This African Fashion Platform Just Hit €2,000,000 in Revenue- Meet the Founders

If you haven’t come across Afrikrea yet, you will soon. (FYI, the budding e-commerce behemoth had an event with yours truly earlier this month to present a whitepaper on how their designers achieved the eye-popping milestone of 2 million euros +).



The multibrand e-commerce store based in Abidjan ships a roster of envy inducing Africa inspired brands all over the world. The site is a jewel box of statement-making print looks and afrocentric accessories. We had a quick chat with the co-founders Moulaye Taboure and Abdoul Kadry Diallo, and they gave us an in-depth look at why everyone loves Afrikrea!

BNS: Where did the inspiration to launch Afrikrea come from?


The inspiration for came from our wish to contribute to the growth of our cultural wealth and supporting local artisans in Africa. As I and my cofounders grew up in Africa, we were keenly aware of the contrast between talented local artisans of Mali for instance (that are suffering from the lack of tourism) and on the other end handmade creators that strive on So, we started building the same level of solution for African creatives.

BNS: Can you give us a brief history of how, when, and where you launched Afrikrea?

We initially launched a first version of the website in 2013 in Paris. We were doing it in addition to our corporate jobs, more like a philanthropic side project. It is only when we saw the need all over the world and the effect it had on us, that we really thought of it as a start-up. So, in 2016, with our CTO joining us full time, we launched the current platform out of France, and after two years of growth, we moved back to the continent to build a team.



It means that we want to curate the largest array of products inspired by Africa, made there or not, made by Africans or not.

This conviction is at the heart of our belief that African culture is not only valuable for us Africans, but can be monetised all over the world. We just need to make it as easy, stable and efficient as other forms of consumption, and online is perfect for that. In addition, we like to believe that African fashion or art, just like other forms, evolves all over the world not only in Africa. A lot of people actually follow African inspired trends and make money from it, and if we do not claim it we will always end up at the losing end.

At the same time, we need to let these interpretations of our culture spread, so giving it a space we can control and contribute to was the perfect solution. We envision a world where African culture is democratised, respected and valued all around the world just like Latin culture is, through music and dance for instance.

So to do so, we needed to convey an openness to all while maintaining our clear African focus and authenticity.

BNS: Are there any celebrities who you think are the epitome of the ‘Made for Africa’ mantra?

It is a kind of duality so I would say Beyoncé & Solange, or Lupita Nyong’o.

Both sisters despite not being Africans, have definitely [shown] a love for African designs and culture that they broadcast and integrate into their lifestyle effortlessly. And Lupita is obviously the Nubian Queen we all love, but she still manages to feel like a citizen of the world, both in the roles she plays and her taste in fashion.


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‘The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz’! Idris Elba covers Esquire Magazine’s Latest Issue

Since Idris Elba made his breakthrough, he has starred in blockbusters and art house films, won a Golden Globe, released two albums and made his directing debut – and he’s only just getting started. For the December issue of Esquire Magazine, the award-winning actor speaks to the Magazine about his amazing journey so far.



Read excerpts below:

On being an Actor in America: I got to around 39 and I thought, ‘I want a different career.’ I was an actor for hire. I’d done The Wire, Sometimes in April, Obsessed — a handful of movies that had made some money or made none. Commercial films. Some art house films. All were going in the right direction for an actor, but I was definitely lowest on the totem pole in terms of the creativity. The acting was very much, ‘Go up against this guy, then this guy’, say my lines, hit the marks, and I remember saying to myself, I’ve got stuff to say and things I want to do. But America felt like the wrong platform to relaunch my career, so I came back home and started to pull it together.



On his father: A strong, graceful, charismatic man. There’s not a day goes by even now when I don’t think ‘I wonder what the old man would say or do’. It’s a benchmark. It’s funny, we weren’t best mates; I think he enjoyed the company of my cousins more than me, but he was definitely the most important figure for me.



  • On staying out of trouble growing up: But it was my upbringing that kept me out of trouble. My mum and dad didn’t have much money all of my life, and when you don’t have it you don’t miss it. I got my first job at 14 fitting tyres. I was earning 15 quid a Saturday, plus tips — I was coming home with 26 quid sometimes. That’s a lot of money for a kid, so I didn’t turn to crime — I didn’t have to. If I wanted something I was quite self-sufficient in that way. Some kids ended up in prison quick, I saw that all the time, it was a well-trodden road… and it wasn’t a road I wanted to go down. And I think because I was an only child, creativity and imagination really kicked in.



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JUST IN: Pogba spark Barcelona rumours with latest Messi post

Spanish giants, Barcelona were rumoured to be interested in signing the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner, with France, Paul Pogba, but Manchester United refused the offer, from Barca, Pogba has now fuelled the transfer rumour, with his latest post on Messi.

Image result for Pogba to Barcelona rumours fuelled as Man Utd star meets Messi in Dubai

The Barcelona and Manchester United stars are not involved during the international break after recent injuries for their club sides.

Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba might not be involved for France and Argentina during the international break but they did have time for a deep conversation while having dinner in Dubai.

Image result for pogba barcelona

Not available for their respective nations during the two-week break in their domestic campaigns, both have travelled to the United Arab Emirates for a short holiday.

Pogba missed Manchester United’s last game at Manchester City due to a thigh problem, while Messi has only played once for Barcelona since breaking his arm in mid-October.

Image result for pogba barcelona

The pair bumped into each other while at Salt Bae’s Turkish steak house and engaged in a lengthy discussion regarding a number of topics.

Reportedly, among them was Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante, who Pogba claimed marked Messi out of their World Cup round of 16 clash in the summer.

The impromptu meeting may naturally concern United fans, who read with great interest speculation linking Pogba with a move to Camp Nou.

Reports in Italy claimed that the Frenchman agreed a five-year deal to move to the Catalan giants worth €100 million (£89m/$114m).

Image result for pogba barcelona

Agent Mino Raiola made no secret of his desire to move his client away from Old Trafford after he was criticised by manager Jose Mourinho.

Defender Gerard Pique said he would welcome the arrival of the 25-year-old if he did indeed complete a move to the La Liga champions.

Image result for pogba barcelona

“We would be happy to have him here. I know little about what he is going through in Manchester and the relationship that exists [between Mourinho and Pogba]. Pogba is a very good player, but a Manchester United player right now and we’ll see if something happens in the future,” Pique said in August.

Related image

Wow!!! Male Makeup Artist Breaks Internet With Rainbow Make-Up (Photos)

A male makeup artist located in Texas look stunning as he made himself up with rainbow colors. He posted pictures of himself glowing as he displays his skills on Twitter.

He also used that opportunity to advertise his craft as he seeks for more clients. Black American Male  Breaks The Internet With Stunning Make Up Photos; The  man with the social media handle Sobossy ( trayoncemis) did some extraordinary make up with his face which incited an uproar amongst young people.

The talented upcoming make up artist took to his twitter handle to share a stunning picture of a make over picture, he had performed on himself early today as he shared with his followers and pleaded profusely, they (his followers) constructively criticize his make over, and not leave behind a derogatory comment as feedback.

His tweet:

Hi cuties ✨ I’m a 20yr old professional freelance MUA currently located in Texas but I am willing to travel. I’m looking to gain more exposure on my work & possibly even build my clientele, and you could be more than helpful by simply RT’ing and sharing. Thank you so much. ��

Many applauded his skill while other felt a need to back lash him. The picture had soon become viral has everyone keep talking about it. the picture had also spark outrage and many had debated if it was okay for men to wear make up, while some had decided against it and outrightly called him out.Although Sobossy  claims that he just want to solicit for consumers  and nothing more, questions like if he wanted to venture into professional make up artist were throw at him by some concerned followers, who seemed to encourage him with his make up skills.

Some of his followers were not having non of it, as they wrongly accused him of being gay or trans, and quickly solicited, he went for severe prayers and cleansing, urging him to pray away the gay. Sobossy sensational picture had given him a tilt of the celebrity life as he’s the most talked about now on social space . He also stated on his twitter handle that hes a budding writer, not a regular guy, you’re use to, genius, husband material, weird and shy and plays too much.

He also stated on his twitter handle that hes a budding writer, not a regular guy, you’re use to, genius, husband material, weird and shy and plays too much.

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5 Clever Tricks To Make Your Legs Look Longer

The saying, ‘Big things come in small packages’, is nothing but a pacifier. Being petite has its own advantages, but if given an option, which woman in her right mind won’t opt for those long, shiny, sexy, dusky, slender legs? When it comes to this, there is no compromising. The bad news is not everyone is blessed with those long slender limbs. However, the good news is that with a few really simple hacks, you could trick anyone into believing that you own those darling legs!

Here are 5 simple ways that you could use to make your legs look longer.


  1. Nude Pumps


Nude Pumps

Heels do add some inches, but wearing a nude hue (closest to your skin tone) on your feet makes it difficult to differentiate between where your leg ends and the foot begins. Therefore, you end up looking taller than you really are.


2. Pointed Heels


Pointed Heels

High heels are short women’s best friends. But what you really should befriend are pointy-toe pumps. They elongate your feet, and therefore gives an illusion of elongated legs too. Another quick tip – a ‘toe cleavage’ also helps in adding height. It would be a good idea to invest in pointy stilettos with a low cut vamp. Avoid shoes with straps running across your ankles.


3. High Waist


High Waist

No prizes for guessing how a high-waist can add some inches to your limbs. Whether you pick pants, a skirt or a pair of shorts, the illusion of a higher waistline will by default give you long legs. You could finish the look by slipping on those nude pumps.


4. Bronzer



Create an optical illusion by rubbing some bronzer on your legs. Apply generously on your shins. This will create an elongated mirage.


5. Monochrome


Image result for black woman in white and black

Monochrome should be your style mantra, if you want those long slender looking legs. Wearing a single color draws the eye from top to bottom, making you look tall and thin. You could try using two colors from the same family if you are sporting separates. Darker colors make you look slimmer, so it is always a wiser choice when you go all in with the same color.



What do you think about this list? Please leave your comments below.

CHECK OUT! 5 Most Flattering Colors On Women With Deep Skin Tones

Step into a makeup store and you’ll likely spot hundreds — if not, thousands — of different shades to choose from. Overwhelming? We’d say so. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best makeup color for you. Preference and the contents of your cosmetic bag are two of them. Another one is skin tone.

We believe women should be free to wear whichever colors they desire — but some options admittedly look better on certain complexions than others. From striking to subtle, we found some amazing shades you’re going to want to try.

1. Red


A young, mixed race woman smiling


Red looks amazing on deeper skin tones. Red lipstick is a mainstay in any woman’s cabinet. It’s elegant, not to mention an effortless way to add some drama to your look. Best of all, it flatters every skin type. Red is a staple every beauty junkie should have in her makeup stash. Though every woman should have a tube or two at her disposal, finding the ultimate shade requires some trial and error.


2. Nude pink


Girl with afro and glamour makeup


Nude lipstick is a great everyday look. Don’t want to attract that much attention to your lips? A nude pink might be your best bet. It’ll add a healthy tint to your pout, yet you can still spruce up your look with a smoky eye. Fortunately, the pumped-up neutral isn’t just for those with alabaster skin; there are tons of options for women with darker complexion, too.

Matte lips in nude pinks and nude beiges are it right now. A shade that perfectly matches your complexion will wash you out, so pick an option that’s close to your tone, but is tinged with hints of pink and brown.


3. Bright pink


beautiful black woman with big curly hair in white top


Fuchsia is the perfect shade for summer. If your complexion is a blank canvas for any color, why not take a risk with a shockingly bright hue? Enter bright pink or fuchsia. Not only will it instantly revitalize your makeup routine, but the cheery shade is also perfect for the warmer months ahead.

The Fashion Spot says that a zesty tangerine lip will pack just as much of a punch, but if this is your first foray into statement colors, we advise you think pink.


4. Taupe


Beautiful African-American woman wearing golden jewelry and posing in front of a yellow background

Neutrals are an excellent go-to shade for your makeup. When it comes to your everyday makeup routine, less is more. More importantly, looking as if you’re wearing no makeup at all is of the utmost importance, That’s where your neutral-colored formulas come in. Whether eye shadow or lip gloss, nudes are some of the most versatile hues money can buy.


5. Metallics


model getting made up for the runway


Get glitzy with metallics. You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to pull out those sheeny metal shadows and liners. They’re great for girl’s night out and upscale events. Another trend for those desiring to be bold and fierce are metallics. Any metallic will look great, so choosing the right shade boils down to the vibe you’re going for. While gold and bronze are sophisticated, albeit subtle enough wear to a wedding or date night, silver is the perfect choice if you want to crank up the drama.


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“Plz take away my client base and give me Roselyn back” – Hair Boss Mizwanneka Cries out

Popular Instagram hair seller Mizwanneka has shared a very long post on recent happenings with her PA who fell seriously ill.

The beautiful mum of 3 revealed that when she was told her staff was sick, she thought it was just typhoid until the lady in question couldn’t breathe and had to be taken to the Lagos state university teaching hospital (LASUTH) for proper treatment.


Wanneka says in all, she spent well over N3m for medical bills and she is glad to have her PA back whom she cannot do without.This is a very rare case between an employee and her employer, very few people could have shouldered this kind of responsibility. Read her write up below…

Okay so the past month October and part of nov has been a really trying one for me , but God came through . Those who know me , visits the store or even buy hairbywanneka knows Roselyn my PA. She’s a part of me , and trust me wen I say I can almost not function without rose as she plays a vital role in my life and that of the business .



A day after my birthday,4th of October , at night rose and others were in my house , dancing at about 11pm as I had promised to buy them iPhones next day I was even on life video. Next morning , I was supposed to have a shoot for vanguard allure and she’s been getting things ready for both the shoot and Ivan’s party , I missed a call from her that morning and thing ,I saw my niece in my room , she said “Dor rose is awake o but she said she can’t see clearly and she’s very weak and I said but I just missed her call , is it my eyes she used to call me I told my neice to go and give her an energy drink . I got up,dressed up and still went to the office with her to prepare for my day.



In the evening, nneoma came to tell me she wanted to take rose to run some test,I said u people are dramatic shathey went , came bk and said they were asked to come bk in 4hrs, while they were waiting for 4hrs , I went to the car to see her cause they said she couldn’t walk , as I went into the car , I was just laughing saying “this girl u like drama sha , go and buy coke and drink , ur body needs Sugar she was on the phone with some clients ,as she’s the one who handles complaints.


But I won’t lie , she was sounding really weak and I was a bit worried nneoma came to the car with food to give her and started feeding her , I was just eyeing both of them and I told @suemanuell who was there with me that this rose just don’t want to work today she was laughing and tried to stand up to go ease herself and sue said “abi should I back you I left them and went inside , and I didn’t know wen they went back to the hospital after the 4 hours . Next day , at about 6am I had missed calls from one of my staff and wen I wasn’t picking up , he called my husband and he picked and my staff said they rushed Rose to the hospital.

Because she was really weak all night and couldn’t see clearly .i took the phone and asked wat the situation was, he said they need 250k for deposit before they can attend to her. And I said wats wrong with her that they need all of that money and I told him to take her to my own hospital where I use, she was taken there and same amount was asked , so I just gave them and In my head , it might just be typhoid as the test from the previous day said .

Later that evening , (Saturday ) I was running around for my event next day and handling things she left half way ,at about past 10pm , I drove to ikoyi to see her and she was really weak in the hospital (at the time , I had called her family to be with her and they were there at the hospital) I was teasing her and saying “shebi you told @janbyjan_ to make u 3 outfits for my own party o , now u are here , so who will wear it . She couldn’t talk , but she could respond with her head. Next day (my event day) after dedicating Ivan ,came home to change for reception and I got a call that rose was in a bad state , I asked wat the new test said , and they said “Acute immune” and that treating her will run into millions of naira as they need a particular anti body for her treatment .


I was sooo weak and shattered , ruined my makeup and lost interest in my event . Thanks to the people around me who spoke to me. After the event , it was now clear wat was going on. I called her mom and asked that she should be taken to a government hospital, she made arrangements immediately and took her to LASUTH , those ones said her condition is an icu matter and before she can even be taken there , a 500k deposit has to be made I tot that was too much especially wen her mom said she doesn’t have and can’t even afford that money . I told her to take her to LUTH , she was taken there and those ones said she will pay same amount for Icu but they didn’t even have bed space . At this time , she couldn’t breath on her own again , so we had to look for an ambulance with oxygen to move her back to LASUTH. Getting there , her case was now worse than icu ,so she was taken to ccu (critical care unit) everything was happening so fast .

I guess those ones where trying to scare us , so they said that 500k is for 2 days o , so they mom said “haaa Doris that’s a lot o , right now I can’t afford it , she added that the issue is not even paying the 500k , that they also warned that Roselyn’s bills will run into million ok so y are u people telling us that even before treatment so if we can’t afford it

Related image


, we can go home with her ? I had to give them a deposit of 750k instead of 500k and told them to plz give her attention and help do everything possible to save her . At this time , Rose was already unconscious brethren instagram is a scam I was useless for weeks , but I had to put up a strong face , posted pictures , did shoots and still attended to business. Many times I broke down even in front Of people, my staff became really worried and feared for my health, (amazing team God blessed me with ) I knew I had to be strong for rose .

She was unconscious for 1 whole month (if u know wat I mean ) we held prayers at the office after work , did midnight prayers and some even fasted . I said to God , plz take away my client base and give me Roselyn back. I cried and told God even if it’s the last Favour you will grant me this year we kept running different test and scans , waiting for the day she will open her eyes , hospital kept asking for more money , and said they couldn’t find anything and that even wat they found before was not it Naija my country at a point, they told us to just be praying as they had done every test medically possible, at this point , I had paid more than 3million naira and u say u can’t find nothing so we completely handed it to God and as God will have it


Related image

Rose gradually regained consciousness and she’s doing just fine now I can’t explain how I felt , wen I visited the ccu and saw my rose lifeless I cried all through but I knew I had to stay strong . She’s not back to work , but she’s doing just great thanks to everyone who put in a prayer for her God bless u all . May he meet u all at ur point of need. To my staff who had to over work to make sure all the clients that rose was handling got sorted , God bless u all

Timaya’s ex Empress Njamah slays In Colorful Photo-Shoot To Celebrate Her Birthday (photos)

Nigerian actress Empress Njamah ,and former girlfriend of singer, Timaya  celebrated her birthdaynyesterday, and to celebrate, the talented actress shared some colorful and beautiful photos on social media. The acress was nominated for best supporting actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, but lost out to Terry Pheto.



Yesterday the stunning actress shared some other photos to announce her birthday with some captions;

Njamah’s parents are of Nigerian and Cameroonian origins. She is a graduate of English from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State.She once dated Timaya, but the relationship ended after being a subject of discuss on social media. Commenting on her marital status, she explained that she is not bothered on remaining single since her family are enlightened and understand that the ratio of women to men is uneven.

‘A year older in a bit, so much to be thankful for trust me! It’s been the God FACTOR!, she also said, ‘17:11:2018 loading………..’

‘Thank you for making me look like an EMPRESS @mlogimagery for capturing the beautiful work of God ! @jideofstola for showing my real face! Thank you Lord for inner peace! My life is a testimony! Birthday loading’


She went further to explain that celebrity marriages do not last and there really isn’t any essence in wasting funds for a wedding that will not stand the test of time. On the prevalence on “baby mama’s” in Nollywood, she explained to The Punch that most of the single actress with children regret their steps but are not bold enough to say that in public.


She started acting in 1995. As part of her corporate social responsibility, she launched a foundation called House of Empress, that caters for kids with special needs. The foundation celebrates its 10th year anniversary in 2016

Need To Combine Heels With Jeans? Check This Out

Heels are the best ways to give your legs some major length, plus they always take an outfit to new heights (literally). Having the perfect shoes plus a well-fitting pair of jeans is one of our favorite outfit combinations. But how do you know what heels to wear with jeans?

Here are the perfect heels to wear with jeans:






If you’re wearing heels with straight leg jeans or skinny jeans, cuff them to show off your ankles. You can wear almost any type of heel with these jeans. A pointed-toe heel will continue the line of your leg, making them look even longer. Since you’re showing off your entire shoe, don’t be afraid to play with colored or patterned heels for a carefree look.


Heels to wear with bootcut jeans



Boot cut jeans should hit about one centimeter above the floor. This is just long enough to create a lengthening silhouette, but not so long that they will drag on the floor. Pumps with a thicker heel will allow you the most height without sacrificing comfort.


What heels to wear with wide leg jeans




For wide leg jeans, the hem should barely skim the ground to prevent fraying at the heel. Dial up the ’70s vibe in the warmer months by styling a peep-toe mule with your wide leg jeans. During the winter, style a wood block-heeled bootie with your wide leg jeans and a thick sweater.


What heels to wear with boyfriend jeans



Throw a casual outfit on its head by pairing boyfriend jeans with your favorite pumps, a plain tee & a blazer. Because you will wear these cuffed, you can also wear any heel you’d like with them.

Play around with different styles of jeans & heels. In no time you’ll find styles you love!


Ready to wear heels with jeans? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


CHECK OUT! How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Of course, yes! Ravishing red lipstick is the one beauty trend that will never fade and should be included in every woman’s make-up collection. But with all the different lipstick shades and textures available on the market, it can be quite daunting to find a shade that suits you. To make sure you find your perfect match too we’ve put together some tips to help you in your quest for the ultimate red lipstick!




Going tonal

Red lips have signified glamour from the earliest days of Hollywood. Stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe paved the way for red lipstick and these days Rihanna, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift and Julianne Moore lead the way.

The easiest way to know what shade of red will suit you best is by comparing it to your natural skin tone. There may be a few tones that suit your skin tone, but the best way to judge is the following:


Fair skin tone:



Opt for cool-toned shades of red that will work harmoniously with your cool-toned skin. These shades will be bold reds that do not contain and gold or orange hues.


Medium skin tone:



Look for warm tones of red that are yellow-based – these will have a slight hint of orange to them. You can wear cool-toned shades, however, the most complementary shades are those that are warmer. With the help of a natural tan, these reds will bring out the natural glow of your skin.


Dark skin tone:



Deep plum and wine red shades are best suited to darker skin tones as they complement your skin tone while adding a sultry pop of colour. These shades prevent your skin from looking darker against the colour of your lipstick. The colour should enhance your natural tones not change it.




If you find the idea of a bold red lip daunting, experiment with a lip stain for a more subtle take on the ever popular statement lip! A stain isn’t as pigmented as a liquid lipstick, so you can achieve a more natural result and it stays put all day. Lip stains are also very buildable, so as you grow more confidant carrying off your new colour you can simply apply more on top for a deeper finish.


To matte, to liquid or stain?

A tricky question. Matte lipstick is iconic. So if you’re looking to add a sophisticated finish to your makeup, a classic cherry red with a semi-matte finish is the way to go. Remember that dark lipsticks will show up any dry skin, so treat your lips to a lip scrub and good conditioning lip balm before applying your lipstick. If you have very dry lips, a stain is better. These can be applied over a lip balm or gloss and will still leave your lips with a sheer tint.


Image result for MATTE RED LIPSTICK


Tips for your red lips

* First rule of red lip club used to be to line your lips with a good quality lip liner (it should match the shade of your lipstick) to prevent the lipstick from bleeding into fine lines. But lipstick formulas have come along way and with the quality of some of the lipsticks we’ve tested for this story, we’re not so sure this golden rule counts as much as it used to. That said, applying a lipliner helps you to define your lip and also accentuates your Cupid’s bow. Top this off with your lipstick – this will make sure you don’t overdo it when you need to reapply.

* Matte shades last much longer than glossy shades, so instead of using a completely glossy lipstick, use a matte one and finish with a small dab of lip gloss. The latest in the matte trend are chubby sticks that look like pencils, but are actually lipsticks. Easy to apply and store away and they come in amazing summer colours.

* To perfect and sculpt your red lip, clean up the edges using a flat brush and some concealer. After that, you are ready to go out and make your mark!


What do you think of this? Please leave your comments below.