ROCK YOUR WORLD! Ladies, you will light up any event in these sexy asoebi styles!

Weddings are a big deal in this part of the world! The pomp, the food and the larger than life parties are some of the things we have come to expect from Nigerian weddings. And then, there is the Aso Ebi!


Originally created to be worn by the family of the couple, the Aso Ebi has become a symbol of association. If you’re not wearing Aso-Ebi, you almost look like the odd one out. The problem is, the cost of some of this Aso-Ebi can break the bank especially if your income is limited.

@simisolaa_ Fabric by @ricciheritage_fabrics

#AsoEbiBella Rush for #Magic2019 @shirlzerijo

If you don’t want to spend all your money on Aso-Ebi this year, here are some dos and don’ts to follow.


@ink.eze in @rabesque Makeup and gele @lillianopaul

Do set a limit. Know how many Aso -Ebis you can afford to buy this year and please do attach a cost. So for example, you can say that you will only buy Aso-Ebi worth a total of N40,000 this year. When you reach that threshold, just respectfully decline when someone asks you to buy Aso-Ebi.

@miss_bawdie #MeetTheAllisons19 Outfit @shelibe_1

Do pick the weddings you will attend. You really do not have to attend all the weddings you know. The more weddings you attend, the more you will need to spend to ensure that you get your slay on. You can choose to attend only the weddings of close family, friends and associates only.

@posibaby Gele @tboygele Mua @ariyike_mua

Do get nice dresses in different colours. You don’t have to wear Aso-Ebi to look great. Get nice dresses in different colours that you can rock to any wedding and if your tailor’s sewing game is on point, get your tailor to make you some really nice dresses.



Don’t feel obliged to buy Aso-Ebi. You should never feel pressured to get Aso-Ebi. Be let by financial wisdom before you make any purchasing decision. What’s the point of soaking Garri after buying a ridiculously expensive Aso-Ebi simply because you want to please your friend?

@realmercyaigbe in @ceolumineeofficial

Don’t feel left out. Be prepared to get to the wedding to see people in Aso-Ebi. The good news is that there will be others who won’t be wearing Aso-Ebi as well. So, you are in good company.

@alimah for # theloveSTory19

@kehney @misstylove Dress @feferitydesignsbykehney Makeup @feferityfaces #rahab19

@nicolechikwe for #OllyEventually Outfit- @cpwoman.lagos

Makeup by @divadivineatelier


#AsoEbiBella in @hafsatofficial

@rubbiejay for #AOL19. Fabric- @ricciheritage_fabrics Aso oke- @bisbodv


#AsoEbiBella Rush for #Tyintheknot 💙👸🏽@jopstudios

@silkykathie in @nhayoomee

@ada_onyeoma for #KaUgo19 Dress by @viandi_vogue Makeup by @houseofzeebeauty

@vic_onuoha Outfit- @mariebabs Gele- @atikemakeovers Mua- @makeoverbyvicky Photo credit- @chimbuchi_ #Take201

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