LADIES!!! Checkout the 3 types of V*ginas that men absolutely love, come and claim your own!

So just like there are different sizes of joysticks for the men, a lot of people don’t know that there are different sizes and types of the female organ as well. There are various shapes, sizes and overall looks of female organs although they all do their duties just fine.

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There are five different types of vaginas but only one that women want

Below are the 3 types of cookies that men love so much.

Image result for fruits that look like vagina

Image result for fruits that look like vagina

1. Slender cookie

This is famous in the adult movie industry, the slender cookie is bony and narrow. If you are skinny or petite, chances are this is the kind you rock.

Men love it as they allow a little tighter fit, ensuring a very stimulating experience. They also give men a certain level of confidence increase as they don’t ever have to worry about whether or not they are big enough.


2. Tight cookie

You are sure to please your partner if you have a tight  cookie. The walls of your cookie may be so tight that they may just be closing in.

The tightness is fit for great stimulation and intimacy. The close fit makes men think that your cookie was made specifically for them.

So just like there are different types of joysticks  types that women prefer, there are also different kinds of cookie kinds that most men really love.

3. Thick-lipped cookie

The thick-lipped cookie is a lot more common amongst curvier women. It is very soft and is a favourite among the male population. They appear very kissable and easier to find for penetration.

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