La Liga: 5 Important Reasons Why James Is Needed In Real Madrid Squad

James Rodríguez Real Madrid future is up in the air. Los Blancos sent the Colombian attacking midfielder out on loan for two years to German Bundesliga gaints Bayern Munich in 2017, meaning the deal is up this coming summer, with the Germans having a unilateral purchase option if they want to keep the player. That’s to say, Bayern Munich decide.

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If the German outfit want to keep James they’ll need to shell out 42 million euros to Real Madrid. Up last summer their intention was to pay up and keep him, but according to Kicker the thinking in the executive suite has changed and Rummenigge, Hoeness and company are now more of a mind not to execute the purchase option. If that’s the case, then James will be back at Real Madrid next summer, with a contract running through to 2021.

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This outcome isn’t one bosses at Real Madrid are averse to – with there being several arguments in favour of accepting James’ return to the Bernabéu. The arrival of Solari, the current lack of goals from the team and the affection of the fans for the Colombian are just some of the reasons suggesting that if James is returned by Bayern, he’ll stay at Madrid.
Here are five (5) important reasons why James Rodriguez can comeback into the Real Madrid squad:
1. Zidane’s gone and Solari’s in charge

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Zidane was the main reason James left. Although they got on well together personally, the French coach never truly believed in the player, leading to James asking to leave. In his last season under the orders of Zizou James only played 34% of his possible minutes and of Real Madrid’s 59 games he only took part in 33. However, with Solari on the bench to 2021 the Colombian would be coming back to a coach who appreciates his football. The Argentinean has said he’d be delighted if James came back and the player would be more than happy to play under him.
2. James dreams of returning to Real Madrid

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James realised his dream when he signed for Real Madrid in 2014 and now he’s dreaming once again: this time of returning to the Bernabéu. In fact, this summer past Lopetegui was made aware that the Colombian would be delighted to come back. However, the operation never came to fruition because James was firmly in Bayern’s plans for this season. James loves the Spanish capital and tries to get back whenever he can. What’s more he’s a huge fan of LaLiga and watches most games.
3. James is a midfielder who scores

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James scored 36 goals and set up 46 in his 111 games for Real Madrid. And the fact is Real Madrid are lacking goals since Cristiano Ronaldo left. Madrid have only managed 20 goals in LaLiga so far, 14 less than Barcelona and four less than Sevilla. The return of James would add to Real Madrid’s attacking threat.
4. Troubling times for Isco, Asensio and Bale

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The poor spells Isco, Asensio and Bale are going through right now, each for their own reasons, is leading Real Madrid manager Florentino Pérez to consider selling one, two or all three of them. The return of James would be an easy, effective way of bolstering the squad without having to go into the transfer market and open the club’s wallet.
5. James: loved by the Bernabéu

Image result for James in bernabeuThe Colombian has always had a good connection with the Real Madrid faithful. HIs coming back would mean the return of one of the most beloved players at the club in recent years. What’s more, having James (and with Solari in charge) would allow Real Madrid to boost its connection to South America, a market where the club have lost popularity since James went to Bayern.

Does James have a place in this present Real Madrid squad?

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