End Of The Road For Yahoo Boys, As EFCC Goes On The Offensive

The South-East Zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested three suspected internet fraudsters also known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ in Enugu state.
The Head of Public Affairs of the commission in the zone, Mr Chris Oluka, who revealed this in a statement on Saturday in Enugu, said that the suspects, including the wife of one of them, were arrested in their homes at Independence Layout, Enugu, following intelligence reports.
He said that the commission got information about some residents of the area who lived in opulence without any visible means of income. He said that further enquiries showed that suspects had defrauded unsuspecting victims of huge sums of money and used same to acquire choice property across the region.
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“The raid was consequent upon the resolve by Acting Chairman of the Commission, Ibrahim Magu to intensify the onslaught against internet and cyber fraudsters across the country. The commission got information regarding some people living in opulence without any known means of livelihood. Our intelligence revealed that the suspects have been defrauding unsuspecting victims of huge sums of money and use such to acquire choice properties across the zone,” he said.
Oluka said that a search conducted in homes and premises traced to the suspects was quite revealing and that the commission recovered incriminating items which include a mercury fluorescent lamp used in detecting fake currencies, suspected counterfeited foreign currencies and telephones.
Others are items suspected to be tools for their despicable trade, a Toyota Venza SUV, ATM Cards from various banks, and an Apple Macbook laptop. Oluka said that the suspects would be charged to court at the conclusion of investigations.
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Bye Bye To Boko Haram, As Buhari Takes Decisive Action

President Muhammadu Buhari and other leaders of the Lake Chad Basin countries, Chad, Niger, Central African Republic and Cameroon, are currently in a meeting in Abuja over the state of insecurity in the region.
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The leaders during the meeting considered the report of the Defence and Security committee set up by the leaders in Ndjamena, Chad earlier in December. They are looking to overhaul strategies to counter Boko Haram and other security threat in order to stabilise the crisis-ravaged region.
President Buhari during the opening ceremony of the meeting said he believes that military strategy must be complemented by the mobilisation and deployment of adequate resources. He insists this will ensure reconstruction, rehabilitation, and rebuilding of civil authority and provision of relief to affected persons.
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He noted that the Lake Chad region had suffered decades of neglect and poor infrastructural development, saying that the Boko Haram crisis in the last eight years had worsened its already bad situation.
In his words, “We must take cognizance of the fact that sustainable growth and development of the sub-region is dependent on the quick attainment of peace and stability in the area. We must put an end to the crisis in the sub-region to enable meaningful development for its people. We must remain resolute and committed in our collective efforts at attaining peace as well as eradicating terrorism and violent extremism from the sub-region. The time has come for the evil of Boko Haram to be brought to a definitive end. I am sure that this summit will take the right decisions in this regard.”
The meeting holds a month after President Buhari traveled to N’djamena, Chad to convene a similar meeting to review the security situation and intensify the efforts to rid the region of insurgency.
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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Atiku Abubakar Explodes In Anger, Attacks President Buhari, VP Yemi Osinbajo

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has described the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, at the burial of the Soldiers killed in Metele attack, in Maiduguri, as ‘totally unacceptable’.
Atiku in a statement he personally signed on Saturday, said it was even more painful when the Federal Government refused to send a delegation to represent it at the funeral.
He stated that Buhari should learn from French President, Emmanuel Macron, who on March 28, 2018, took a whole day off to attend the funeral of Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame, who was killed by a terrorist, after a March 24, 2018 terror attack on the South of France.
Atiku stated: “Today, I saw the pictures of the funeral of the Officers and men of the 157 Task Force battalion of the Nigerian Army, based in Metele, and who were killed by Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists, and my heart went out to the men, their families, and to our entire Armed Forces. May their souls rest in peace, and may God grant their families fortitude at such a trying time.
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“I am further pained that neither the President or his Vice were in attendance at the funeral, and that the Federal Government did not send a high powered delegation to represent the government at the funeral. This is sad and totally unacceptable. This is beyond politics. This touches our shared humanity. What would it cost for the President to take a day and fulfil his role as Head of State, by attending the funeral of such men of honour and valour?
“The sad part of it, is that a day before their funeral, President Muhammadu Buhari took time out of his busy schedule to host Nollywood Stars at the Presidential Villa.
“I appreciate Nollywood, and I have personally done a lot, both in my private capacity and when I was Vice President, to promote that vitally important industry. However, it does not send a right message to the men and women who are fighting for Nigeria, if you can attend a get together of entertainers, but you cannot find the time to honour those who make the peace we are benefitting from possible.”
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WOW!!! APC Set To Punish Atiku – SEE HOW

The vice presidential debate, which held on Friday, 14th December, 2018 has come and gone with a lot of analysts, observers and citizens coming to the conclusion that the winner was Dr Peter Obi, the running mate to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential flag bearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and it appears some supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have reacted bitterly to the outcome of the debate, and have taken a rather revengeful stance.
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A member of the APC who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “The clear winner of the Debate, was Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, by a clear mile. Our VP Candidate for 2019 answered every question with such brilliance and intelligence, unlike some noisemakers that destroyed the economy of this country, and were busy quoting lies and falsehoods in the name of being well equipped economy gurus.
“The same people that destroyed this country in 16 years, are the ones that packed hoodlums to come to hail them on national television. As a way to punish Atiku Abubakar, I would suggest that the Presidential election be moved to the United States of America, let us see who would have the last laugh this time around.”
Remember that following the emergence of Atiku as the PDP flag bearer, rumours emerged that he has not visited the United States of America because of fear of getting arrested for corruption charges.
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BLOODY REVENGE!!! APC Set To Block Atiku From The 2019 Presidential Debate, May Move Debate To The United States Of America

After a very tough and widely watched 2019 Vice Presidential Candidates Debate, that took place on Friday, 14th December, 2018, which many political Watchers, Observers, Analysts, and Nigerians in general agreed was won by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Candidate, Peter Obi, some members and die hard supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, have reacted bitterly to the outcome of the debate, and have taken a rather revengeful stance.
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Speaking to reporters, when asked to comment on the outcome of the Debate, a member and die hard supporter of the APC, reacted in anger: “The clear winner of the Debate, was Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, by a clear mile. Our VP Candidate for 2019 answered every question with such brilliance and intelligence, unlike some noisemakers that destroyed the economy of this country, and were busy quoting lies and falsehoods in the name of being well equipped economy gurus. The same people that destroyed this country in 16 years, are the ones that packed hoodlums to come to hail them on national television.
“As a way to punish Atiku Abubakar, I would suggest that the Presidential election be moved to the United States of America, let us see who would have the last laugh this time around”, he stated.
Recall that the Presidential Candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has been rumoured in recent years, of not being able to enter the United States of America, US, for fear of being arrested for massive corruption, after being denied visa to travel to the US.
Although, it was recently reported that the PDP Candidate had obtained a US visa and was on his way to the US, the news turned out to be false, leaving many to wonder whether or not the alleged ban on the PDP Candidate to visit the US is still standing or not.
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The US Health Law called ObamaCare which was part of the lagacies of the former President Barack Obama has become a bone of contention between Republicans and Obama’s party members – the Democrats, over moves to abolish the Health Scheme.
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Some Obama supporters and Democrats  whom the move angered have vowed to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that could undo the US health care law known as Obamacare, saying on Saturday that they will use their new power in Congress to hold Republicans responsible and “expose their lies.”

US District Judge Reed O’Connor ruled late Friday that the health insurance reform, officially known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is unconstitutional.

The White House said it expects the ruling to be appealed to the Supreme Court. For now, it said in a statement, “the law remains in place.”

But Democrats, who have seen the law survive scores of legal and legislative attacks, vowed to fight back, saying the health coverage of millions of Americans is at stake.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer tweeted that Republicans had pretended to care about those protected by Obamacare “while quietly trying to remove that support in the courts. Next year, we will force votes to expose their lies.”

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Democrats see the law as a signature achievement of former president Barack Obama, while Republicans dismiss it as governmental overreach. Donald Trump made abolishing and replacing the program a central pledge of his presidential campaign.

In a separate Obamacare case in 2012, five of the nine Supreme Court justices upheld the law. All five remain on the court.

Still, it remains unclear how they might rule in the new case. If the decision is upheld, it could significantly disrupt the US health care system.

In his ruling Friday, the Texas-based judge said that the full Obamacare program was unconstitutional because Congress, in its 2017 tax overhaul, eliminated a penalty for anyone lacking health insurance who failed to sign up for the program.

The 2012 case was over whether such a penalty was legal — but now that it is gone, O’Connor said, the whole ACA should be stricken down because that provision is “the keystone” of the program.

Trump expressed delight at the court’s ruling on a complaint brought by several Republican attorneys general and two Republican governors.

“It’s a great ruling for our country. We’ll be able to get great health care,” Trump told reporters. “It was a big, big victory by a highly respected judge.”

“As I predicted all along, Obamacare has been struck down as an UNCONSTITUTIONAL disaster!” he tweeted the previous day.

Trump urged Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the House of Representatives speaker-designate, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, to “pass a STRONG law that provides GREAT healthcare.”


The court ruling came on the eve of the deadline for people to sign up for ACA coverage for 2019.

Angry Democrats blamed Republicans for what they see as a debacle that could leave millions of Americans without health care.

Republicans “know that they can’t repeal the ACA in Congress. So they’ve continued their crusade through the courts,” tweeted Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, a consumer-protection activist. “The ACA is still the law of the land.”

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Polls consistently show strong public support for the ACA guarantee of coverage regardless of pre-existing health conditions — an issue Democrats used with great success in last month’s midterm elections as they won control of the House of Representatives.

“#Republicans’ legal crusade against the #AffordableCareAct is a political stunt, but a dangerous one that puts health coverage and vital health protections for millions of Americans at risk,” Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse tweeted Saturday.

Democratic Representative Joe Kennedy said “they found one judge to agree, and now Medicaid expansion could be gone, pre-existing condition protections could be wiped out, prices skyrocket and millions lose insurance. And they call that success.”

O’Connor’s ruling “exposes the monstrous endgame of Republicans’ all-out assault on people with pre-existing conditions and Americans’ access to affordable health care,” Pelosi said in a statement.

While the court’s “absurd ruling will be immediately appealed, Republicans are fully responsible for this cruel decision,” she said.

She vowed that when Democrats take control of the House next month, lawmakers “will move swiftly to formally intervene in the appeals process” to uphold Obamacare.

Opposing the Republican lawsuit were 17 Democratic attorneys general led by Xavier Becerra of California.

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They argue that the tax law changes do not mean that the whole Affordable Care Act becomes unconstitutional.

The Texas ruling “is an assault on 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions” and on all who rely on Obamacare coverage, Becerra said in a statement. “Our fight to save Obamacare is far from over.”


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WOW! Nigerian State begins massive Rice production

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom has inaugurated a rice mill in Ini Local Government Area of the state to boost food production.
Emmanuel while inaugurating the factory on Saturday said that it was the first rice mill in the state.

The governor said that the rice mill would give birth to several other factories in the area.
He said the establishment of the rice mill was part of his administration’s resolve to ensure that with time, 80 per cent of staple food consumed by Akwa Ibom people, was produced in the state.
He said: “This is the first rice mill in the state. I also promise to inaugurate a cocoa processing factory in this Federal Constituency of the state.”

Emmanuel said that the project was a Public Private Partnership initiative that would give birth to the establishment of more industries in the area.
He thanked the youths and members of the community for their support and cooperation for the scheme.
He said: “Under the present economic realities in Nigeria, it is not an easy thing to put up an industry like this and it is really the grace of God that has made us achieve this.
“When you see some industries in certain places, it is because the owners of the land willingly donated it without compensation and gave a Memorandum of Understanding to the investors to build such industries.”

The governor urged all youths and stakeholders in the state to continue to maintain peace in their respective communities to enable more investments to thrive.
According to him, Ini, which for a very long time had no power supply, got its light restored in the first phase of his electricity project in the area.
Emmanuel said that the second phase of the power scheme would be completed in the first quarter of 2019.
Aniekan Utuk, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ibom Agricon Farms Limited, said the factory at its current capacity could produce two metric tonnes of rice per hour.
Utuk promised to ensure high quality and standard of the rice produced to meet the expectations of the people.
Also speaking, Emmanuel Ekpenyong, member representing Ini at the State House of Assembly, thanked the governor for prioritising the local government in siting projects.
Ekpenyong, who is also the Chief Whip of the house, lauded the governor for his industrialisation strides and promised that the people would reciprocate with their votes during 2019 general elections.
On his part, Prof. Edet Udoh, the Chairman of the State Technical Committee on Agriculture and Food Sufficiency, said the rice mill was a further boost to the administration’s industrial development initiative.

Udoh said the type of rice produced in the factory was premium long grain rice bagged in all-weather proof laminated bags.
He further said that the product had passed through the modern processes devoid of dirt and contamination.
News Agency of Nigeria reports that highlight of the event was the purchase of 20,000 bags of the product by Governor Emmanuel as an off taker, for distribution to people during the yuletide.

APC SHOCKS NIGERIANS, Tells Buhari To Shun Debate And Do This

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has shown cold feet concerning the Presidential debate that is fast approaching.

The arm of the ruling party made of of the members based in the United Kingdom has told President Muhammadu Buhari not to attend the debate organised for candidates vying for the highest office in the land in 2019.

The party made the appeal yesterday in a post by its leader, Ade Omole, on the party’s verified Twitter handle.

Recall that the Nigeria Election Debate Group, (NEDG) has fixed January 19, as the date for a debate among the five selected Presidential Candidates in the country and President Buhari is among them.

However, the APC UK branch said the President should consider a townhall session with the people rather than a debate in view of the outcome of last night’s debate among vice-presidential candidates.

The tweet reads: “Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, we appeal to you NOT to attend the presidential debate in view of the lecturing witnessed tonight (Friday).

“Please, consider a townhall session. Despite the antics, Prof. Osinbajo tutored the opposition candidates on nation-building. Thank you.”

Recall that some Nigerians are already expressing doubt that the President may shun the debate. Also, so many Nigerians were shocked when news filtered in that Buhari may tell his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to represent him in the debate. Some are already asking: ”What is the President and his party afraid of in the presidential debate?”

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Wow!! Meet Showbiz Maestro Charlyboy’s New Bride, He Dumped His Wife For

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The low-key wedding was officiated by the outspoken Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Dioceses, Bishop Mathew  Kukah, and had in attendance close friends and relatives of the couple, including the aged mother of Charlyboy.The Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Diocese, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, was also in attendance among some other clergymen.The couple exchanged the “I do” vows amidst cheers from the congregation.They thereafter signed the marriage register.

Onaiyekan, in his exhortation, hailed the couple for staying together for over four decades. He, however, urged them to be committed to their marriage vows by showing mutual love, understanding and respect for each other.

”I especially congratulate Charles and his wife for this Godly decision, and I pray God to keep them together.” Charlyboy told NAN on the sidelines that he and his wife decided to wed in a church to honour his aged mother who had been ‘pleading that we do the right thing’.

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He told NAN that he got married as a teenager in 1974, and secured divorced after the union produced one child He noted that the Catholic Church observed a strict marital doctrine. ”This is not that kind of marriage with fanfare; I am doing it to please my aged mother and meet certain demands of the society. ”She has been pleading that we do the right thing, saying this is the woman I have been living with for 40 years. ”We have been following through with the process of annulment of my last marriage, and my former wife who has since remarried cooperated very well, and then in 2017, the marriage was formally annulled.

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Paul Ince makes bold claim about Chelsea’s chances of Champions League qualification

Former England international, Paul Ince believes Chelsea will join Manchester United in finishing outside the top four this season, with Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal clinching the Champions League spots.

The former Liverpool and Manchester United midfielder thinks Pep Guardiola will pip Jurgen Klopp to the title despite currently being in second place. He’s also backing fifth-placed Arsenal to climb into the top four to secure top-level European football in their first season under Unai Emery.

But Chelsea will miss out, according to Ince, because of their over-reliance on Eden Hazard. He told the Mirror: ‘It’s a tough one because everyone would say City [will win the title]. Will Sarri’s men finish outside the top four?

‘I’m going to say City because even against Chelsea they were so dominant in the first half, I just think they’ve got no [Sergio] Aguero and no [Kevin] De Bruyne at the moment and they’re still dominating teams. So I think City will do it and Liverpool second – I’d like to say Liverpool first to be fair but I think they’ll finish second.

‘Then I think Tottenham and then Arsenal, I think. I don’t think Chelsea score enough goals. They’re so reliant on [Eden] Hazard and he’s gone off the boil a little bit. ‘[Olivier] Giroud doesn’t score enough goals for me and [Alvaro] Morata is a bit of a sulker, doesn’t really run around, and doesn’t want to move. They do lack goals.’