Man gains confidence after penis fillers helped increase his girth to 15cm

Stuart Price discussed his penis enlargement injections live on breakfast television and had eyes rolling when he jokingly described his member as a ‘Welsh rarebit’.

Stuart Price, from Caerphilly, who had filler injections to his penis to make it bigger after spotting an advert online, was invited onto ITV’s studio.

Presenter Phillip Schofield tried his best not to laugh at 36-year-old Mr Price’s joke, made at the end of the interview.

Mr Price had the hyaluronic acid injected to increase the girth of his penis in a £3,800 procedure – and kept it secret from his girlfriend until it was done.

He increased the circumference of his penis from 4.9 inches (12.5cm) – already above the UK average of 4.3 inches – to 5.9 inches (15cm).

Mr Price appeared on This Morning to discuss how he ended up having a penis enlargement after splitting with his girlfriend of six years in 2017.

He lost 10 stone, dropping from 25 stone, and said he was searching online for a hair transplant when he clicked on an advert for a penis enlargement.

‘An advert popped up for a penis enlargement surgery so I looked on there,’ he told Schofield and Rochelle Humes. I put my details in and someone phoned me back and said would you like it done.’

Mr Price went ahead with the injections, and he now has to massage his penis twice a day for five to 10 minutes to prevent lumps.

Asked if it was painful he told viewers there was ‘a little prick at first’, to which Phillip Schofield joked ‘it was considerably bigger by the end of it’.

‘I’ve got a real Welsh rarebit haven’t I?’ Mr Price joked at the end of the interview, to which Schofield tried not to laugh and accused him of saying it for a dare.

‘I was a little bit swollen at the start, but after two or three days it went down,’ said Mr Price, who will have to wait another two weeks before he can have sex.

The procedure is becoming increasingly popular, experts say, as men seek surgeons to make their penises larger. One clinic says it has seen a 70 per cent increase in patients in the past three years.

And although the procedure is risky and his girlfriend said there was ‘nothing wrong’ with his penis beforehand, Mr Price says it has boosted his confidence.