DIVAS! Slay Like A Queen In This Gorgeous Velvet Aso Ebi Styles

Has anyone else been noticing an unusual amount of velvet at owambes lately? This fabric has always been a classic staple in the fashion world, but this year it seems to be one of the “it” fabrics. While velvet hasn’t exactly been the most popular material over the past few years, it seems to be making a comeback. It’s added a fresh texture and hint of luxury to the collections that use it, and we are liking what we see.






Velvet is a sumptuous, decadent fabric with a texture that is so seductive. It is soft yet ever-so-slightly bristly and lush, the material screams of luxury, grandeur, and history, as it has been used to furnish our homes and clothe our bodies for hundreds of years.





The vibrancy of velvet fabric as a fashion trend has been reawakened in Nigeria and as a result, it is gradually redefining the fashion scene. The fabric has evolved and become the perfect choice for hot and up-to-the-minute styles.




With its deep rich appearance, the nature of the fabric makes it feel seductive to wear. It’s the one thing you can wear all day, then all night which is why we thought of showing the Velvet Rush with these styles…














Source: Madivas


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