etc. Some will even go as far as prostrating in public or doing something very bold just to get you to talk to them.

2. At a club/party

The club is probably the one place in Nigeria where the men are boldest. If they like you, they will come up to you and ask you for a dance or wait until you are outside, and there is less noise, to get your attention.

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If you jam a desperate one, he will not stop until you give him a chance to talk to you from buying drinks to even shutting down the VIP just so you guys can talk.

3. Walking down the road

Sometimes even in a simple outfit and no effort, you will have some ‘big man’ or ‘rich man’ in a car, drive by you just to talk to you. Some of them will make show of it and park their car and run to talk to you or some will just drive at your walking pace until you give them a moment of your time. Even those without cars will try to holla at you so don’t think you are out of the red on pedestrian walks.

4. Dealing with customer service

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Whether you are at a phone store, an internet service provider or the bank, if you go into a long conversation with some men, chances are he will drift into off-point topics. He may say he likes your voice, or tell you a joke to make you laugh or just be try to find out more about you because he ‘likes’ you.

5. At the gym

You would think as you are sweating and breathless, men would recoil but for some, they see it as attractive when you have that much dedication and determination. They will use equipment beside you to be close to you, talk to you when you are on a break or even give you unsolicited exercise tips during your exercise.

6. At the hospital

Some doctors who specialise in feminine issues or just those who get a lot of female patients, may try to be very chatty to make it less awkward for them and oh much more awkward for you. Plus, he will have to get details of whatever is troubling you so he will dive right into your personal life and if he likes you, he will now take it from there and ask to see you outside his work hours.

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