LADIES! Check Out How To Make Your Buttocks Bigger Without Exercise

Big and round buttocks are considered to be one of the symbols of feminine beauty. There are many ways to make your backside bigger, but most of them include a rigorous workout regime. Find out how to make your buttocks bigger without exercise!


1. Proper underwear

The type of underwear you’re wearing on a daily basis has a huge effect on the way your backside looks. If your underwear wardrobe right now consists of loose-fitting underwear, consider upgrading it with new models.

You will get the most visible difference with special shapewear, but it can be quite expensive and not particularly comfortable to wear. You can also try regular underwear with a snug fit, which will both give your backside a rounder shape and prevent sagging.

There is one important thing to remember about shapewear. When it’s too tight and you wear it for more than 8 hours a day, it can be quite damaging for your blood flow. If you want to know how to get a bigger buttocks fast without exercise, don’t wear shapewear if it’s making you feel uncomfortable.


How to get bigger buttocks

2. Good food

Your diet has a big influence on the way your figure, especially your backside, looks. The secret of how to get bigger hips and bum in a week is not just to eat lots of high-calorie food – it’s to eat the right food.

In order to get your dream posterior, you need to consume foods from every group: proteins, complex carbohydrates, and good fats. This diet will help build the muscle tissue, which is exactly what gives your buttocks that desirable shape. Here is the ultimate list of products to eat to get a bigger backside:

  • Proteins. This includes mostly lean proteins like chicken breast and lean beef, as well as fish, eggs, mushrooms, beans, flaxseed. and certain dairy products like cheese and cottage cheese. Stay away from fatty meats like pork and sweet dairy products – they contain a lot of calories and put you under a risk of gaining weight all over your body.
  • Carbohydrates. In order to supply your body with complex carbs, make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and leafy greens, whole-grain pasta and bread, brown rice, and oatmeal. There is nothing better than a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed and banana for breakfast if you’re determined to know how to get a bigger buttocks fast in a week without working out.
  • Fars. The good fats required to give you an enviable butt are contained in olive and sunflower oil, coconut oil, various nut butters, fish oil supplements, and avocado. There are tons of side dishes and salads you can make using all these products, so this diet won’t feel strict at all!
How to get bigger buttocks

3. Better posture

You have no idea how much your posture influences the way your figure looks until you start really paying attention to it. Try to keep your back absolutely straight both when you’re standing and sitting to enjoy a fuller looking backside at all times.


How to get bigger buttocks

4. Use of clothes

Even if you are not wearing any shapewear, the right clothes can completely change the appearance of your bum. Wondering how to get a bigger buttocks naturally fast and free? Wear the following items:

  • Peplum tops and dresses – they give you an illusion of a bigger butt while keeping your figure balanced.
  • Balloon skirts and dresses – they give you more volume below the waist, making your backside appear more voluptuous.
  • High-waisted jeans, shorts, and trousers visually enhance your backside.
  • Low-rise jeans and trousers with a 7/8 length add volume to the lower part of your body.
  • Anything where your waist is highlighted – it adds a much-needed contrast between the middle and lower part of your figure.
How to get bigger buttocks


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