WOW! See Nigeria’s new position in the Scrabble World Rankings

In September, we introduced you to Wellington Jighere, who is Africa’s first world Scrabble champion. Thanks to his genius and some other scrabble talents out of Nigeria, the country is now number one in the Scrabble world rankings.

Before now, USA was the number one country in the world when it came to Scrabble. Boasting 2845 points as opposed to the USA’s 2805, Nigeria has now overtaken them with 40 points.

One of the events that catapulted Nigeria to that position was the 2018 African Scrabble Championship, which concluded four days ago in Kenya, with all 11 Nigerian players at the championship placing among the top 40.

The captain of Nigeria’s senior Scrabble team, Moses Peter won the championship ahead of Wellington Jighere, who was the first runner-up. Delightfully, Nigerian players also placed third, fifth, eighth, ninth and tenth at the championship.

From the look of things, Nigeria will continue dominating Africa in Scrabble for a long time.

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