2019!!! Bye Bye To APC, As Millions Of Buhari’s Supporters Hide In Shame, After Disgraceful Live TV Interview

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential Campaign Council, in Ekiti State, has said that if not for lack of conscience, those still supporting the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, will go to bed last night, covering themselves with blanket of shame, after seeing the President’s scandalous performance on NTA programme, The Candidates.



The State Campaign Council’s Director of Media and Publicity, Lere Olayinka, in a statement, on Thursday morning, said: “Almost all questions had to be interpreted to the President, while he talked off-point throughout; answering no question appropriately, to the extent that Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, became so embarrassed and agitated, that he tried to help him answer questions that was asked to him.



“It was so terrible that the Moderator had to tell the Vice President, to allow President Buhari to talk for himself.”


Olayinka, who said that it was sad that those promoting the President knew even in 2015, that he lacked both mental and physical capacity to run a Local Council, not to talk of a country of over 200 million people, lamented that “the only reason the cabal running the country wants him to remain in Office, is to guarantee their 2023 Presidential ambition, and access to the national treasury.”



He challenged those still supporting the President’s second term bid, to in all honesty tell Nigerians why the same Buhari that they saw on NTA last night, should continue as President.



“In saner climes, after his disastrous performance on The Candidates, last night, President Buhari will be asked to go home and rest. But because they are selfish and wicked, they will pretend that the NTA programme never happened, just as they pretended in 2015, when the President was calling APC, ‘All Progressives Confidence’, INEC, ‘Independent Nigeria Electoral Commission’, Osinbajo ‘Osunbade’, and Imo State ‘Ibo’ State.



“They also saw him in 2015, when he was talking about Deutsche Mark, that was last spent in Europe, in 1999, as currency being used in Germany, referring to Angela Merkel, as President Michelle, and Germany as West Germany. But they will never mind the international embarrassment that he has become, as long as their hold on power is sustained, and their 2023 Presidential ambition is guaranteed.”


While saying that the President has never hidden his support for corrupt elements in his party, Olayinka said: “To further demonstrate the hypocrisy in his so-called fight against corruption, when asked about the Kano State Governor, Ganduje’s bribery scam, President Buhari responded by saying:



“Hopefully, by the time I go to Kano for my campaign, I will have the information”, but at the same time, tried to discredit the video exposing the bribery scandal.


He said: “Nigerians, especially the people of Ekiti, should take their time to see the video of The Candidates edition of yesterday, and challenge anyone coming to preach re-election of the President to them, if they will hand the running of their personal business to someone who has proved to be unconscious of happenings around him.”

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President Buhari Vows To Remain In Power On Live TV, Allegedly

On Wednesday, President Muhammadu Buhari claimed that it was impossible for him to lose the forthcoming presidential election which holds on Febbruary 16, 2019 across all states of the country.
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The President, who alongside Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, was on a two-hour town hall programme tagged ‘The Candidates’, moderated by Kadaria Ahmed, in Abuja, which aired on NTA on Wednesday night.
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Ahmed had asked Buhari if he was going to accept defeat if the results of the elections came in and he lost and President Buhari replied, “Well, that sounds impossible. I think we have made our case, and I hope you will have time to watch my visits to Bauchi, to Kogi, and try and watch the other visits to the States, and then see whether I am fit or not.
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“The way I go round the stadium and respond to the cheers of voters and explain our position, and explain to them where we found the country when we came in 2015, where we are now, what we are able to do in between with the resources available to you. I am very, very satisfied with the reaction from the real voters”, he said.
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After his response, the Moderator probed further: “But still, if something happens, and you lose election, will you accept the result?” Buhari then responded by saying “That would not be the first time I lose election. I tried in 2003, and I was in court for 30 months; 2007, I was in court for 18 months; 2011, I was in court for 8 months. And I went up to the Supreme Court. The third time, I said ‘God dey’, and the fourth time, God and technology came ‎in, the PVC and card readers, you know, the opposition took it for granted. Before, what they used to do was to sit down, look at the Constituencies, allot marks or allot seats, and say anybody who disagreed should go to court.
“Most of my voters are looking for the next meal, where did they get money to go to court? So, they said ‘God dey’, and eventually ‘God dey.’”
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When the Moderator told the President that he sounds frustrated about the fight against corruption, Buhari said: “I cannot afford to get frustrated. I keep on telling the law enforcement Agencies and the Administrators in the Ministries their own responsibilities to document mismanagement, and if it has to come to the Presidency, let it be. I cannot ask to get elected on security, economy, and fight against corruption, and then get frustrated because some people are not cooperating, I cannot afford.”
On the bribery allegation against the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, the President stressed that he was overwhelmed by the bribery allegation against the Governor, but that the system has given him some relief, as the case was before the court and the Kano State House of Assembly. He expressed hope that either the State Assembly or the courts will take a decision on the case, before he campaigns in Kano, in coming days.
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Buhari added that the people of the North-East geo-political zone could confidently attest to the achievements of the Federal Government, as Boko Haram no longer controls any Local Government in the country. The President, who said that the Military still required more resources to buy equipment to successfully end the war against terrorists, expressed happiness that people could now travel from Maiduguri to Kano by road.
He said that instead of controlling many local governments, the insurgents have been degraded to attacking soft targets like mosques, churches and markets. He also claimed that the insurgents are being supported by forces outside Nigeria while reiterating that the military needs a lot of money to buy equipment.
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On what the government would do with money recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, President Buhari said the money would be used to address infrastructure deficit in roads, railways and power through budgeting. Before that, he said the money recovered would be placed in a single account so that it can be accounted for. In response to why former Secretary General of the Federation, Babachir Lawal wasn’t investigated by the EFCC, he said, “I told you why I have to be careful. If there are strong allegation, people should come out with strong evidence like names of companies looted, contracts awarded then, we take them before the court and ICPC and we have to trust the system and allow them to complete their investigation. If we just arrest them and lock the way we did in the military system Democracy is a multi party system that does not approve that. So if there is strong allegation , the government may ask people to go like the former secretary-general.”
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The opposition PDP may read meanings into the President’s comments and use it to back up their claims that he plans to rig the elections.
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2019 Election: Buhari not worried about losing to Atiku

With the 2019 election about a month away, candidate are stepping up plans on how to outsmart their opponents and win the mandate of the people but for current President, Muhammadu Buhari, he reveals that he is not worried about losing to Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar or any other party.

The President made the remark while answering questions on whether he will accept the results of the forthcoming election if he loses on Wednesday. He spoke during a live programme tagged ‘The Cadidates’ debate for the 2019 general elections in Abuja.
But he noted that it was impossible for him to lose.

He stressed that he tried it three times earlier to be President but was unsuccessful until the introduction of electronic system and the Card Reader by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

According to him, it sounded impossible for him to lose the election because of the great reception he has continued to receive across the country during his reelection campaigns.

On whether he will quit office if he is defeated in the election, Buhari said, “it won’t be the first time I will lose election,”.

“I tried 2003 and I was in court for 13 months, 2007. I was in court for 18 months in 2011 and went up to the Supreme Court. I sat down and said God Dey. For the fourth time, God and technology helped me.”

According to him his administration is following a tedious way in fighting corruption, as it is carefully crosschecking the books and records.

He pointed out that there are instances where contracts were awarded to companies and individuals without the work done.
Speaking on whether he was getting frustrated by the slow pace of the fight against corruption, Buhari said “I can’t afford to get frustrated.”.

He also spoke on why he has decided not to react on the bribery allegations against the governor of Kano State Abdullahi Ganduje.

“I am completely overwhelmed by the Ganduje case. I decided not to talk about it because the State Assembly has taken it up,” he said.

Hundreds Of Top Senior Police Officers Storm Force Headquarters, As Ag. IGP, Mohammed Adamu, Set To Make Major Appointments

Hundreds of Senior Officers of the Nigerian Police, have stormed the Force Headquarters, Abuja, to lobby the newly appointed Acting Inspector-General of Police, Ag, IGP, Mohammed Adamu for juicy position as he begins his reign.



As you read many Police Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, and Assistant Police Commissioners, are right now lobbying to get the Ag. IGP attention, as most of the Deputy Inspectors-General will be leaving the Service.



Some Departments regarded as ‘juicy’, include the Administration and Finance, Housing, as well as Procurement are currently up for grabs. While the most sought-after postings among the Police Commissioners and Senior Officers, include: Lagos, Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, FCT, Police Mobile Force, Oil Protection Units, and Foreign Missions attache.



There is also expected to be some reshuffling soon, ahead of next month’s elections.


Some States are also considered to be ‘juicy’ during election seasons.



A Commissioner of Police who spoke on the condition of anonymity, however, said that they were only coming to pay homage to the new Acting IGP, and not necessarily to lobby for juicy positions. He said: “I am here to pay homage to my new boss, and pledge my loyalty. I am not here to lobby anybody.”


Meanwhile, the Ag. IGP, has said he will adopt a fresh strategy to tackle the insecurity challenges facing Nigeria. He spoke with State House correspondents after he was decorated with his new rank by President Muhammadu Buhari.



Mr Adamu, who thanked Mr Buhari for appointing him, said he knew that there were security challenges to be tackled in the country. His words; ”Issues of kidnapping, abduction and other security challenges. From the strategies put in place by the former IGP, we will restrategise and make sure that we tackle these challenges squarely.”


The 57-year-old officer also spoke about the forthcoming general elections and said adequate arrangements have already been made by his predecessor to make sure that free and fair and credible elections take place in Nigeria.



”We are going to build upon the strategies put in place to make sure that we have hitch-free elections in the country,” he said.


The new IG also assured political parties participating in the election that as professionals, the police “are going to stick by the rules, we are going to do the right thing”.



”We will not go outside the ethics of our job to do things that are untoward. Everybody will be given level-playing ground to play his or her politics, ” he said.

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BUHARI’S WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION! EFCC operatives storm Ghana, in search of monies meant for Nigerian politicians

President Muhammadu Buhari’s war against corruption has entered a new phase as Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) operatives have stormed a West African country, Ghana, in search of monies some of the Nigerian politicians are planning to bring in for the forthcoming general elections.

But EFCC is intensifying the battle against corruption, and the anti-corruption agency is taking the battle to faraway Ghana to block slush fund, reported The Punch.

Politicians relying on slush funds to run their campaigns will not have it easy, the Nation reported on Thursday. Mr Ibrahim Magu, the Acting Chairman of EFCC, is reported to have led detectives to Ghana to block repatriation of such funds.

The Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the EFCC Chairman, Mr. Tony Amokeodo, confirmed that Magu was in Ghana.

The anti-graft agency is also hunting for properties bought with illicit cash by some Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in Ghana and other West African countries.

The EFCC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), Ghana Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) and Ghana Police Service (GPS) to track down some suspects.

Magu and the detectives arrived in Ghana with some intelligence report on huge campaign cash movement along the West Coast and a list of suspects being trailed.

It was gathered that in the last 72 hours, the EFCC delegation and the team from the EOCO of Ghana have exchanged some information.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “The EFCC chairman has taken the battle against the use of slush funds for campaign by candidates to Ghana and some ECOWAS countries.

“Due to cash crunch, there have been intelligence reports that some politicians and those who looted the treasury had been trying to haul cash to Nigeria for campaign.

“Some of them were suspected to be engaging some Nigerian banks in Ghana for the transfer of the illicit funds. “We are determined to block such funds in Ghana and other countries.

We have been tracking the movement of the slush funds from abroad.” Another source gave insights into the Ghana trip.

“The Commission has been targeting safe havens all over the world through collaboration with law enforcement agencies in those countries.

The commission is making tremendous progress in recoveries of funds and properties from such territories and within Nigeria.

Treasury looters now keep funds in West African countries “There is high rate of movement of these funds by road transportation through the porous land borders to avoid the prying eyes of security personnel at the airports. “

Magu’s fear is that if these illicit funds are not checked, they could be used to undermine national security. “There are suspicions that these funds could be used to support Boko Haram terrorists as in the recent dare-devil audacity with which the group has been challenging the military.

“As the elections draw nearer, these funds could come handy in buying votes, arming thugs and causing confusion in the country.” EFCC is also in Ghana to identify properties and explore areas of cooperation with the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) and other agencies.

”Some PEPs and cybercrime fraudsters in concert with some Ghanaians and financial institutions buy choice properties running into millions of dollars in protected neighbourhoods in Accra.

“There is also the angle of crude oil thieves who smuggle products from Nigeria, using Ghana as their base and thereafter laundering their proceeds through buying properties or moving the monies to Nigeria.

“Magu is working in collaboration with the EOCO, FIC and other relevant law enforcement agencies in Ghana.

Some critics of President Muhammadu Buhari are saying that the he should battle the corrupt people in his cabinet first before taking such war to another country.

What’s your position on this?


After a controversial town hall interview, President Buhari storms Edo today for another massive campaign

After a much talked about town-hall program on Wednesday, President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to hit Edo State capital, Benin-City today in another massive campaign ahead of February 16, 2019 General Elections.

The president and his vice Yemi Osinbajo who are also the presidential and vice-presidential Candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the forthcoming presidential elections will, at 8:00p.m. participate in a live televised two-hour presidential town-hall program.

This was highlighted in a press release by the APC presidential campaign council, signed by Festus Keyamo, Director, Strategic Communications, APC Presidential Campaign Council, (Official Spokesperson), on Tuesday.

The Edo State Government says  there will be a restriction of movement from 12pm  to 4pm on Thursday on Ekehuan Road  in Benin because  of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit  to  the  state, The Punch reported.

In a statement by the Secretary to the State Government, Osarodion Ogie, the state government said  movement would also  be restricted on Ehaekpen junction and Agho junction, as the President would  be hosted at Garrick Memorial School.

The statement  said, “Residents in the area are advised to avoid this route (Ekehuan Road), particularly between Ehaekpen junction and Agho junction.

“Residents, who must move within the area during this period, should use alternative routes that will help them cut Garrick Memorial Secondary School, which is the venue for the event off.”


Minimum Wage War Looming as Civil Servants plan to deal with defaulting governors

New minimum wage war is looming between state civil servants and the governors as they (civil servants) have vowed to resist any state governor who failed to implement the new salary scale.

The group under aegis of Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN, promised tough times for governors who may not pay the new salary structure.

The Secretary-General of ASCSN, Mr Bashir Lawal, restated yesterday, the resolve of workers to tackle governors, who might not be willingness to pay the new package.

Speaking in Lagos, Lawal said “Workers should immediately inform labour about any governor, who refuses to pay the new wage after it must have been put in place by government.

The Federal Government is on course to commence the payment of a new minimum wage to civil servants, following persistent demands by labour for the review of the remuneration of workers.

“Public sector workers in Nigeria are classified as earning some of the lowest wages in the world, a development that has exposed the workers to penury and pain over the years.

But political office holders in the country, including members of the nation’s bicameral legislature earn some of the biggest wages in the world, according to analysts.”

Lawal said his call to action was against the backdrop of statements made by some governors that their states lacked resources to pay the new minimum wage, expected to be approved soon by government.

He argued that it was wrong for any governor to claim that his state lacked resources to pay the new wage, pointing out that every state in the federation had enough resources to cater for workers.

The unionist argued also that the Federal Government had enough resources to pay the wage demanded by labour. Lawal, who is also a member of the tripartite committee on the new minimum wage, noted that government would not spend more than N200 billion to pay the entitlements of core civil servants, after the wage increase.

He said that government could pay the agreed N30, 000 minimum wage without having to look for funds through borrowing. “Government generates huge funds from the customs, stamp duty payments, value-added services, the treasury single account and other sources.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service says it recorded N5.4 trillion in 2018 and is targeting about N8 trillion in 2019. These are revenue sources which can enable government to pay the new minimum wage,” he said.

The union scribe said that although there were leakages, the Federal Government could pay the minimum wage within the resources available to it.

He said that the technical committee would appraise the prevailing agreement with government as the agreement affected grade levels of civil servants.

According to him, labour has signed MoU with the government on how it will pay 90,000 civil servants from grade levels five to 17.

He restated that labour would go on total strike if the government failed to submit the minimum wage report to the National Assembly on Jan. 23.

I’m not afraid of being defeated by Atiku in Feb. 13 Presidential Election, President Buhari says

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he isn’t afraid of being defeated in the forthcoming general elections. He didn’t mention his main opponent, but Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of PDP is seen as his main challenger in the crucial polls.

He frankly said if he loses the election, it wouldn’t be the first time he would be experiencing it, and then recounted the number of times he had lost at the presidential elections.

Some Nigerians have been speculating that he might not willingly hand over power to whoever defeated him in the presidential election.

Buhari responded to a question by Kadaria Ahmed, the moderator of The Candidates, a live presidential Town Hall Meeting for the 2019 presidential candidates and their deputies, reported The Punch.

Hashtagged #NGTheCandidates, the event took place in Abuja on Wednesday.

It may be recalled that Buhari first ran for the presidency in 2003 on the platform of the now defunct All Peoples Party.

He garnered 12.7 million votes in the election, losing to President Olusegun Obasanjo who was then seeking a second term.

In 2007, Buhari, he contested on the platform of the All Nigeria Peoples Party, running against Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Umar Yar’Adua, who won the election.

That year, he garnered 6.6 million votes, compared to Yar’Adua’s votes that nearly tripled his.

In 2011, then presidential aspirant Buhari contested on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change, which he helped to found, and ran against then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

He got 12.2 million votes, compared to GEJ’s that nearly doubled his. Again, he lost.

His breakthrough came in 2015 when he ran on the platform of then two-year-old All Progressives Congress. He won.

Buhari is seeking re-election on the platform of his ruling party.

Denial of CJN Onnoghen’s trial by presidency: Buhari is unaware because he isn’t in charge of Aso Rock, Atiku Media man fires back

A spokesman to former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, Mr. Phrank Shuaibu, has added another twist to the one of the trending topic in Nigeria at this: Trial of Justice Walter Onnoghen.

Mr Shuaibu says President Muhammadu Buhari was not be aware of the trial of Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, because his government is controlled by a cabal.

He was reacting to claims by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo that Buhari was not aware of Onnoghen’s travails until Saturday when the news broke.

He also said Buhari was not aware when soldiers laid siege to the headquarters of Daily Trust two weeks ago, The Punch reported.

Atiku’s spokesman, however, noted that it was the same way Buhari was not aware when dead persons were given federal appointments in 2017.

Shuaibu said Buhari was also not aware when his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, was made a member of the board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

He said it was curiously coincidental that Denis Aghanya, whose petition has become the basis for Onnoghen’s prosecution, was a former aide to Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress.

Shuaibu added, “This president has exhibited gross incompetence, ignorance, poverty of ideas and lack of innovation.

“This president doesn’t know anything. They may have mentioned the plot to him but he does not remember anything!

“He didn’t know who stole the budget in 2016. He never knew his Chief of Staff was on the board of the NNPC.

“President Buhari never knew dead people were on the list of board appointments he signed.

“He never knew Abdulrasheed Maina of the pension scam incident was reinstated into the civil service.

“Mr. President was not aware that soldiers stormed the premises of Daily Trust newspapers.

“What does this president know? In fact, I am so sure President Buhari is not aware he is contesting the February 16 election!”

Continuing, Shuaibu said, “The truth is that President Buhari never even intended to act as president for one day and this is one presidency that would be neither here nor there, everywhere and nowhere, visible yet ineffectual, present yet absentee in nature and action; all of which have lent further weight to the complaints of his wife that other people and not her husband are, indeed, in charge of Nigeria.”

He said the claims by Buhari’s wife, Aisha, that powerful men had hijacked her husband’s government had become self-evident.

Shuaibu said Osibanjo’s revelation had simply given Nigerians one more reason why they should vote for a government that is focused like the Peoples Democratic Party.

“A government which has been defined in the AtikuPlan to get Nigeria working again, will ensure that the interest, welfare, wellbeing and goodwill of all Nigerians will be at the centre of every action and decision of the leadership and not the interest and selfishness of two persons who have hijacked Nigeria for themselves at the expense and suffering of the rest of the people.

“The only politician now who has the capacity, capability, intelligence and experience to break this wicked hold of a few people on Nigeria is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and the formidable pan-Nigerian coalition of seasoned and tested leaders, who are now poised to liberate Nigeria from the cabal and open up the country to growth and development which two people have prevented President Buhari from achieving in his four years as Nigeria’s President, according to his wife,” Shuaibu added.

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Voting in PDP will be the worst mistake of our lives (Video) – Buhari

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has told supporters of the All Progressives Congress in Kogi state not to choose any candidate from the Peoples Democratic Party during the general elections. The President stated this at the Presidential campaign of the APC which held in Lokoja.

He said, “I am warning you don’t make the mistake of choosing any PDP candidate”.

President Buhari noted that there had been a lot of progress since his administration came into power in 2015. The President laid emphasis on the oil sector saying, “I have challenged anybody in Nigeria to check in Europe, America and Asia that Nigeria was producing 2.1million barrels per day at the cost of $100 per barrel. Nigeria was earning 2.1million x$100 per barrel x 15 years, where was the money?”

He criticised the PDP for not doing enough in the area of power and railway. According to President Buhari, “They said they spent $16bn on power. Where is the power?

“What they will try to do is to cover the theft they have committed against the nation. I assure you I will follow the system, anybody that is held responsible we will get him, take away the money and put in the treasury”, the President added.

In attendance at the event were National Chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole, State Governor Yahaya Bello, among other party members.