OH NO! See Five Clear Evidences That Proves Beyond A Doubt That Davido Bought All His Songs

Right from time immemorial, most artiste are always in charge of their song creation. From the recording of lyrics to the final input, the artiste is the executive producer of his work. However, we’ve witnessed artistes selling songs or co-writing songs for each other. Beyonce bought the smash hit “Irreplaceable” from Neyo, Rihanna got “Diamond” from Sia and the list is endless.

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However, back here in Nigeria, the case is different. Most artistes write their songs as these artistes know what it takes after being bred and educated during their early years. But there are artistes who have to rely entirely on the output of their ghostwriters and songwriters for them to make any meaningful music. Example of such is Davido (No Offence). Let’s see scenarios where Davido has had to rely on his ghostwriters.

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1. AYE

Davido‘s 2014 hit was written by Runtown. Even though Runtown had denied it, everything about the song speaks Runtown. From the lyrics to the producer which was Tspize, Runtown’s favorite producer, the sing was 100% Runtown hands down.

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For those who don’t know, one of Davido‘s new acts, Peruzzi wrote Fia and Fall. The reports that went round was that Peruzzi was Davido’s Ghostwriter and Davido decided to make him an integral part of his record label and also give him recognition by signing him to the record label.

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We all know the story behind this song. Apparently, while Dammy Krane was still languishing behind bars in the US, Davido bought the song “Pere” from Dammy Krane. Dammy Krane had earlier recorded the song with Producer HOD and it was one of those songs in Dammy Krane’s archives but after signing on to DMW and also in a bid to pledge loyalty and stay relevant, he sold the song to Davido. The song received a mash-up from DJ Mustard and had HOD ranting on Twitter about his loss.

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Originally sang by General Pype and produced by Shizzi, Davido probably heard the song and fell in love with it. He reached out to Pype and offered to pay over a million Naira for the song. Pype whose career has suffer a bit of recession decided to sell the song to Davido. Davido recorded the entire thing with his frog voice and made it the lead single of his 2016 EP, Son of Mercy. Few weeks after Davido dropped the song, General Pype decided to release the original version thereby putting Davido into another mess.

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Davido‘s last hit for 2017 “Like Dat” was one of those songs that was slept on in 2017. Most amazing fact is it was written by Teni TheEntertainer. Days before it was released, Teniola tweeted that the song was written by her and gave Davido a shout-out for giving her a chance.

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6. IF

While many won’t believe this, If was written by Tekno. Produced by Tekno, evidence gives that Tekno Miles wrote IF due to the simplicity of how the song is sung/written. Tekno has similar songs such as Pana and Diana that contain the simple style as If.

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With all this pointed out, one really need to ask ; Can Davido Ever Write Any Of His Songs By Himself?Drop your comments.

Source: Naijaloaded.

WOW! Check Out The Most Fabulous Latest AsoEbi Styles You Can Ever Dream Of!

There is nothing as beautiful as being relevant and fab in the latest styles trending at any given time. We wow over styles not because they are beautiful, but because they stand out amongst other styles seen. We love to bring you the most fab latest asoebi styles, every week. How else do we keep you in the loop, if not to ensure that you are served the latest and the best of Owambe looks? The Aso Ebi styles are not only the latest styles, but they are styles that would be loved by any fashion diva that know what it takes to stand out. Staying relevant and beautiful is the theme this festive season, hence we bring you the latest styles at the owambe parties so far.

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Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

Bringing The Most Fab Latest Asoebi Styles Your Way!

WAIT! Did Davido Just ‘Shade’ President Buhari After Unveiling New Nigerian Passport? See What He Did (Photo)

OMG! Many Africans all over the world are proud of their nationality but they still hope to leave the shores of their country to experience new things. Several Nigerian celebrities are also citizens in other foreign countries and love to display this fact on social media. Nigeria recently released a new 10-year international passport which is said to be weather friendly because it has polycarbonate technology that eliminates damage.

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However, DMW music boss David ‘Davido’ Adeleke, took to his social media handle to share a photo of his American passport which is only issued to citizens of the country. The star captioned the photo “New new”. See his post below:

Davido flaunts new American passport (photo)

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that the music star revealed that he has too much money to not enjoy himself in 2019. There’s no doubt that 2018 was an amazing one for the artiste. First some of his songs hit major charts internationally, he sold out huge concert venues abroad and won the hearts of so many people with his generosity and unveiling of his ‘assurance’. His post, which was shared on his Instagram page, reflected the singer’s current mindset and anyone can agree that the young artiste is maturing and approaching that age where one understands that stressing over things never results to any good thing. Just live your life. In the end, whatever will be, will be.

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EXPOSED! Singer Lagbaja’s Real Face By Nollywood Actor; You Won’t Believe The Man Behind The Mask

It may seem like the real face of Legendary Singer, Lagbaja has been unveiled. Since Lagbaja started his career as a ‘masked musician’ in the early 90’s, he has been known as Lagbaja, and he’s never for once revealed his identity to the world. His real name is Bisade Ologunde, He has managed to keep his identity hidden by always wearing a mask, with many still yet to understand the reason behind it.

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This morning, Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan took to his Instagram page to celebrate the singer who turned a year older today and he appeared to unmask his face. See his post below.

Lagbaja's Real Face, lagbaja real face

The first question that is often asked when Lágbájá is encountered is, “Why the mask”? Basically, Lágbájá wears his mask as an iconic symbol of man’s facelessness. Lágbájá is a Yoruba word that means somebody, nobody, anybody or everybody. It perfectly depicts the anonymity of the so called “common man”. The mask and the name symbolize the faceless, the voiceless in the society, particularly in Africa. Once you see Lágbájá’s mask you are reminded of your own facelessness.

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Though the concept was developed much earlier, his first album was released to National acclaim in 1993. Over the years and more albums later, his music has continued to fascinate with its interplay of traditional African drums and Western instruments which create a unique and enchanting soundscape. His music is a product of various influences ranging from traditional Yoruba music to Jazz. Often, it is purely instrumental but when there are lyrics, they are primarily sung in Yoruba, English or a blend of the two as is colloquially spoken in Nigeria. Lágbájá has christened his music Africano, alluding mostly to the central role of African drums and rhythms in his groovy fusion.

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While many of his songs simply entertain, most are about serious social issues. He passes impactful serious messages in humorous ways and continues to use his music as a catalyst for the emergence of a better society.

TRAGEDY STRIKES AGAIN! New Wife Mourns Bitterly As Husband Dies One Month After Their Wedding

It is indeed a sad time for the friends and family of the deceased! A Nigerian man identified as, Alhaji Usman Abdullah Gago, died yesterday, which happened to be a month after his wedding in Plateau state. Alhaji Usman Abdullah Gago who got married to Hadiza on December 8,2018, will be laid to rest today at his family house in Jos.

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Usman’s friends have taken to Facebook to mourn his death. One wrote: “Alhaji Usman Abdullahi Gago is no more, he died today after a brief illness, if we could remember we attended his wedding last year December 2018, One month eight days now. His funeral prayer will be performed tomorrow at Mudi Na Garba street Jos North. May Allah Subhanallahu wa ta’ala grant him mercy in his final home (grave) ameen. Usman you that died today, You are not hurry, and we that are left behind are not wise. R.I.P”

Man dies one month after his wedding Plateau state lailasnews 1

Another friend wrote; “Alh, USMAN ABDULLAHI MAI DOYA, who recently got married last month 08/12/2018 is no more today 16/01/2019, after a brief illness. The burial will insha Allah take place tomorrow morning at his family house in Mudi Na Garba Street Jos. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him Jannat.”

Man dies one month after his wedding Plateau state laialsnews 2

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace!!

GRUESOME! 3-Year-Old Boy Crushed To Death By His Mother’s Boyfriend In Her Presence For Allegedly Making Too Much Noise

A mother sat by and did nothing as her 3-year-old son was crushed to death by her partner with an electric car seat. A court heard today that Adrian Hoare, 23, was sitting in the back seat of an Audi with her son Alfie Lamb when the boy was “squashed” in the footwell by her partner, 25-year-old Stephen Waterson. Alfie Lamb had been put into the rear footwell of the car by his mother. Waterson then allegedly pushed back the front passenger seat over Alfie twice because he was “angered” by noise the little boy was making.

Image result for Boy, 3, Crushed To Death By His Mother’s Partner In Her Presence For Allegedly Making Too Much Noise

Waterson and Hoare claimed he had collapsed while they were in a taxi, but they both now face manslaughter charges, accused of killing Alfie on February 1 last year. Waterson called 999 after Alfie’s death but fled before paramedics arrived and gave a false name when later questioned, jurors heard. Hoare, who stayed behind with her dead son, claimed Alfie fell asleep and then was “unresponsive”, the court heard.

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Alfie was squashed by the car seat and suffocated because there was no room for him to breathe. This movement of the seat was a deliberate action by Waterson who was angered by the noise and fuss that the three-and-a-half-year-old was making during that fateful journey. The court heard that they were in a car being driven by Marcus Richardson Croydon, south London, last February. Waterson was in the passenger seat while Hoare and friend Emilie Williams were in the back with Alfie.

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HEAD TO HEAD! Few Weeks After Challenging Tiwa Savage For The Biggest Bumbum, Yemi Alade ‘Comes After’ Mrs Simi Gold For ……..

Nigerian singing sensations, Simi and Yemi Alade are undoubtedly talented acts in the Nigerian music world. And as we know, the duo make quite different type of music and so there is rather a rare chance of the both of them crossing paths musically. Though they might not connect musically, they however, thanks to fashion, can have a collabo of some sort.

In new photos of them, they both rocked some intricate metallic head accessories for their individual photoshoots and this has got social media users wondering who rocked it better between the both of them. Checkout the photos below and tell us what you think.

The women in Nigerian music bring a lot more than meets the eye. They make music with emotion, pouring their soul into records that entertain, uplift and serenade music lovers. In Nigeria, being a woman in the music industry means one thing; you are judged by a different set of rules compared to your male counterparts. Where the art is the chief criterion for judging men in music, women are judged on a lot of variables and intangibles that add extra pressure to them.

Image result for Simi and Yemi Alade

Beauty is a huge determinant of how successful a female artist can be. Carriage, behaviour and a lot more things are considered. That’s why women in music are precious. They go through a lot to succeed, and even when they do, they have to constantly work harder than their male colleagues to achieve similar success.

NO IS NO! Heartbroken Lady Cries Out After Being Raped By A Friend Whom She Visited

The heartbroken lady posted a video online of herself crying after the alleged act as she revealed her plan to get the supposed suspect arrested. A Facebook user named Stella, who shared the lady’s plight, warned men to desist from forcing sex on ladies when they are not giving consent. Some others have argued that the best way to avoid rape is for the ladies to restrict their visits to men’s apartments alone.

Every time a new sexual assault claim is highly-publicized, it leads to some sexual assault survivors being re-traumatized and blamed for the harassment or assault they experienced. But more often than not, someone in your own life will need that support, and may confide in you about their assault. So, how do you respond when someone tells you they were sexually assaulted? Some of the best ways to support a sexual assault survivor is by simply validating their experiences, and avoiding victim-blaming rhetoric. Shame is often at the root of trauma, so shaming sexual assault survivors can intensify Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms they may already be experiencing.

BLOODY BETRAYAL! Man Left In Shock After His Younger Brother Helped Him To ‘S*xually Satisfy’ His Wife In Lagos

Image result for Man Arrests With Brother For ‘Sexually Satisfying’ His Wife In Lagos.

It was gathered that Nana’s husband got married to her in their home state in northern part of Nigeria and brought her to Lagos. However, the husband left her and travelled back to their village whereas his younger brother, Abdulahi, who also resides in Lagos, took up the obligation to satisfy her sexual needs until her husband returned. The whole thing got exposed when their neighbours upon her husband’s return asked to know who among Abdulahi and his elder brother was married to Nana because Abdulahi moved in and started living with Nana when his brother travelled to their home state.

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It was then that Nana’s husband remembered that she was calling him with Abdulahi’s phone when he was away and then asked her what happened. The wife then told him that he created a vacuum when he travelled and that his younger brother, Abdulahi, closed the gap and satisfied her before his return. The husband became angry and reported the adulterous act to the police at Igando Division; Abdulahi was arrested and detained at the station for interrogation.

Image result for Man Arrests With Brother For ‘Sexually Satisfying’ His Wife In Lagos.

P.M.Express scooped that during interrogation Abdulahi denied but Nana was brought to the police station and she explained to the police that throughout the period her husband was not around that it was Abdulahi she relied on for her sexual needs because Abdulahi was her husband’s immediate brother. The police found him culpable and charged him before Ejigbo Magistrates Court for sleeping with his brother’s wife. He pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor, Supol Kenneth Asibor, informed the court that the matter needed DPP advice because the police alleged that Abdulahi forcefully engaged Nana in sex romps.

Image result for Man Arrests With Brother For ‘Sexually Satisfying’ His Wife In Lagos.

WHAT?! Check Out The Beautiful Lady Who Started Dating 53-Year-Old Man When She Was 17 (Photos)

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“We discussed the pros and cons of the age gap but it’s never been a problem, per se. We’ve actually broken up a few times because we thought that it just wasn’t possible to have the dream outcome with our families and society accepting and all of that. “That’s part of why we kept the relationship a secret for nearly three years. My mother was very opposed, but now she loves James dearly. I wouldn’t say that all of my family knows about James, not that it’s a secret but I’m not entirely close with everyone because there’s just too many people and I’m not going to make a special announcement to people that I don’t talk to frequently. I’m not going to hide him either.”

Admitting they had reached a point in the relationship where they felt they either had to be honest or break up, James – who is a United States Marine Corps veteran and retired government employee – said they both felt a huge sense of relief. Despite the 35-year age gap, the couple revealed people are mostly polite, explaining they haven’t had much negativity. The loved-up pair also revealed they aren’t ruling out children in the future.