Shocker! How Not To Eat Plantain

This might be sad news for all ‘dodo’ (plantain) lovers but the truth has to be said, right? When I am talking about ‘dodo’, I mean the slightly burnt plantain, not too soft and not too hard, slightly touched by the hotness of groundnut oil mixed with a sprinkle of salt and consumed with any variant of rice and chicken alongside a cold drink. The combo is most appreciated and eaten on Sunday after church service.

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The amazing thing about fried plantain is that it cuts across all tribes, regions in Nigeria without discrimination. A sad development about fried plantain has sprung up following a revelation made by a medical doctor, @aproko_doctor on twitter.

For him, fried plantain does more harm than good. In a series of tweets he explains: “A lot of people are in church now binding and burning the spirit of disease. But they won’t exercise, won’t check their blood pressure, eat more junk food than healthy food, fry Dodo with salt at the same time. Will rather spend on nonsense. My dear, Only God can save you.”

In his explanation, the medical practitioner said: “For those asking, frying Dodo can increase the fat in them, one cup of fried plantains can contain as much as 14g of fat, this is already bad to your heart. Adding salt is just doubling the risk as we need just a teaspoon of salt daily. You’re just adding to your salt intake. That said, plantains are wonderful especially when cooked, as they have fibre, vitamins A, C, and B-6, magnesium, and potassium. Cooked plantains contain 0g of fat, frying them is not so healthy, especially if fried in oils that contain saturated fats. Eating fried food daily, including dodo cam increase your chances of dying early, new research is showing especially from heart disease.”

In all, he advised that fries generally are not a healthy food choice. Is this RIP for our beloved ‘dodo’?

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