Ladies! Say goodbye to boring sleeves with these 5 types of statement sleeves

Either you are a simple dresser or a fashion enthusiast, you can make a fashion statement with your sleeves by saying good bye to the same old boring sleeves. The statement sleeve is one of the biggest trends of 2019. From updates on the classic sleeves to sleeves inspired by the Victorian era, find out which one you should try out if you haven’t yet.

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It went off the fashion scene for some years but bounced back few years ago. Flares are back big time, exposed- shoulder trend seems to be ruling the high- street, the statement sleeves seem to be the new favourite of fashionista around the world.

Check out 5 trendy statement sleeves below:

Statement Sleeves

(1) Lantern Sleeve : This is also known as the Bishop sleeve or the Cuff sleeve.These three sleeve options are pretty much the same as just a simple detail makes them different. They are all long sleeves, fuller at the bottom than the top, and gathered into a cuff of different lengths with bishop being the shortest, cuff being mid-sized and lantern being the longest. This sleeve style has been around since forever and it seems to be going nowhere.

Statement Sleeves

(2) Leg Of Mutton : Just as the name suggests, the leg of mutton sleeve resembles the actual leg of mutton in shape. The shape is quite unusual as it is formed from a voluminous gathering of fabric at the upper arm that extends to a tight fit from the elbow to the wrist. This option is very bold on all levels and you’ll surely get noticed in it.

Statement Sleeves

(3) Trumpet Sleeve : This type of sleeve is like the bell sleeve, the only difference is that it fitted on the shoulder and it flares out wide toward the wrist. The trumpet sleeves are supremely chic and add a unique touch to the simplest outfits no matter what size they come in.

Statement Sleeves

(4) Ruffle Sleeve : These type of sleeves are a full burst of femininity. They are super fun and just like the other types of sleeves, they come in different variations. You can either choose a layered option that covers the entire arm or keep it minimal with a little ruffle detail; whatever you do you’ll definitely achieve a stylish look

Statement Sleeves

(5) Marie Sleeve: This sleeve option was inspired by sleeves on outfits in the 19th century. It is a long sleeve partitioned into sections, each section being drawn and seamed to fit around the arm thereby creating a beautiful ruching. It is super quirky and would get people talking although it isn’t as popular as the rest of the options. So now is the best time for you to hop on it.

Statement Sleeves

Which of these will you give a trial?

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