WOW! Check Out The Most Fabulous Latest AsoEbi Styles You Can Ever Dream Of!

There is nothing as beautiful as being relevant and fab in the latest styles trending at any given time. We wow over styles not because they are beautiful, but because they stand out amongst other styles seen. We love to bring you the most fab latest asoebi styles, every week. How else do we keep you in the loop, if not to ensure that you are served the latest and the best of Owambe looks? The Aso Ebi styles are not only the latest styles, but they are styles that would be loved by any fashion diva that know what it takes to stand out. Staying relevant and beautiful is the theme this festive season, hence we bring you the latest styles at the owambe parties so far.

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

In this part of the world, it is almost illegal not to have a party, and as you all know, where there is a party; scintillating styles will surely follow. That’s why today we are dishing out slaying asoebi styles to you. These asoebi styles will certainly take your breath away, we like the styles, designs and most important the beautiful women putting them on. They look elegant, flawless and radiant, you would agree with us there’s nothing needed to add nor subtract from these outfits.

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

‘Swaggarlicious Presido’ Social Media Shuts Down As Atiku Abubakar Joins 10Yearchallenge (See Reactions)

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has taken part in the ongoing viral 10-year challenge.Taking to his twitter handle, @atiku, the former vice president posted side-by-side photos depicting what he looked like, 10 years ago, versus what he looks like, now.

The photos elicited various reactions from his social media followers, with many of them complimenting him for the collage.One social media user, @Chachalistic, referred to Atiku as a ‘swagalicious presido’

Another social media user, @MhizLisaPosh, said Nigeria’s economy needs to feel like Atiku’s photos.

Atiku Abubakar GCON (born 25 November 1946) is a Nigerian politician and business tycoon. He served as the 11th vice-president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 under the presidency of Olusegun Obasanjo. He is a member of People’s Democratic Party.

In 1998 he was elected Governor of Adamawa State. While still Governor-Elect, he was selected by then presidential candidate Olusegun Obasanjo as his running mate. The duo went on to win elections in February 1999, and Abubakar was sworn-in as Nigeria’s second democratically elected vice president on 29 May 1999. Abubakar’s second term as Vice President was marked by a stormy relationship with President Obasanjo.

His bid to succeed Obasanjo did not receive the latter’s support, and it took a judgment of the Supreme Court to allow Abubakar contest after he was initially disqualified by the Independent National Electoral Commission on the grounds that he had been indicted for financial misconduct by an investigating panel set up at Obasanjo’s behest. The Supreme Court ordered the electoral commission to restore Abubakar’s name onto the presidential ballot.

Abubakar ran on the platform of the Action Congress, having quit the PDP on account of his issues with President Obasanjo. Abubakar lost the election, placing third after Umaru Yar’Adua and Muhammadu Buhari of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

Abubakar is a co-founder of Intels, an oil servicing business with extensive operations in Nigeria and abroad. He is also the founder of Adama Beverages Limited, and the American University of Nigeria (AUN), both in Yola, Adamawa.


MUST READ!! Check Out 2018 hot youngest billionaires in Nigeria

Our country is not just one of the most populous in the world. It also boasts many successful businessmen and businesswomen, music superstars, bloggers and other celebrities who are real Nigerian billionaires.

When you hear the word combination “Nigerian billionaire” you probably at once think about Aliko Dangote and Mike Adenuga. But can you guess the name of the youngest billionaire in Nigeria in 2018? Read our post to find out what young Nigerians have billions of Naira on their accounts and the name of the youngest dollar billionaire in the country.

We all know that a billionaire is a man or woman who boasts an amazing net worth of at least 1 thousand million units of local currency or U.S. dollars. Who is the youngest billionaire in Nigeria? In our post, we will shortly talk about several richest Nigerians as well as we will focus on the youngest billionaire whose name is Igho Charles Sanomi II.

Igho Sanomi is a famous ‘oilman’ but oil is not his only business interest. This man is 43 years old, and he owns impressive wealth that has become possible thanks to his achievements in geology, telecommunication sphere, real estate, maritime industry, and even aviation.

Still, his most famous project is Taleveras Group that was established back in 2004. According to Forbes, this company’s revenue in 2017 was approximately 2 billion U.S. dollars. It works in the global energy market and deals with power, gas, crude oil, and petroleum products. It trades more than 100 million barrels of crude oil. Isn’t it impressive?

By the way, the youngest billionaire Igho Charles Sanomi II is known to have established himself, which is great for the 21st century. According to and, Sanomi’s net worth is approximately 1.3 billion U.S. dollars. When we talk about who is youngest billionaire in Nigeria, we cannot forget about Sanomi’s family.

He was born in Delta State to Dickens Ogheneruemu Patrick Sanomi (the boy’s father used to work as AIG in the police force) and Mabel Iyabo Sanomi (the child’s mother used to be a nurse).
Igho Sanomi studied mining and geology at the University of Jos and began working in the oil-trading business in Nigeria at the end of the 20th century.

The success follows him in the 21st century. The youngest billionaire in Nigeria is interested not only in his business. He is also one of the founders of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation that sponsors schools, activities for Nigerian children, competitions, and other events.

Richest Nigerians the latest Forbes ranking of the top world’s billionaires created in 2018 collects more than 2,200 U.S. dollar billionaires on our planet. The collective wealth of all these people accounts more than 9 trillion U.S. dollars.

While a lot of successful people from our country have not been added to this selection, we are still proud of many young richest Nigerians whose net worth is impressive and whose age is relatively young. Of course, we cannot forget about Aliko Dangote whose wealth exceeds 14 billion U.S. dollars. But he is 61 years old, and we know some people who are much younger but are still one of the richest in Nigeria.

There are several young Naira Nigerian billionaires in our country. These people are ranked by their age:
1. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (27 years old)
2. Tonye Rex Idaminabo (33 years old)
3. Sijibomi Ogundele (35 years old)
4. Ladi Delano (36 years old)
5. Jason Njoku (38 years old)
6. Linda Ikeji (38 years old)
7.Mark Essien (38 years old)

Our country is surely proud of each one of them. You have learned who youngest billionaire in Nigeria is in 2018 and find out the names of famous Nigerians who are Naira billionaires and are on their way of becoming dollar billionaires one day.

Founder of ‘The Boob Movement’ Chioma And Her Curvy Friend Cause A Stir After Sharing Sultry Photos

The Boob Movement founder and her curvy friend cause a stir after sharing these eye-popping photos. The founder of The Boob Movement, Abby Chioma and her friend who is well endowed are causing a stir on Instagram after they shared these eye-popping photos.

The Founder of The Boob Movement, Abby Chioma Zeus, recently took her Instagram to address those questioning if her eye-popping breasts are natural. According to the South African based-Nigerian model, who is also a Body Positivity Activist, her breasts are natural and have been big since she was 13.

Image result for Boob Movement founder

She wrote: ‘If you’re asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I’ve looked since I was 13 years old. And I’m okay with it.’In another post, she wrote: ‘The only people allowed to have an opinion about breasts are newborn babies. I’ve never met a newborn baby who has a problem with breasts. So sssssshhhhhh!!!! ‘

Image result for Boob Movement founder

The Boob Movement Founder, Chioma has shocked many as she comes out as Lesbian, also showing off her partner as they shared a kiss in new video. Chioma Zeus took to her Twitter page to show off her South African partner, Lonah Zainab, including sharing the handle of joint Instagram account, which has loved-up videos and photo of them together.

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Young Man Shows Love To Old Man With Bad Belt By Giving Him His Own

A Nigerian man has helped an old man he met for the first time on the roadside – The young man removed his own belt to replace the one the old man was wearing – He was captured on camera fixing the belt on the man.



There are people who need help and support in every part of the world and it is the job of humans to help out those in need with their support, as long as you have the power to help them the way they want or need. In the words of Richelle E. Goodrick, “Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day”.


Image result for Young Man Shows Kindness To Old Man  With Bad Belt By Giving Him His Own


A young Nigerian man has brightened the day of an old man in the smallest way. This unidentified young man had helped out an old man he met for the first time on the roadside. He was spotted giving his own new belt to the old man who had a belt that was already worn out. Young man gives out his new belt to an old man who had a bad one on Facebook source: Zakiyu Iddris Tindannayil


Image result for Young Man Shows Kindness To Old Man  With Bad Belt By Giving Him His Own


The photos of the young man doing the good deed were shared on Facebook by user identified as Zakiyu Iddris Tindannayil. According to Tindannayil, the incident happened after the old man asked the unidentified man to fix his belt.

He said: “This morning at Dzorwulu traffic light next to Fiesta Royal Hotel, this old man asked the young guy to help him hook his belt, but the guy realised the old man was wearing a torn belt. So he took the belt off the old man’s trousers and drop it on the floor, took his off and fixed it for the old man. Angels in disguise. May this young guy find favors that will elevate his standard of living (I suspect the young guy is a hawker).”


This morning at Dzorwulu traffic light next to Fiesta Royal Hotel, this old man asked the young guy to help him hook his…

Posted by Zakiyu Iddris Tindannayil on Wednesday, 16 January 2019

BLOODY BETRAYAL! Man Left In Shock After His Younger Brother Helped Him To ‘S*xually Satisfy’ His Wife In Lagos

Image result for Man Arrests With Brother For ‘Sexually Satisfying’ His Wife In Lagos.

It was gathered that Nana’s husband got married to her in their home state in northern part of Nigeria and brought her to Lagos. However, the husband left her and travelled back to their village whereas his younger brother, Abdulahi, who also resides in Lagos, took up the obligation to satisfy her sexual needs until her husband returned. The whole thing got exposed when their neighbours upon her husband’s return asked to know who among Abdulahi and his elder brother was married to Nana because Abdulahi moved in and started living with Nana when his brother travelled to their home state.

Related image

It was then that Nana’s husband remembered that she was calling him with Abdulahi’s phone when he was away and then asked her what happened. The wife then told him that he created a vacuum when he travelled and that his younger brother, Abdulahi, closed the gap and satisfied her before his return. The husband became angry and reported the adulterous act to the police at Igando Division; Abdulahi was arrested and detained at the station for interrogation.

Image result for Man Arrests With Brother For ‘Sexually Satisfying’ His Wife In Lagos.

P.M.Express scooped that during interrogation Abdulahi denied but Nana was brought to the police station and she explained to the police that throughout the period her husband was not around that it was Abdulahi she relied on for her sexual needs because Abdulahi was her husband’s immediate brother. The police found him culpable and charged him before Ejigbo Magistrates Court for sleeping with his brother’s wife. He pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor, Supol Kenneth Asibor, informed the court that the matter needed DPP advice because the police alleged that Abdulahi forcefully engaged Nana in sex romps.

Image result for Man Arrests With Brother For ‘Sexually Satisfying’ His Wife In Lagos.

Mixed Reactions As Curvy Pure Water Seller Twerks On Major Road In Lagos (Video)

Curvy pure and bottled water seller storms the street of Lagos and twerks on a busy road in traffic. The curvy lady causes a scene as all eyes are on her. The worst is that she is twerking without panties. Which made an online commenter, Akinfemim, to say:

‘Dem Don collect her pant’.But the lady is a good twerker as seen from the attention she got.  Recently, Curvy Instagram model Symba, who caused a stir and traffic when she came to Lagos and walked the streets of Victoria Island in nothing but a two-piece bikini and heels, is out here calling more attention to herself.


The ebony beauty was seen nearly nude, except for a nude thong and a pair of nipple pasties, as she twerked in front of a crowd who couldn’t take their eyes off her. She reposted the video on Instagram and revealed that the event took place 8 months ago but she’s just now sharing it because people were already asking questions about it.

She wrote; “I’m posting this now 8 months later because people send me this video everyday asking if I ever saw my twin? It’s me ??‍????‍????‍????‍????‍?? not my twin. I look different every single day thank god I would hate to be the same person everyday I would be so normal and sad! Plus nobody shakes like me….. NOBODY”!

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SHAME! Slay Queen Allowed 5 Guys To F*ck Her For Money (Video)

As long as there are men who are willing to pay for sex, there would be prostitutes who are willing to collect their money and offer them sex. No matter how hard any government or society tries to eradicate or even curb it, the trade will never cease to exist due to the fact that the men who patronize them will always find a way of rolling with them.

Related image

In Nigeria, they are identified with different names like ”, ‘Akunna-Kunna’, ‘Karuwa’, ‘Akpara’, or ”, and other derogatory names but the fact remains that without the male customers, they would not be in business.

Men who patronize these commercial sex workers, either married or single, have their reasons for doing so. Some of them range from the hilarious to the most absurd. When it comes to sex, a prostitute is willing to try anything and the sex style the madam at home abhors could be the one that gives the man the most pleasure. And if the prostitute can give it to him the way he wants, why not try her, he would always reason.

Image result for An Ashawo Girl Allows 5 guys to fuck her For Money

In this video which was leaked by one of the guys in the video, the ‘ashawo’ could clearly be seen enjoying the act with 5 different guys who each took turns to have their way with them. The world is actually ending already if not ended already. Can you imagine this? All for money?

Click here to watch the video.


Unbelievable! Chigozie Obioma Shades Buhari, Talks About His Own Relationship With Books

In his recent interview with The New York Times, author of The Fisherman talks about reading and writing rituals and two presidents.Chigozie Obioma’s sophomore novel “An Orchestra of Minorities” is one of the most anticipated novels of 2019.

An Orchestra of Minorities, which was finally released last week, has created a lot of buzz around the Man Booker Prize shorlistee. So much so that he landed the weekly ‘By the Book’ interview on the New York Times, and also published an essay on his love for reading with them.

In his interview, he opens up about his life as a reader and his reading rituals when writing. Most of his answers were, of course, interesting but some responses stood out.

An Orchestra of Minorities by Chigozie Obioma [University of nebraska lincoln]

He was asked what genres he enjoys reading and which he avoids, to which he responds: “My people say that a poor maid does not reject the embrace of a wealthy prince because of bad breath. I’m hardly turned off by considerations of genre or type. So I have found even manuals — of how to hunt wild birds in West Africa — fascinating. That said, if one returns to a well again and again and finds only bad-tasting water, it is difficult to keep returning there.

Related image

This is why I tend to avoid works of fiction in which plot isn’t a function of character but the reverse, in which a set of events is orchestrated and characters are thrown in as fillers. I have this sense of the Dan Brown books especially. So I tend to avoid “upmarket crime thrillers.” Although, a few pages in, I’m liking “My Sister, the Serial Killer,” by Oyinkan Braithwaite.”

Image result for Chigozie Obioma

When asked what his reading rituals are when working on a book or writing, he says: “…What I don’t read while working on a book is any book that remotely resembles what I’m working on. I had to read George Saunders’s “Lincoln in the Bardo,” for instance, for a class I was teaching, and halfway through I wished I hadn’t included it in the list because the transient state of spirits and the liminality of some of the characters marginally resembles my new book.”

Image result for Chigozie Obioma

We cant help but mention that this response brings to mind Akwaeke Emezi’s semi-autobiographical novel, Freshwater, which was published in February 2018. There are similar elements which he mentioned — liminal spaces, transient state of spirits, etc. From the little we know, the novel is narrated by the protagonist’s chi, his guardian spirit/god in Igbo cosmology. Should we be expecting another metaphysical-themed novel?

Image result for Chigozie Obioma

On a lighter note, though, when Chigozie Obioma was asked to recommend a book for the American and Nigerian presidents, his reply was:

“I doubt if the United States president is a “yuuuge” fan of fiction, so I’ll not go there. Instead I’ll recommend Barack Obama’s “Dreams of My Father.” Should Trump choose to read it, not only would he develop a deeper appreciation of Obama, he would find himself reading great prose from a great writer (I often joke that Obama became president because Americans were smitten by his prose).

Related image

With the Nigerian president, I expect there will be no luck with fiction either. So I’ll recommend Chinua Achebe’s “The Trouble With Nigeria.” First published as a kind of pamphlet, the book is easy to read, and should not be much of a challenge to Buhari, who — as I hear — has been struggling with the English language lately.”

Things To Note When Picking An Eyeglass Frame

Most people just pick eyeglass frame without thinking twice. However, here are some tips to consider when picking an eyeglass frame:

Image result for Three Things To Know When Picking An Eyeglass Frame

Skin complexion

The shape of your face is not the only thing to consider when picking out a frame for yourself. Your skin complexion basically serves as a determinant for the colour your frame will take. As mentioned earlier, the opposite attracts. For a fair skinned person, frames with dark deep colours will suit better. This way there is a balance in the skin colour as well as the colour of the frame with both standing out. For a dark-skinned person, the reverse is the case. However, in some cases where the skin colour cannot really be placed, these people are able to try out almost all colour.

Image result for Black lady wearing glasses

Personality and lifestyle

Your personality tells about your lifestyle. Fit frames to suit the different sides to your person. The down to business frame during weekdays and frames for whatever you want to be during the weekend.

Face span

The length and width of your face do matter also in your selection.

Tall big faces

Tall lenses are perfect for you as they take up space and create a uniformity between your face and glasses. When going for an oversized glasses, choose one wide enough to cover your face from one side to another. Thick glasses also fit well with tall big faces.

Short small faces

Just as tall faces, short faces preferable work best with short, narrow and small lenses so as not to take up spaces from your face or make them look smaller than they really are.

Image result for Black lady wearing glasses

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