BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!! These ankara styles will give you that thick glow!

Whether you’re curvy or slim, the fact is that a lot of Nigerian women struggle with tummy fat. It can be a bit discouraging, because according to research, belly fat is the hardest body fat to loose.

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While listening to the advice that says eat healthy and exercise regularly, you still need to rock that body and slay while on your journey.

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Every woman needs to feel confident in her body and in her clothes. these amazing style tips will wash away any insecurity about belly fat and get you slaying again! Checkout these gorgeous style tips below…

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1. Wear loose fitted tops

You should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes or clingy clothes. They will emphasize your belly fat. If you want to look stylish and highlight your strengths, it is best not to wear tight tops.

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They will accentuate every fat bubble you have and draw attention away from you and your fabulous clothes.

2. Opt for Dark colors and Vertical Patterns

Wear darker colour, and vertical prints. The darker colours do not draw that much light your body and so will not emphasize any fat or folds.

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Vertical patterns and flowing fabrics like chiffon This method will never fail you  Horizontal patterns will give you  a broad look.


3. Stay away from belts

Don’t emphasize your tummy by adding accessories like belts right this will draw unnecessary attention to your stomach.

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4. Layer it up

Layering is another technique that magically hides belly fat, shifting the focus anywhere but your tummy. Layers that are unbuttoned gives it a significant effect making you look taller.

5. Choose dresses that don’t cling

Make sure that your dresses don’t cling around the tummy area. Dresses with a draping element around the tummy area often work.

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Asymmetrical dresses work well too as they draw attention away from the belly and create a vertical line.

6. Invest in peplum tops and dresses

Peplum tops or dresses cinch at the narrow part of your upper waist and lift up as they train down to the belly button. This helps to show off your curves and hide your belly fat

7. Go high waisted

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High waist pants, jeans, and skirts are also perfect to hide belly fat. They bring out your curves and give that slay!

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