“Come And Marry Me Before Boys Turn The ‘Place’ To A Manhole” – Actress Xandy Kamel Cries Out

Ghanaian actress,  Xandy Kamel  has made her intentions known on social media platform, she has taken a bold step to announce her hunger for marriage in a video she posted on her Instagram page. The curvy actress, has made a desperate call to men out there to come for her hand in marriage.It appears the Ghanaian on-screen character needs to settle down soon and in what appeared to be an entertaining video, she cautioned her future spouse to come and wed her soon before the measure of her private part increases.

In the video Xandy called for any man coming to ask her hand in marriage to make things brisk before her private part progresses toward becoming as large as a manhole .”Dear future husband, are you mad? What are you waiting for? Do you want me to date all these guys in this world before you show ur face? Don’t you know the place will be a manhole? Can you enjoy manhole? Why are you doing this? You better show up oh,” Xandy said in the short clip.

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Nigerian Lady Reveals How She Was Named Prostitute By Her Friend (screenshots)

In the end, we will always remember what people say about us even if they forget.There are several times when elders advise friends on how they relate with each other especially how they tell their secrets to one another. This is often advised because of the day both friends will have misunderstandings.A young lady identified as @ruthymilano on Instagram has taken to her handle to expose one of her female friends who have pretended to be a true friend over the years.

This happened after the other lady called Ruth a prostitute.According to Ruth’s post, Lizzy called her and after a phone conversation she forgot to end the call and she began bad-mouthing her in the presence of another friend. She did not find this funny, but called Lizzy back and educated her on how to end phone conversations before insulting the person on the other end of the phone.

Part of Ruth’s post reads: “So two years ago, I received a call from an African girl I met in Brazil through my then hairstylist in an African mall where I used to go make my hair and buy Nigerian food. She always admired me and told me how happy she was for me and that she envied me (well maybe in a good way lol) only for this girl/woman to call me after moving back to Italy in 2016 to say she loved my post on Instagram and wow that I am living the life like she always said to me. So while talking to her, she said someone wanted to say hi to me and that the person also follows me on Instagram. I was like sure why not. After talking to the other lady and we said bye to each other. I heard her saying take your phone to my girl o. but my girl was only interested in giving them gist about me.”

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Pastor caught with female underwear in Edo State

Many strange things are happening in this world, no where is safe and no one can be trusted. However,a man who claimed to be a pastor, was caught with a bag full of female pants and bra in Auchi, Edo state while making his morning preaching rounds. However, according to reports, the pastor who is known for going about to preach in the mornings, was accosted by members of the state vigilante and asked what was the content of a Ghana Must Go bag he was always going about with.

A search carried out showed the bag contained different types of female pants and bra. He was taken to his church where more pants and bra were discovered.The reports about stolen female underwear has been rampant in the media since the late part of the year 2018.It is rumoured that the items are being collected for fetish interests.

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Students die in car accident while returning from nightclub

Death is not the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is what dies inside man while he lives. However, two students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo state have died in an accident which occurred on their way back from a nightclub.The men identified as  Tobiloba Daniel (popularly known as Nash) and Elijah  were involved in a lone car crash in Akure in the early hours of today. They were  however rushed to a nearby hospital but were confirmed dead.

2 students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic die in accident while returning from a nightclub (graphic photos)

Likewise, friends and schoolmates have taken to the social media platform (facebook) to express shock at the sudden death of the vibrant young men.

2 students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic die in accident while returning from a nightclub (graphic photos)

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Case changed as corps member arrested after reporting fraud to police

Situations are always hoped to turn positive.However, a corps member identified as, Ayodeji Felix Olaniyi, has been arrested after he reported a suspected fraud to the police in Akwa Ibom state.The corps member serving in Abak, Akwa Ibom State, is currently behind bars over a fraudulent payment he received from a person he allegedly sold bitcoin to.

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This was made known by one Olowoleye Olayinka, who gave an insight into what led to Olaniyi’s arrest, Olowoleye wrote:.He is into selling of bitcoin. He sold bitcoin to a client who resides in Delta State. The client hacked a woman’s UBA account in the same Delta State to pay him through mobile transfer to his GTB. He noticed the name of the client who bought the bitcoin is different from the account name that paid him. He quickly went to police station (A) Division Uyo, on the 12th January 2019 to lay a complain to DPO about the transaction.The DPO was not on seat so he met with IPO and wrote down a statement. On 14th January 2019 (Monday), he went back to the police station (A) Division Uyo, to ensure the DPO was aware of the statement he wrote.However, the DPO advised him to go to his bank and confirm the transaction and to also give him feedback of what happened. But on getting to the bank, he discovered his account was frozen.The bank then held him and police from (C) Division at Aka Etina Road, later arrested him and nothing has been done about it. The owner of the hacked account who raised the alarm that led to his arrest, is nowhere to be found till date.”


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Ladies! check out signs that shows he is seriously in love with you

Most guys have a hard time expressing their feelings the romantic way that ladies want. Several guys are quite comfortable with expressing their affections for the one they love while some are not.  However, your guy may say that he loves you, but he may not be the most proficient when it comes to expressing just how much you mean to him. Here are some signs you should check out

Image result for check out signs that show he truly loves you black girl
1.He remembers what you say:

A guy who’s in love with a girl always listens to her and remembers what she says, even if it’s something trivial because he takes her seriously.

2. He’s chivalrous and treats you like a lady:

A guy is chivalrous to a girl when he cares about what she thinks of his behavior. If your guy doesn’t care about you, he wouldn’t care what you think of his behavior.

3.He takes care of your needs:

If your man truly loves you, he’d always look for little ways to make your life better, be it about covering you with a blanket when you’re cold, charging your cell phone even when you don’t ask him, or serving you the better piece of chicken when you’re not looking.

4. You’re always a part of his big plan in life:

He speaks about his life and his dreams with you, and you always have a prominent place in all his future plans.

5.He values your opinions: 

He values you a lot and doesn’t take any important decisions about his own life without hearing your opinions and having a discussion with you.

6. He uses the word “we”instead of saying “I” or “Me”:

He uses the word while talking and doesn’t even realize it.

7. He’s very protective of you:

If you’re taking a trip by yourself or even if you’re just driving out with friends, does he like receiving your call after you get to your destination? If your man can relax only after knowing that you’re safe, no matter where you are, he definitely has a special spot for you in his heart.

 8.He’s very interested in your life:

If your man loves you, he’d always be eager to know everything about your day, including the little details.

9.The helping hand:

He’s always ready to offer a helping hand every time you ask him *even if he’s busy and he does it while whining and grumbling at the same time*.

10. After the fight:

He makes up after a fight just as much as you make up with him. And at times, he even swallows his pride and apologizes first even if it’s not his fault in any manner.

Image result for check out signs that show he truly loves you black girl


11.He keeps you updated:

He keeps you informed about his life and what he’s up to even though he knows he has no obligation to do so.

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“The more you talk about me the more money I make”– Toyin Lawani Fires Back At Troll

Toyin Lawani who is a multimillionaire popular fashion designer/stylist in Nigeria. She runs “Tiannah’s Place Empire” as the creative director and CEO. However, she has reacted to the backlash she received after she shared a video of her PA rubbing oil on her bare butt.In a post she shared on her Instagram page, Toyin slammed people attacking her and told them to face their own lives.

Image result for Toyin lawani

She wrote : “You opinions Don’t Pay the Bills , Mofos,Go Rant to @kimkardashian BITCH is on cover of Forbes , Yet you call her A prostitute ,Everyday , Which young Entrepreneur in this Economy Run 30 Businesses day in day out and manage 2kids , which one schools abroad ,pays over a hundred people’s salary, house up to 40 of them , trains Physically challenge for free and give them
paid employment.

Image result for Your Opinions Dont Pay My Bills – Toyin Lawani Fires Back At Troll

She wrote further:” the more you talk about me the more money I make , That’s what you Losers don’t know, small talk you will be saying her children , Are they your children , leave my life Alone and face yours, Jobless trolls, Do I look like someone who cares , I have bills to pay , I don’t see one you are paying it for me or feeding my children, I work too hard for me to care about your useless opinions , I work in my factories all night with my team while you sleep or make silly comments, Learn to Embrace your sexiness, even if you have kids.

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“I’m not responsible for your ugliness or your misfortunes. always looking for my man ,so you people can Ruin it, Nigerians ma pami now?my mentality is foreign ,I grew up there ,you don’t expect all of us to think the same way or like the samethings, Show me a sexy mama of two who Genuinely works hard with her two hands and set standards before you talk trash about a lingerie shoot , is it a goat that would have put the oil on my body for the shoot , @deydeysoso_ enjoy the rubbing jare . Eyin werey jatijati, small talk you will be mentioning my children. hisss. if you don’t like me pls commit suicide


Image result for Toyin lawani


“Everybody please face your face and go and Sort all your husbands in my Dms. Bastards if they pay you ordinary 5million naira to show all your unclothedness,you will even add your mother I have told you people on the first of January, my new year Resolution is embracing my sexiness , if you don’t like it pls block me”.

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Breathtaking! doctor used 15 cans of beer to rescue man from dying 

The world is actually full of wonders, the more we live the more knowledge we acquire. However, this story has kept everyone with great feeling of amazement and admiration .Doctors have pumped 15 cans of beer into a man’s stomach to stop him dying from alcohol poisoning, according to local reports.Nguyen Van Nhat’s life was saved after medics at General Hospital in Quang Tri, Vietnam, transfused five litres of beer into his body.The 48-year-old had passed out and been rushed to hospital in a critical condition on Boxing Day 2018 with a blood alcohol level of 1,119 times higher than the allowable limit.Dr Le Van Lam, head of the Intensive Care Unit, told local media that they immediately pumped three cans (one litre) of beer to slow down his liver’s processing of methanol.

15 cans of beer used by doctors to stop man from dying lailasnews 2

According to Dr Lam, one can of beer was given to Nhat every hour. After 15 cans were administered he was completely conscious.The doctor explained that a person’s stomach and intestines continue to release alcohol into the bloodstream even if they are unconscious or have stopped drinking, and for a period alcohol levels in the body continue to rise.Alcohol comes in two variants, methanol and ethanol, and the human liver breaks down ethanol first as a priority.The man became unconscious when the methanol in his system oxidised to formaldehyde which in turn produced formic acid, according to Dr Lam.To prevent oxidising formaldehyde to formic acid, giving beer to the methanol-poisoned patient gave medics enough time to perform dialysis.

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 Church guards arrested for stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants

No place seem safe again, even the house of God is not safe, with the recent increase in pant rituals. However, two suspects have been arrested by Police for allegedly stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants at the Mission House of an orthodox church in Akure, Ondo State. The suspects, Samuel Linus and Adekunke Ogundana, who were security guards posted to the church, were said to have stolen the pants the lady spread overnight.

The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Femi Joseph, who paraded the suspects, said Linus and Ogundana were working with a security outfit and were asked to guard the church on Arakale Road on Sunday. Joseph said a lady spread her undies in the presence of the two guards on the premises of the church in the evening of Sunday but could not find them when she woke up the next morning.He said:“She washed her undies and spread it and the next day, she did not see the undies there. The guards were the ones that supposed to guard the place.” They are the prime suspects.”The two security guards denied the allegation but they were handed over to the police by the clergy. One of the suspects, Ogundana, claimed that he was sick throughout the night battling with ulcer.But the other suspect, Linus, said there was no strange movement in the church premises and the vicarage in the night.“The only strange thing I noticed during the night was the barking of the dog.I moved to the place but there was no strange movement. I was surprised when I was called about the development because I have no business with pants or underwear,” Linus said. Femi Joseph, Police Public Relations Officer, said the command had commenced

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Nigerian lady reveals why men hate runz girls

In the world where guys have different taste when it comes to who to date, a Nigerian feminist, Ozzy Etomi has revealed why men hate runz girls, a debate which was ignited by Falz new track, Talk. However, Nigerian rapper Falz started a huge conversation and debate on social media about ‘transactional sex’, after the released of his latest works.The rapper, who has been criticized for trying to be a judge on how anyone chooses to do use their body. However, the rapper has hit back saying the opinion is his and that is his stand.

Image result for Nigerian feminist reveals why men hate runz girls

Well in a long Twitter post, Ozzy Etomi, says men only dislike runs girl because they think sex is freely owed to them.She noted that men feel very deeply insecure “when it comes to their financial standing, and knowing that most runs babes would never glance twice at their parched pockets makes them build a deep resentment to these women.”

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