WHAT?! Check Out The Beautiful Lady Who Started Dating 53-Year-Old Man When She Was 17 (Photos)

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“We discussed the pros and cons of the age gap but it’s never been a problem, per se. We’ve actually broken up a few times because we thought that it just wasn’t possible to have the dream outcome with our families and society accepting and all of that. “That’s part of why we kept the relationship a secret for nearly three years. My mother was very opposed, but now she loves James dearly. I wouldn’t say that all of my family knows about James, not that it’s a secret but I’m not entirely close with everyone because there’s just too many people and I’m not going to make a special announcement to people that I don’t talk to frequently. I’m not going to hide him either.”

Admitting they had reached a point in the relationship where they felt they either had to be honest or break up, James – who is a United States Marine Corps veteran and retired government employee – said they both felt a huge sense of relief. Despite the 35-year age gap, the couple revealed people are mostly polite, explaining they haven’t had much negativity. The loved-up pair also revealed they aren’t ruling out children in the future.


CODE RED! These Are 5 Types Of Women You Should Never Consider Dating

OK. So you’re just out of a relationship and you’re fresh in the dating market. You’re thinking of hooking up with a beautiful young woman irrespective of where or how you meet her. It could be at the bar, a red light district or even the club. All you’re concerned about is the fact that she’s single and you should make that move simply because she’s a potential fling or girlfriend in the making. Even though she seems to be a good catch, you may want to watch some subtle signs she may be giving off that may be an indication of the negativity she would bring, if you ever considered dating her. As a result, here are five types of women you should do all you can to avoid (at least till you get to know them well enough) when you’re on the lookout for a woman to date.

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The One That Dislikes What She Does

A lot of women are around who don’t give a hoot what happens to their jobs or careers simply because they would rather not work but get someone who would shoulder all their responsibilities. It is important for you to deduce if she’s on to you for different reasons that have nothing to do with the real you such as your account balance. You can ask her about her career and be on the lookout for how passionate she answers your inquiry. If she’s also driven to leave her present job for something bigger, then that’s a good sign. If she’s however the type that isn’t too keen about what she does and jumps around from one job to the other or repeatedly tells you she dislikes work, she may be out for the money. Women that are like this mostly do not appreciate how generous you may be on the long run which has a negative effect on whatever kind of relationship you plan to have with her.

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The One That’s Always Stuck With Her Phone

Someone that’s attached to their phones are problematic in that they have a need to constantly stay in contact with people perhaps as a means of feeling secured. They may not necessarily be chatting with their friends or acquaintances but they feel a compulsion to check their phone for details. Dependency on social media through their smart phones would present a problem as time goes on if you end up dating them.

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A Lady That Just Came Out Of A Broken Relationship

There are a lot of reasons why these type of women should not be atop your list of potential dates. Though they are very attractive, passionate and wild, chances are they would break your heart. A woman that just got out of a relationship is doing all she can to avoid any new pain. They usually want to be around people and will connect with anyone around them that would make them feel better. Such women would easily jump into any relationship that comes their way which increases the chances of you getting hurt if you ever get attached to them.

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The Lady Seated Alone Downing Drinks In The Bar

A lot of men are attracted to women that can hold their own and do typically the kind of things men do on a regular. It is however important you avoid throwing caution to the wind as she may just be at the bar to blow off steam after a bad day or worse still a breakup. More so, she may be the type that gets emotional after one too many drinks and the fun night you might have been on the lookout for could turn into a night of tears and petting.

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The One That Blames The World For Everything That’s Wrong With Her

Rolling with a pessimistic woman is something you don’t want to do especially one that never sees her fault in things. Such people are basically incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions and would rather blame everyone and everything for whatever wrong befalls them. They would never change any of their problematic attitude because they never see anything wrong in their actions. If you find her constantly talking about how everyone messes up but her, you may want to reconsider going ahead with a relationship.

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NO TIME TO WASTE! Here Are 4 Places Women Secretly Go To Find Potential Husband Material In Nigeria

The difference between men and women are as much as the similarities. Men can look for women in any place and at anytime while women tend to show more discretion while searching for men. What you have to do as a man is to try and decipher her subtle stares. It is estimated that in about 70 percent of cases, women (usually unconsciously) are the ones that make the first move by sending out non verbal signs communicated through deep stares and sensual looks. Check out these four places you can get women secretly scanning for potential mates, of which you just may be one.

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Office Environment

Women scan for men here for several reasons. One of them is that they can hardly resist the aura of a man dressed in a bespoke suit or nice shirts and trousers. Asides this, women can deduce how a man lives his life from his coordination in the office. Some of the subtle signs she’s on the lookout for include if you’re the office gossip, if you’re a perennial latecomer or if you’re always willing to lend a helping hand.
You can determine if she’s into you by catching her constantly looking at you while you’re looking away. She may also be checking up on you in your workplace more than normal.

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The Beach

Women are always on the lookout at the beach because that’s where they can easily analyse different men as they sit and unwind while they are stripped to their midriff. If you do catch a girl staring at you, she’s likely picturing in her mind what it would be like for the two of you to have fun together. You can determine which one is into you by scanning the different faces for primping and piercing gazes. If you find one staring at you who goes for her makeup purse and starts applying lipgloss, it’s a sign that one is attracted to you. Get your flows on and make a move.

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Bar And Lounges

She will probably tell you she’s at the lounge to hang out with her friends but the truth is her eyes are scanning the whole of the environment for eligible men. Get your approach right and tell her your name straight up. Tell her you’re at the bar to celebrate after a successful day at work and you’d probably get good points for being a prospect. You should also take note of any woman that walks past you as much as those that glance at you as they may be trying to gain your attention.

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The Church

This is one of the quickest places to meet a woman scanning for potential partners. A lot of women would be in church looking up to God to get the right kind of man while also keeping an eye out for the man. It’s also a good place for women because all men would be at their best behaviour added to the fact that quite a lot of women report wanting a God-fearing man. If you fall in this category, you’d instantly appeal to such women. Never ignore any eye contact she tries to put up. Simply look down and look up again while smiling at her. This would make her ease into a conversation with you.

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‘HELP! Lady Starts To Bleed Heavily Immediately After Visiting Boyfriend’s House’

I can understand why she went into panic mode immediately. This faceless lady has recounted how she visited her boyfriend, probably slept with him and started developing a strange feeling. Relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a young lady who started bleeding after visiting her man. According to her, she saw her period two weeks ago and it is not expected to return since it’s a monthly thing. Some commenters on the Instagram page of the relationship expert have suggested issues of hormonal imbalance, fibroid or even voodoo which is used by some young men desperate to acquire wealth.

Sexual intercourse is a normal biological function, meaning our bodies are designed to be able to have sex. Bleeding after sex is therefore cause for concern as it indicates that there could be a problem interfering with a normal biological function. There are a number of different reasons why a woman would bleed after sex, which range from minor ones to more serious ones. Resist the temptation of assuming the worst. At the very least, if any of them ring true or concern you, please visit your gynecologist for further assessment and/or treatment. One of the most common reasons for bleeding after sex is a mismatch in size. If your partner is particularly well-endowed or you are particularly narrow, you can experience some minor tearing as a result of normal sexual intercourse.

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WICKED! 21-Year-Old Guy Exposes Photos Of 23 Girls He’s Slept With On Social Media (All Photos Inside)

A 21-year-old man identified as Moses Brave Pempelani Sakala who hails from Chipata, Zambia, has reportedly broken a record of the most polygamous young man in Zambia. The gentleman who revealed that he has a body count of over 147 from when he was just 14 stated that he can sleep with these ladies because he loves them and they love him back.  According to reports gathered, Salaka has been with over 23 partners which he is currently managing. He got them all from Facebook.
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The young man became an online sensation after pictures of himself and several ladies surfaced on the internet. He reportedly said happily, ”I also enjoy student nurses from APEX. I am a student at UNZA, and just here, i have slept with 46. I am currently screwing 23. I have so far slept with 147 girls since I was 14.” Sakala says his target is to reach 500 before he finally marries at 30. He said, “I love girls…and they love me too. My target is 500 before I reach 30.” Below are photos of Moses with his supposed 23 lovers,

Moses with lady 1
Moses with lady 2
Moses with lady 3
Moses with lady 4
Moses with lady 5
Moses with lady 6
Moses with lady 7
Moses with lady 8
Moses with lady 9
Moses with lady 10
Moses with lady 11
Moses with lady 12
Moses with lady 13
Moses with lady 14
Moses with lady 15
Moses with lady 16
Moses with lady 17
Moses with lady 18
Moses with lady 19
Moses with lady 20
Moses with lady 21
Moses with lady 22
Moses with lady 23

HANDLE WITH CARE! Here Are Five Crazy Things Women Do Because Of Love

As men, we’ve seen women do a lot of terrifying and frustrating things all in the name of love. Some of these things may range from manipulation, invasion of privacy and even domestic violence. The truth however is that it hardly comes from nowhere. It is usually as a result of pent up emotions which built up as a result of what guys did a lot of the time. The things women do may be crazy but they are usually for a reason. Here are five of those crazy things.

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Acting Jealous

If she doesn’t love you, she probably won’t be jealous right? The thing here however is that women tend to have some form of unfounded jealousy which provokes reactions that can be very scary. You could find yourself in a situation where she can go all ballistic on you for flirting with someone in a public place or grabbing your phone to check who you were all smiles with when you received a call. She loves you and wants you, that’s why she goes through the pain.

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Basic fact. Men can wait longer to have children but women always have their biological clocks to consider. She loves you well enough to want you to be the father of her babies and if she’s telling you about kids, you should respect her for this. You may not be comfortable with her timing of bringing it up but she’s just being practical.


Social Media Stalking

The internet can be ascribed to be a crazy and deceptive place. Some women and men are fully participatory in these deceptive processes which tends to backfire at some point in time. Scorned lovers abound on the internet stalking their ex partners. That of women is more serious because when they are in love, they tend to go after all the social media handles of their partners from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat. Their stalking mode is majorly borne out of love even though some may end up taking it overboard.

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When women are in love, they tend to have some sort of severe need for sex that may make you think she’s a nymphomaniac. The honest truth is you should never see her as such for wanting to always have a piece of you as doing so only shows your double standard. The fact remains that if situations were reversed, you’d probably do worse than she’s doing and because she wants to have more sex than she normally does, shouldn’t make you belittle her. Moreover, it would be stupid to tell her you find her sexual desire atrocious as that only portrays you as a weakling not to talk of spoiling the game for the rest of the male folk.

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Breaking Stuff

OK. This is bad to say the least but some women do this because they have no other way of expressing their anger and need for your love. They need your trust and acceptance before they can comprehend any conflict that may arise between the both of you. This may make them lash out at inanimate things which they tend to regret later on’

Acting in any of these ways is toxic not only to the woman but to the man, the relationship and the society. These actions may stem from true love but should never be taken to the extremes.

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TESTED AND TRUSTED! These Are Three S*x Positions That Can Spice Up the Bedroom Department

You may have heard of some sex positions that spice things up in the bedroom, and there are still lots of sex positions you may not have heard of. Since the bedroom is a lab, below are three different sex positions which are driving couples wild in the bedroom.

  1. The mermaid position.
  2. The dolphin position.
  3. The watering can position.

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The Mermaid Position

Since you are so adventurous and tired of the boring missionary and the popular doggy position, how about trying the magical move called The Mermaid position which is driving couples wild in the bedroom department. All you’ll need to do to pull this off is for the woman to lie on the edge of a bed, any raised surface like a desk. For extra elevation, the woman should add a pillow under butt and raise her legs up. Her legs must be stretched up straight in the air and kept together if possible.

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The male can then enter his partner while he is standing up, but if the bed is low, he could kneel. He should hold the woman’s legs or hips firmly with one hand for extra stability, and he can thrust more deeply. That will make his other hand free to caress the woman’s breasts. The move is pleasurable and also allows deep penetration, but since your legs are together, the male will feel bigger inside you.

The Dolphin Position

The dolphin position is one sex move that can really make some waves in the bedroom department, This sex position could take your love-making to whole new heights, and it is not so hard to pull off. The dolphin position is an excellent stimulator of the G-spot. To get into this position, the woman should first lie on her back then raise her hips by pushing off her legs from the bed, but she’ll keep her head, neck, and shoulders resting on the bed. The man then moves in between her spread legs and supports her by holding her butt. The key to enjoying this sex position is gentle thrusts. Hard vigorous thrusts could cause discomfort for the woman and even lead to a neck injury.

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The Watering Can Position

For couples get into this gardening-themed sex position, the woman lies on top of her man with her knees slightly bent. Then the man brings his knee up and slightly bends it while the woman spreads her legs so that the man’s legs fall in between that of his woman. This move is very intimate, as the woman’s hands wrap around the man’s back or neck so that their bodies are pressed closely together while the man’s hands are free to feel his woman’s body.

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This position is called the watering can because the man can shower his woman with kisses like a watering can pouring onto a flower. This position allows both partners to inhale the scent of their bodies, enjoy passionate kisses, feel their desires and enjoy the pleasure and delight of sex by every cell.

NAUGHTY AND NICE! Here Are 10 Naughty And S*xy Gifts You Can Get Your Partner For Valentine’s Day

The holidays are here and it’s the time of the year where people ask about the best items to offer their loved ones as a present. While we are used to getting chocolates, earrings, sweaters, and other lovely things for our friends and family members ( a lot of us are gonna get the same things this year) we seem to be forgetting that we could switch things up when it comes to getting gifts for our lovers. It’s one thing to get your sex partner a present, it’s another to get them a present that’ll turn them on and cause the entire holiday season to be sex filled and super romantic.

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There are some presents people would love to receive, but they can’t ask Santa for such presents because he would rule them off as naughty people. I have made a list of all the best presents to give to that sex-positive cousin, that friend who loves to have random sex, that person you’ve been sleeping with, and that person whose sex life seems to be dying. Oh most especially, these gifts are perfect for that special someone who you would love to spend the rest of your life with. Call me the naughty Santa as I share with you, my favorite holiday gift list ( you sure would want to check out twice).

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Dame products – pom

Do you know a sex nerd or anyone who would love to try out a new sex product before anyone else gets it? What about someone who loves to masturbate but would love an assistant? The perfect sex you for people in this category is hitting the market this November and you just might be buying two pieces of this sweet thing. The pom sex toy is created to mimic the hand to vagina masturbation and having your loved one get first dibs on it could make their holiday a lot more fun.

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Le wand petite

This was is tested and trusted to set things in motion for a mind blowing orgasm. Who ever is lucky to get this as a gift this holiday will be moaning with pleasure for a long time because this little guy packs a huge load of energy inside of it. The most interesting part of gifting this to anyone is that if they are shy, you can easily pretend you are giving them a neck massager.

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Lelo flickering touch massage candle

There is that person we all love to touch, it could be your partner or that sexy guy or girl you’ve been friends with benefits with for a while. Gifting then this Lelo flickering touch massage candle would be a nice way to tell them how much you appreciate the times you’ve touched them. This item is both a massage oil and a candle so if you can pair it with a message coupon it would be just wonderful for the receiver.

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WeVibe match couple vibrator

Sometimes it’s OK to give a gift you are sure to benefit from. That’s why this holiday season if mutual pleasure if your ultimate goal, then I have got you covered. The WeVibe match couple vibrator is bliss for both the receiver and giver. This partnered vibrator is an instable one and is also remote controlled. What better sex toy could a couple who enjoy both penis and vagina sex ask for. Whether you are a straight couple or a lesbian couple, this sex toy is sure to have you coming back for more.

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Intro 6 G-Spot vibe – JimmyJane

So you and your paint have never had or tried a sex toy and you currently searching for the perfect one for beginners. I have found you this one and not only is it easy to use, it is pocket friendly ( just incase you want to get naughty but you are on a budget) The JimmyJane intro 6 vibrator is sure to stimulate that G- spot and maybe help you discover your squirting ability.

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Sportsheet handcuffs

This holiday, you are allowed to reveal to your partner how much you know about their behavior throughout the year and also how much you want to punish them for being more naughty than nice. Did i hear you say kink? Damn right! this handcuffs are the all time best because of his safe they are. The leather is easy on the skin and won’t hurt the wearer but secure at the same time. This handcuffs is a nice present for a bride to be or that best friend of yours who is a fan of kinky sex.

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Bandage boy shorts – CantiqLA

So I heard someone say lingerie is a strictly cis-gender women thing and then I recalled this brand. Cantiq is a LA based lingerie brand that creates lovely underwears that can accommodate any kind of genital. Whether you are a fan of lacy underwear or fan of mesh, these folks have everything to make you and your partner sexually appealing to each other. You can decide to grab a matching pair so you both can twin with your underpants.

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Fin – Dame product

Are you a lover of sex without penis? do you enjoy rubbing your fingers on your vulva but you could use some more vibration? this little bad guy is waiting for you to make a purchase. Finder vibrators are underestimated and this Fin proves it because as little as it is, it provides all the pleasure a penis looking vibrator give. This is a really amazing gift for that single friend of yours or for your lesbian partner.

Image result for Fin – Dame product

Buck Dich Paddle

This is a personal favorite because its a dual purpose sex toy. The Buck Dich Paddle is designed to offer the user a quick spank on the but and mind blowing penetration. Who doesn’t want a dildo that can spank them on the butt cheeks?

Image result for Buck Dich Paddle

Nipples and clitoris clamp necklace

This is a sexy body chain that will turn any man on and have him stick to you like for as long as you want. This nipples and clit clamp can be worn to make any outfit look girly and can be used to being fire to the bedroom. The clamps are easily adjustable and just right for that date night you have been looking forward to.

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GUYS! Here Are 10 Ways to Give Her An Orgasm During S*x And Make Her Keep Coming Back For Pure Ecstasy

Sex is an essential part of our existence as humans. And as much as sex is a universal phenomenon, each individual has unique preferences when it comes to how they like their sexual experience. Regardless of what your choices are, the bottom line is that we all want to be pleasured and we will do anything to get it. You probably have gathered some killer sex moves from your sexual experiences so far, and that probably would make you feel like there little or nothing left to learn. Sorry to put it this way but skills will become stale if you do not upgrade them and seek out new technics. Sex evolves every day and it is only healthy that you develop with it if you do not want your sex life to become boring.


Because we know that every man loves to feel like a professional when it comes to helping their women achieve orgasm, we have decided to bring together a few tips to make the process more exciting and more accessible. Did you know that about one-quarter of the sexually active female population cannot have an orgasm in the absence of clitoral stimulation? That’s a very large census, and it is the reason why this article will teach you ten tips on how to give a woman the right clitoral stimulation. You can surprise your lady tonight with any of these moves. Get ready to use not only your tongue but your fingers, lips, toys, teeth, and gums.

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Let’s begin with sucking and nibbling

A lot of guys are used to the licking down when it comes to the use of tongue on the vagina, but if you are one of those guys have you thought actually combing your tongue and lips to focus on sucking her vagina. Sucking the vagina will cause increased vasocongestion or an increased flow of blood to the clitoris and the vulva.

Use your teeth and gums

For this, to work you have to think of yourself as a point of resistance that is unmovable so that the lady can do the bulk of the work. You can easily press into the top side of your teeth and gums on the top of the clitoral gland where the clitoral hood is located and simply stay there to provide a hard surface where she can rub her clitoris against. To make this more pleasurable, have her sit on your face.

Image result for 10 Ways to Give Her a Clitoral Orgasm

Creating the alphabets

This method may be old, but it sure has stood the test of time. The do the alphabet method on her, start by writing the letter A with your tongue on the broad surface of her labia then cross the A on her clitoris. Proceed to write the letter B and so on as smoothly as possible making sure not to focus only on her clitoris. The key here is to tantalize and tease her.

Try painting the fence and windshield wiper

You can blow your woman’s wind by blowing some warm breeze from your mouth to her vagina; then you can flick your tongue up and down on her clitoris just the way you would move your rollers or brush while painting a fence. You can alternate the movement by doing a side to side movement with your tongue like a wiper on the windshield.

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Never forget the shaft

While people mostly pay attention to the tip of the clitoris, the shaft which is sometimes as long as 4inches is easily overlooked and that is unfair. It would be nice if you slid your fingers down both sides of her clitoral shaft then push and pull her clitoral hood and move in circles if you want to.

Consider playing the harmonica

Once your partner is about to have an orgasm, you can try introducing this oral vibration to the sensation you have already provided. To do this, make your lips into an “o” shape and suck in her clitoris.

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Full hand massage

Every man likes it when their balls get cupped yeah? You can do that too your lady’s entire vulva with some added pleasure to her clitoris.

Welcome the waterworks

Water play a very vital if you have a shower head that you would like to use for multiple purposes. Allow the water from the shower head spray between her legs then focus it on her clitoris.

Image result for 10 Ways to Give Her a Clitoral Orgasm

The penis massage

You know how a lady would massage her clitoris with a dildo? Your erect penis could play the role of that dildo.

Lip service

This technic is the best for women whose clitoris are too sensitive.

Image result for 10 Ways to Give Her a Clitoral Orgasm

TIME TO GET DATING! Here Are Top 10 Places Where You Can Find Single, Hot Guys In Nigeria

Hunting for a man can be fun, but as any good hunter knows, you need to know where your prey hangs out, before the hunt can begin in earnest. If you’re looking for a special catch, then try these ten places where good single men can be found in Nigeria:

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