OMG!!! After the police failed him,man personally tracks down the hacker who wiped N1.6m from his account

Finally i got him ,this guy belongs to a group of syndicate who specialized in hacking people accounts till it get to the end suspect i became a victim early this year i lost N1.6m in 4 different transaction after reporting to the bank and police their investigation was taken more than necessary to conclude.I got angry and destroyed my ATM card and deleted my bank app.

I did the investigation myself with a friend ,finally we tracked thier hideout in benin anytime i come closer to getting them they change their hideout.This morning this guy was traced to an hotel at warri his gang memebers escaped but i got him .Two Laptop ,four expensive mobile phone,12 ATM card and 70k was seen on him.

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When a cyberattack occurs, ethical hackers are called in to be digital detectives. In a certain sense, they are like regular police detectives on TV. They have to search computer systems to find ways an intruder might have come in – a digital door or window left unlocked, perhaps. They look for evidence an attacker left of entry, like an electronic footprint in the dirt. And they try to determine what might have been copied or taken.

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Understanding this process has become more important to the public in light of recent events in the news. In October 2016, the U.S. officially said Russia was trying to embarrass respected political figures and interfere with the U.S. presidential election process. Specifically, the Obama administration formally blamed Russia for hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s computer systems. The statement hinged on the investigative capabilities of American ethical hackers working for both private companies and government agencies.

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